You will all have the opportunity to receive more from us in the coming weeks and months, as a new portal opens in your sky, which is a high-frequency energy transmission system from the whole universe^_^

Humans are always bombarded with high-frequency positive energy, but there is always more space to receive this energy. This is what we and many beings who have helped you in the higher realms have found. We know that everyone and everything has been changed by light. We also know that you have been changed by love.

When we bombard you with higher frequencies, it is difficult for any creature to maintain low frequencies. It’s hard to do that. Therefore, when you are in a state of low vibration, it will be easier to be noticed than before.

You can’t help noticing them, because these negative emotions will become stronger and stronger in your mind and body. If you can feel your emotions more fully, then this is the necessary condition for you to become the person you are destined to be.

So we and your other helpers are just pushing you forward. We see that the situation on earth has become very tense at this time, and we know how important the next change of consciousness is for you collectively.

As always, it will start with you awakened groups, because you are the ones who receive this information and you are those who are often open to these energies. You are also people with higher expectations for life and humanity. You want more.

It’s time for you to live in the fifth dimension. When you feel that the situation on earth is becoming more and more tense and confusing, your slow pace of transformation will become faster and faster.

We see a lot of people trying to sort out all the problems with their own minds. In this process, many people isolate themselves from these available energy.

If you think you know everything and we say you don’t, please believe us. When we say that finding out everything has never been the purpose of your reincarnation, please believe us. It always aims to become your true self. To do this, you must give up the idea of controlling everything, including the belief of controlling others.

You must surrender to these energies, open your heart to them and let yourself blossom and bear fruit, because now is the time for you to lead mankind to complete the transformation of consciousness. You have never received so much support as now, and this support will continue to expand with the strength and intensity of your progress on earth.

New portal to complete transformation

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are always at your service. We love human beings very much, and we love each and every one of you, which is why we are so open to you. We look for opportunities to show you love

The first step in human solidarity is to respect the different paths taken by different people. Throughout human history, you have seen how badly humans have done in accepting people who have different religious beliefs from themselves. You must have seen wars, inquisitions, and family breakdown caused by not accepting other people’s religious beliefs, customs and moral values.

As a community in the new era, we invite you to show the world that you can respect and accept the path of spiritual awakening of your fellow human beings. Prove that this is possible, that it can be done, and that you are actually doing it. You can also accept yourself as you awaken and ascend to the fifth dimension. Accept the present you.

Accept yourself: you don’t want to take part in the group drum dance of that full moon, which doesn’t make you seem spiritual enough.

Accept yourself: you just awaken some of your spiritual talents, and you’re not always as compassionate as you want.

When you accept yourself and the path you choose, it will be easier to accept the path chosen by other awakened souls you encounter in life. When you can unite as a spiritual community, you will be noticed by those who fight over religious beliefs. To be the leader you know, you must accept this group.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We see that you continue to explore your expansion of consciousness in different ways, and we are very happy with the progress you have made. This is an era of awakening souls more than at any time in your human history, so you have more explorers. You have more ways to explore. For a variety of reasons, people need more exploration, but the final result is the most important part.
You are growing and expanding as a human collective.

You are reaching your goals, and some of you are doing it in an unprecedented way. So it’s important to respect others and expand your awareness in different ways. You also have to decide whether something is right for you. Not every spiritual activity, method and process is suitable for you, although it may be suitable for your best friend, sister, father, or someone close to you in life.
We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.∞the -9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/
You are creators, but not always manifesters^_^
Manifestation requires you to be more aware of what you are doing. You must be consistent with what you want, you must allow, you must accept, and you must focus on what you tell the universe you want. When you do this, the vibration between you and what you want is harmonious, because you are not separated from anything in the universe, and it is easy to find yourself experiencing what you want.
When you think there is a need for peace on earth and think about how you can achieve peace collectively, there will always be one way or even multiple ways to go there. These paths are right in front of you, and as you listen more to their guidance and call, we can feel their impact on you. When you are aligned with peace, then peace is what you get. The vibration of peace is naturally the vibration you need to ascend to, because you are alive, because you are the source energy life, because you are on the path of ascension.
You have nowhere to go except into higher and higher frequencies. There is peace in all these areas and higher vibrations in all these realities. Let yourself feel the feeling there, because it must be your home. For all those who join you and all those who embark on the path of peace, it is your home.
hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
It’s a pleasure to contact you at this time, because we can feel that your collective consciousness is changing and notice the impact of these changes on you personally. We can see the possibilities before you and know that all the possibilities you have created in recent weeks include peace. This is a very exciting moment for mankind, because you have realized that it is futile to conflict with bullets, bombs and other ways to hurt each other’s bodies.
When you pray for peace and harmony to the universe, peace and harmony will be automatically created, and then the realities you create will begin to wave to you. This means that you will be called to stop fighting with the people you love, and you will be called to let go of thoughts that put you in tension, anxiety and even fear. You will also be called to meditate, to nature, to experience all inner and outer peace, which you can cultivate in your life. When you respond to these calls, you will not only reach that state of existence and tell the universe that you want peace, but also bring the reality you created together to your side. Your behavior will become more and more consistent with what you say and think.
As you say, the universe will get closer and closer to what you ask of us.∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


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