Ashtar Sheran: everything depends on what you send out, but it depends entirely on human nature.

Original AnAngel AnAngel 2022-03-17 12:15

Dear Earth brothers! I’m Ashtar Sheran!

how are you? Why do I ask this question? I see a lot of people excited and focused on this journey, no matter what happens outside their backyard. The neighbor’s backyard is on fire and full of pests, but if you look at that backyard, you will know that the neighbor planted it and is harvesting what he sowed. Is your backyard at risk? Yes, because if the fire gets out of control, it can also attack your backyard. But you believe, you know you have a good wall, you know your plants have plenty of water, you believe everything, all space, this is your backyard, there is a kind of love and positive energy, which will eliminate any spark that can hit you.

You just look at the neighbor’s yard. You won’t be indifferent to what you see, but at this point in the journey, everyone is harvesting what they sow over time. The present moment is a very introverted moment. Everyone is facing his own shadow and his own flowers, so as to track the path to everyone’s decision. What decision? Decide whether to promote.

Everyone of you has a long way to go. When you walk easily, you have enough water to refresh yourself, moisturize your body, beautiful shade to calm the heat, and sometimes even a shelter to protect you from the cold. This is a quiet trip.

But at some point, the journey becomes difficult. Huge obstacles, but they need not be regarded as insurmountable at any time.
Strength and faith enable you to follow this path and overcome those obstacles, whether physical or spiritual, no matter what type. There is a lesson to learn here. When you learn it, you will soon pass the obstacles and the journey will continue. What is the focus now? Stay on the road, because there are some changes in this road. In a moment when you don’t pay much attention, you may be confused about which road is right. Choosing the wrong road at a big intersection will waste a lot of time.

Therefore, the focus now is on the path that must be followed. So I want to say that this is the most important thing. It should take up all your time. Of course, I know you still have a life to live. You’re still there. You work, take care of your home, your children, your friends, your life. But in everything I say, translate as follows: fulfill your secular obligations, but don’t make them a priority on this path. When you meet a crossroad, you have time to go in and always find the right way. The answer will not come from anyone, the answer will come from your heart, and the answer will come from the degree of improvement you decide which way to take.

That’s why we talk so much about taking care of your own journey. If you focus on the path of others, you will not find the right path, because your mind will split and concentrate on finding the path for others, and your path will eventually become unimportant. It’s important to remember that the great pioneers of their own world are those who follow their intuition. They don’t pay attention to those who say it’s crazy and they can’t do it. They just believe in their own imagination and move on to create their own world. From there, starting with the first person to arrive there, how many people followed? This is the world they built.

So I can tell you that the journey of ascension is the same. This is a road to be explored. This is a road to be found. It is not opened with arrows to indicate the road to go. No, it’s a new path for you. Your souls have never traveled this way, so they must open it up, they must find it. And every further soul opens the way for those who come later, those who don’t have so much perseverance, those who don’t have so much wisdom, and those who don’t have so much understanding, because you lead the way, and you place some small signs on the road to show where you have been, not only for those who come later, but for yourself. Because many times you walk on this road and come back because of “X”. When you come back, you don’t know which way to go. But when they find this sign, you will think: “I’ve been here, so this is the right way!
So for you, it also speeds up the process. Yes, you go back many times on the road, but when you put yourself in front again, you will soon reach where you have arrived, because you already know the way to go there. So understand that this road is lonely and there is no way for the people next to you to guess, because the other person next to you has his own journey and his own vibration. This road may be wrong for him, but not for you. He should be at another point, maybe further.

So the journey is lonely, don’t rely on anyone, don’t rely on us. We will not pave the way for anyone. We are around, giving strength, courage and certainty of the right path, but we have not indicated the path. Which way to choose is always your decision. With each carefully chosen path, our vibration around you will increase, causing your vibration to increase, because you are making the right choice. When you make the right choices, the universe will return the results of these correct choices. Everything you get is the result of your practice and the result of your dissemination.

Therefore, the more you are on the right path, the closer we will be and the greater your vibration will be. We didn’t do anything there. We didn’t point the way or open the way there. We were just raising your vibration. Because the higher you vibrate, the more you attract us. The less you vibrate, the more you push us away. That’s how it works. So don’t rely on us to do anything. As we get closer to you, you will vibrate higher and higher. That’s how we operate.

If you are uplifting for peace on your planet, and you are uplifting your unconditional love for your brothers, we will be getting closer and closer to you. As we raise your vibrations, we also bring changes to the earth because our energy brings changes. Can you see that? Everything depends on what you emit. If the whole planet is afraid of what is happening, then we are far away from everyone, because fear is the strongest feeling that keeps us away from you. Now, if you vibrate your confidence in your walk, vibrate your confidence in your walk, and forget what emanates from the neighbor’s yard outside, we are with you and the vibration is higher and higher. Then, yes, we can interfere with the energy of the earth, and we can change the timeline. But it depends entirely on human nature.


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