The experience of growing up in adversity is more satisfying than what you’ve always wanted^_^

The only job of light is to shine. Your only concern is to find the light inside you and make it as bright as possible.

Now, we see that you are thinking about it. You will say to us, “I don’t know what I should do. How can I shine?” Lighting is not about doing anything. It is a feeling, a vibration. This is something that comes from your heart, from your kernel, and all you need to do is focus there.

Focus on the truth within you. You are the source energy being. As an awakened soul, you can do this, and you can feel the love and light from the source flowing through you.

When you do this, others can feel it. Others will also begin to pay attention to the truth. And you’re just a person who activates your surroundings and other members of the group, that’s enough.

You are the light, knowing that you are the light, then shining your light is your daily schedule, even your life schedule.

Please don’t get yourself into trouble. That’s why you’re here. Everything else is just your expression of light. It will naturally appear in front of you at that moment, so you don’t have to worry about it at all, what it is, or whether you are doing it.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

Light up your light and activate everyone

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are interested in the evolution of your collective consciousness because we are interested in the evolution of our consciousness. Our evolution is quite simple.

Nothing can hinder the evolution of our consciousness. Nothing or anyone can stop us, even ourselves. We just experience, we experience all the time.
And you have too many things to consider. Too many things make you worry and hinder the evolution of your consciousness, because those who make you fear, divide, make you feel small, and make you lose power will benefit from it. So your journey is very interesting for us free beings. We benefit from the evolution of your consciousness because we are connected to each other.

In this universe, we are all closely connected, and we have a strong understanding of this truth.

We hope you can experience your conscious evolution in a way closer to us. We enjoy our ninth dimensional journey, but most of the time you are not.

Many of the pains and struggles you have experienced there are due to your belief in programming, which is where we want to help you. We see that you have been procrastinating.

One of the important ideas is that you should do something you haven’t done now. You tend to focus on what doesn’t happen in your life, and you tend to be very critical of what you haven’t done.

When you know you do have a goal, it’s worse than when you just feel you should do it, but don’t do it. You just feel worse. But it’s not worse in essence. That’s how you experience it. We’re here to help you.

The experience of growing up in adversity is more satisfying than what you’ve always wanted.

If you do this, you will succeed one day, and you will look for challenges. You will look for more opportunities to expand yourself and become a more real self, which will be the happiest day for all of us involved in the process of human ascension.

We know what you need and provide it to you all the time. But what we offer is not necessarily in line with what you have always wanted from us. We, like your higher self and guides, are more interested in your spiritual evolution than anything else. All your team members provide you with everything you need to grow and expand your consciousness, making you a more real yourself.

You have one of the most challenging tasks on earth at any time, that is, you have come to a place that needs to be accepted. Your inner survival instinct tells you that fighting or running away is the only two options, but your inner self who knows that you are on the journey of ascension will ask you to accept it. That’s asking you to forgive yourself. That is to encourage you to love yourself unconditionally, not narrow and demanding revenge. The latter are survival oriented selves, and you are there now not only to survive, but to become your higher self.

You are there to raise your consciousness to a higher frequency. This is an arduous task. But this is the task you signed up for and it is possible to complete. This is not only possible, but we see that many people on earth have successfully integrated what they need to integrate in order to become the higher self. We want you to know that your ascension is on track and that from now on, all you have experienced in mother earth is to help you get there.

How you will experience this journey has not been decided yet. Accept these challenges. Accept what is now, open your heart and accept what we higher beings have given you∞the -9d-arcturian-council-2/


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