When you face challenging problems that seem difficult, the first step is to enter the present and your power.


We encourage you to take three deep breaths to feel your strength.

From there, when you raise your awareness, you will put yourself into a broader perspective to see what is happening.

Suddenly, the challenge or difficulty or problem will look small because you are clearer and more confident
Always remember that there is a broader perspective in each situation.

If you are in lack or limitation or fear or separation, you are preventing yourself from gaining that broader perspective.

Every moment you have the opportunity to accept what you are. When you accept what you are, you put down all resistance, which is very important. Immediate manifestation is peace, peace within you, peace around you.

Big adventure
Tomorrow reading club 2022-03-26 22:22
Wisdom Committee – Big Adventure

You are here to experience your great adventure. You experience the most special life here, no matter what it means to you. You are here to expand your potential and possibilities for everyone. You are here to fully realize who you are, to comprehend and integrate every part of you, and then live as an enlightened master incarnated

It is very important that you are in physical form at the moment. You are invited to raise awareness, to transcend, to expand, to see from a larger perspective, to bring new awareness, to raise vibration and to raise frequency in every moment, every opportunity and everything in front of you. Everything is your chance. Everything is your opportunity to turn everything back into light so that it can be created and recreated to align with the greater picture of the highest good, the divine will, and what is happening in the human experience
We understand that in such times you will start to take things seriously. There seems to be a lot of things happening in the world now, but remember, you are the conduit of the divine light on earth. You are love. You are the bearer of peace and harmony.

You are here to reflect your main Quan and word oil. Here you become an example of happiness, abundance and possibility. You shine your light here, beautiful light
We’ve been talking about a new earth reality for some time. This reality is born from a new level of consciousness and will summon new energy for the new earth reality to begin to manifest in physical form.

You are always giving birth to a new earth reality or re creating the old one.

You inspire separation and lack by denying and shifting your strength and blocking love for yourself, and shifting your infinite value when we assure you that only you can prevent yourself from becoming a bright and beautiful light of possibility and potential

Everything you feel, everything you think, your beliefs, and the stories you tell yourself about yourself and your life create your reality.

You experience the most extraordinary life here, so we say live boldly, dear, shine brightly, play and create with all creations, dance and sing, celebrate what you are and who you become

The master of understanding, that is, what you are – enter the light or vibration or frequency of what you are, achieve enlightenment in physical form, and help raise the consciousness and vibration of the dear human family

This is an extraordinary moment. You are an extraordinary existence with extraordinary potential and possibility to exist for you.

You’re important. Your life is very important. You are at the greatest moment of change in human consciousness. We want you to understand how important this is. The problems you see as a challenge are being promoted and expanded to new potential, as you raise your consciousness

Consciousness is everything, so you attract this information to yourself, so we say we are here, because we promised we would come, so you will never forget who you are.

As you raise your consciousness, the illusion of limitation, lack and separation disappears. You begin to live bravely, follow the energy, follow the light, pursue your dreams / desires / highest excitement, with words far beyond any fear.

Because you know who you are and the power within you and what is possible for you


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