Ashian: the time to turn the wheel slowly is over

Original aliens work on earth and hope to get your support. Star portal 2022-03-26 17:58

Thanks to the American star family who translated the article late at night

Ashian: it’s time

Published on March 26, 2022
Jennifer: God, I miss you! When I feel your energy, after such a long rest, I feel like you are “home”.

Ashian: hello to you too! It’s been a while But we’ll leave it there! We are here for a more important purpose.

We would like to highlight the upcoming changes, structural deviations, ruptures
J: That sounds full. You’d better explain it yourself!
A: The time to turn the wheel slowly is over.

Human beings have the opportunity to enter into self-control gracefully, understand the complexity of your global situation (light and dark) in a gentle way, provide a lot of opportunities to enter into control, and practice keeping your center and your intuition. That time has passed.

Those who do not take advantage of this opportunity will now learn more difficult methods.

Emotional overload will be significant and Lightworkers will be the first responders. All those who fail to seize the opportunity to learn slowly must learn and absorb a large amount of shocking information in a very short time.

Their inner world will be similar to the image of hell you see in the painting.

They will rely on you as Lightworkers to gain comfort, compassion, kindness and forgiveness from the shock that may overwhelm them.
Being kind to yourself must be the first priority. Put on your oxygen mask first! This means making sure that you are energetic and that you have enough goodwill to share, goodwill to share.

If you are tired, grumpy, exhausted, angry or depressed, you are the one who needs your love. First and foremost. Put yourself first, or you will soon be exhausted and unable to help anyone.

J: Yes, there are many theories about self-care now.

A: Yes! Because it is wrongly advertised as selfish and bad. It’s self, good. This is important, which is why they don’t want you to give priority to yourself and your care so that you can stay tired and weak.

J: I like it: self-care has become a revolutionary behavior!

-A: but it does. We remind you again of the importance of balance when it seems to be completely ineffective.

Keeping your health in balance and harmony will establish the importance of self-care to others, even if the world seems crazy.

Maintain sadness, anger and pain in a balanced way. When you are compassionate but don’t boil over your sadness, anger and pain, this will be a model of emotional balance;
It will provide reassuring comfort to many who feel out of control.

A violent and sudden shock is coming: mankind will awaken. If you wake up with your alarm clock at 4 a.m., you will have time to do everything calmly and peacefully. If you wake up five minutes before you have to leave (warning 5 minutes), you will only feel pressure, confusion and anger.

Choices always exist, and everyone is free to choose their timeline.

J: I don’t mean rude, but what makes me feel a little unfair is that those of us who have finished our work must deal with the raw, untreated emotions of those who refuse to wake up.

A: Didn’t you train for this moment? Didn’t you come for this moment? Don’t you think they’ll wake up if they can?
The truth is that you light warriors are here for this time, knowing that you will take care of those injured by radiation.

You wake up because your vibration level is enough to force you to wake up; Those who take longer breaks do so because they are unwilling – and therefore unable – to increase their vibration frequency.

The last thing you need is blame and shame, or arrogance and pride. This is a time to share your common humanity and talk to their hearts through your hearts.

There will always be failures; If it’s not type A, it’s type B or type C. Liquidation will always come; Lightworkers are always on the front line – that’s why you’re here. Serve in a brutal war… Create treatments and quantum transformations that others cannot do.

This is your moment. This is the moment when you make your light so bright and dazzling. You’re ready.

**channeling: Jennifer Crockett


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