Saint Germain: you’ve gone beyond the need for fear. There’s nothing to fear^_^

Original AnAngel AnAngel 2022-03-20 14:28

I’m your Saint Germain. I am here at this time because many things on earth are beginning to become active and increasingly become part of the new higher expression within all of you, as you are all moving forward.

Although you may not know, although you may not feel it, you are all moving forward as a group. It’s happening and the dream continues. So stick to this dream. Don’t give it up. Don’t fall back into the old illusion. Because old fantasies are rapidly disappearing. You will begin to see evidence of this.

Many of you have been looking for evidence, asking to show your things and saying “yes, it’s all true”. For those who have eyes and ears, you already have some evidence.

But the real evidence, the unmistakable evidence, is right around the corner, no matter what you think. Because it came quickly. It is part of a new expression that you are now moving towards.
As you have heard many times, nothing and no one can stop this. Because all this will be doomed by his / her own power. You will indeed pass this Yang Sheng process. If you like, you will indeed become the first wave of Yang Sheng.

In fact, you are preparing for this. Of course, not only in this group, but also in many groups gathered together on earth. Many people come together to realize their dreams again. The dream of freedom. You are here for freedom. Now, just let go. Let go of what’s happening around you. Be aware of it, but not be a part of it.

I know it can be difficult, especially at some times. Because sometimes you will be pulled back, when you seem to be pulled back. Pulled back, back to the quagmire of illusion.

As fast as you get pulled down, you can pull yourself back. Because it’s not you anymore. You have gone beyond the expression of the veil. You have surpassed it. Unless you allow it to suppress you, it will no longer suppress you.

You are doomed. As a collective of human beings on this planet, you are doomed to be free. As long as you are always aware that you are part of the one and the one is part of you, you are free to do what you know you want to do or want to do.

Nothing can stop this or you right now, even though they may continue to try and they are doing so. They still run in the old program they are familiar with and follow the same game plan over and over again. But you all know the game plan now! Those in charge, those forces of light who are promoting this matter, are fully aware of the game plan, and they have been leading many steps.

So there’s no reason to be afraid, even if the people around you stick to the fear, because that’s what they know.

You have transcended the need for fear. Because there’s nothing to be afraid of. Unless it appears in your programming.

That program is dissolving rapidly in your body. More and more you use the violet flame to erase all old programs and old memories, and then you will find yourself more and more free to be yourself and your purpose here again.

I am your Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, love and unity. You will continue to follow your dreams. Follow it wherever it may take you. But know that it is leading you beyond.


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