Your solar system is moving into another space field. Look up! Therefore, the magnetic force of the planet is different. Look up! Everything is changing, then you can start to see these things about you!

The curtain is changing (recording)Kryon Cleon 2022-03-13 19:29

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on February 23, 2022

sound recording:

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Greetings.

It’s hard for me to explain to humans how the other side of the curtain loves humans. We don’t look at your skin, honey. As we said before, we are looking at your complete and brilliant soul. We see your whole life, your goal, your experience, your requirements and your struggle. Most of the things we see are caused by the “curtain” you create. We have talked about this channeling content many times before, but not to this group of people, not in this way.

Someone said, “if only there were no curtain. We can see clearly and understand our divinity.”

I want to tell you: if there is no curtain, there will be no test.

The test is not for you, dear; Not your soul, honey. It measures the energy of the earth and is a global test. That’s why you come with free will and duality. You have to choose among all the dark things and all the light things. Since you are listening to or watching this special program, you should be well aware that there are struggles on earth and there have always been. We talked about the balance of light and dark, and how this Libra has changed slightly over the years. The light is beginning to show, very, very slowly. You start to see things you’ve never seen before. Society itself has made a little progress in integrity. Society is awakening to a greater truth. You see some global events in your country, not just light industry. But all this seems to have been manipulated by the curtain.

I want to talk about the curtain and give you some information. The separation between you in your human form and the glory of God, this curtain, was not created by God, but created by you. You created this particular isolation as one of your experiences on earth. So I tell you, since this is your curtain, separating you from the divine, you are in charge of it. So the “curtain” you said was not built by the staff on the other side of the curtain in order not to let you see the truth. This is what you built on earth, even before you came. For the sake of duality, it doesn’t let you see what makes you no longer afraid.

But I want to tell you: this curtain is not only beginning to move, but also becoming more transparent. You did the same. You may ask, “if I’m in charge, where is the curtain? Collectively, will it disappear one day?”

Oh, ha ha ha. Please let me take you to imagine going to another planet. We call it another earth. Let me take you there for a while. Suppose another earth also has your problems, and you realize that I’m taking you back to the past. At the other end of the galaxy, there is a planet struggling with the same problems as you have now, even worse than your society. It is actually genocide and goes to a very dark level. Then it changed. As time changed, their curtain began to disappear. For many years, they have realized that they are sacred.

They’re just like you. Their test is very similar to yours, with duality, light and dark. Their planet is different from the earth, but they have the same characteristics as the earth. Then one day, the curtain disappeared.

It was a day of all their efforts. There was a celebration that day. At that time, they saw signs and God’s love for them. Then they become ascending planets.

That’s what can happen. Some of them came to earth, dear. When you come, you think they are not another kind of human beings. You think they are angels. You can’t imagine. You say, “these beautiful creations come from heaven. They come and give us advice.” But what if they’re not from heaven at all? If they are ascending beings from a planet that has experienced the events you are experiencing, come here to love you and give you advice and help you?

Almost all humans around the world believe in angels. They seem to come to every culture, it seems to be a story, it seems to be a legend. What if they come from another place?

Honey, there are other things here. If you want to know where souls come from, for example, all these souls on earth are still growing in number. Where do they come from? What were they doing before they came to earth? I’ll tell you, some come from these other places. Do it again. But if it’s such souls, they know what the future will be like when they come. In their DNA, in their psychology, they store the future they have experienced. They are the fastest growing old souls because they have seen. Lightworkers, maybe you’re one of them.

The curtain has moved, it has moved. It’s closer to you. That means it’s thinner. When the divine love is closer to you, the curtain is closer to you, and it is easier for you to see through it. You begin to see its essence: a man-made, man-made separation that separates man from the source of creation.

Every time the “12 rings”, we cross the bridge. The bridge, dear; The fog, honey, is the curtain. Then let me confirm it for you. When you cross it again today, I hope you remember that you have entered a perfect place called “your soul”. The legendary place is full of your previous life in this galaxy, not just the life of earth. There are many “you” there. We’ve said these things before.

So, really, in the “12 rings”, we teach you to go through the curtain, get used to what you see, bring back your assistants and integrate them into your life. Here, you are ready for what will happen to the earth one day in the future. At that time, it was the common sense of almost all human beings. They began to understand that there is a goal, maybe a goal of integrity, maybe a goal of compassion, maybe a goal of love. These goals will replace other things and create a better life. People will understand that if they can take more things from the other side of the curtain and apply them to themselves, they will become bigger, live longer and be more easily cured.

Therefore, the channeling of the curtain is actually about your relationship with the source of creation. How close do you want to be? Does anyone want to drape the curtain over their body to the extent that they can’t feel separation? Some people do it. It’s called “control”. Then, there was really no curtain for them. They didn’t disappear into the sky. They become the people you like to be together – lovely, kind, you might say “the new super soul”. They lead the way and truly understand the love of the Holy Spirit and the love of God.

For everything, without the Scriptures and rules you are used to, he stands in front of you and invites you to go. They will listen to your thoughts, maybe you will talk about your troubles, and they will always love you. You will meet these people and they will become part of your society. This is guaranteed, honey. Because this has happened before. I didn’t see this for the first time, so I was on earth, so I came in 1989. We can see that the earth is moving in the right direction, and we celebrate all the possibilities of the future.

Bless those who are now on earth, especially those who understand that they are so in control of their lives, their divinity and their happiness factors. May they filter the darkness in some way, make the darkness disappear and accelerate the love of the earth.

I’m Kryon. I love human beings. be it so.



In the following “12 rings”, Kryon guides you:

Again, you meet your three guides. When you lie on the massage bed, two guides will hold your hands and the third will be placed on your head. Kryon wants you to invite and feel the greatest love ever. Love will flow into you and need you to let it flow. When you sleep at night, this love and your guiding spirit are still there. They are willing to continue to give you your own treatment, peace and love. This is the love of the Greatest Creator in the universe, sent to all souls from the creator. Please feel this true love.  

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12 ring meditation: February 2, 2022

Kryon 2022-03-06 23:32

12 ring meditation: February 2, 2022


From the second half of 2020, Kryon instructed Carol Lee to start a new program – treatment Wednesday. The program is held every Wednesday. The program is arranged as follows:

— Carol Lee’s anecdotes and answering members’ questions

— Channeling – this part of channeling is published on the official website free of charge. A large part of my translation comes from here.

— Introduce various non-traditional therapists. These therapists include but are not limited to – sound therapy, light therapy, herbal therapy, tooth therapy, hand therapy, energy therapy, channeling… Etc

— 12 circle meditation.

Treatment Wednesday in the first week of each month is free and can be here( )Watch. The rest are charges. If your English is not good, please don’t waste time signing up for this program. Due to copyright issues, I will not publish its content publicly.

The official website has a web page that introduces the contents of each treatment Wednesday in detail, including Q & A, channeling, therapist and 12 circles. You can learn here:



For the introduction and use of “12 rings” meditation, please see Kryon: Extraordinary Events – Part 4 (recording, recommendation).

The 12 ring meditation on February 2, 2022, the timeline is as follows:

New features related to channeling and seeing love (recording)

01:42:30 – 10 minute music transition

01:55:55 – Kryon starts boot

02:05:41 – music playing, crossing the bridge

Meditation content

Dear ones, I’m Kryon. A little closer.

The message continues to be about love. This is the “12 rings” meditation. That’s why you’re here. Last year and now, I have instructed you to help guide you into a place. A place I hope you will be happy to enter with me.

There is a premise, a premise of love. The energy that the earth gives you at this moment, even in all your experiences, is particularly special and powerful. This special energy is different for mysterious and progressive people. We have explained these differences before, especially for therapists who work with energy drugs. Generally speaking, those are mysterious processes.

We told you that the energy here is rising. It’s like there’s more light now, so you can do more now. New tools and processes are passed on to established therapists on earth. Many therapists have begun to report that the process they have used over the years seems to have expanded. The same thing can get surprising results.

Many years ago, when this energy began, we said that some people felt that they had lost their direction, and even the curative effect was not ideal. We’ll talk to the new FM station then. It’s like the transceiver goes to another position and the old radio station is turned off. That’s how they feel. Now many people feel the same way. The same thing has been greatly touched before. This is what we want.

You can show people that you can do something on your own without any help. It’s about awareness, love, compassion, trust, permission.

Do you allow something to happen that you haven’t done before?

Some people may have heard that it’s impossible. In this new energy, do you allow it?

Therefore, the 12 rings become a feeling: is it possible to pass through the curtain and visit your soul?

Someone said, “it’s impossible. It can only be done when you die.”

We’ll say a little more. We talked about many things, some of which you have heard more than once. Now I want to talk about the entourage of love. They belong to you on the other side of the curtain, in your soul. Once again, in a very loving way, but they are special. This month, we will enter your soul and meet some people. I said: some people. Because what you see will be like that. They’re not real people. You’ll see them. We will do this every “12 rings” this month.

But first, you have to make sure: are you alone?

Someone said, “No. Kryon’s mantra for many years is: ‘you’ll never be alone’.”

Someone said, “no, because the gods are on my side. Thank you, gods, for coming with me.”

That’s not what I mean. Never.

My essential meaning and systematic meaning is: always like that. At the core level, there is this statement: you have an assistant.

Your helper lives in your soul. Let’s say it again so that you can understand it directly.

They are entourage. If you like, they can be entities, energy and personality. Those multidimensional assistants, they belong to you. These assistants have always been the same. This is the characteristic of your soul. We told you and taught you. Every time you come to earth, your soul will always be the same. One soul, many experiences, many previous lives, this is you. This means the identity of cognition. Of course not a new soul. This means that your soul contains your accumulated wisdom and experience. You enter the soul and see the previous life, remember? You know where he / they are. Who else is there?

Oh, that would surprise you. So vast love and compassion are waiting for you there. Why did the creator create a system for you to come and go on this planet? So you have so much help.

They were there when you were born. Be with you. All your life. Become a baby, become a child, grow into a teenager, experience lessons and become a young man. They are all there. These entourages have always been the same. But you might think they’ve changed. If you enter a place, there is enlightenment, enlightenment, and something happens. You might say, “my guides seem to have changed. If they are angels, now they are new angels.”

I want to tell you: they never become “new”. You changed. They just changed their clothes in your eyes. It’s fresher, isn’t it?

Honey, you always have these assistants. So, what we need to do is to step on the bridge, walk through it, and go from this dimension to all dimensions. That’s the other end of the bridge. I’ll spend more time with these people. They know you so well that they come with you every time.

Let’s walk up the bridge and examine what will happen again. You look at the bridge and know that it is a bridge from the known to the unknown. Some people are difficult to walk through, because it is difficult for humans to say: “I want to enter nothingness, I want to enter unfamiliar places. I want to cross the bridge and move to another dimension. I want to enter places I don’t know – it doesn’t make sense.” It’s hard.

But so many people succeed every week. Some people believe it. I hope it’s more real than ever. Because of what is happening now and the next three weeks of meditation.

Let’s walk across the bridge together. As we used to do, hold my hand and go.

(music plays ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)

This is the beauty of free choice. Humans can take their consciousness and start using it. This consciousness is designed for multidimensional. Human beings can understand that there is so much sense of security and love, crossing the bridge and entering the unknown quantum, safe and nothing.

Cross the bridge, cross the curtain, come to this place, if you want. There is no place in multidimensional. Come to the energy of your soul and feel the love, compassion and your history there. This is home, honey. This is usually seen in near death experiences. I repeat: This is where you are with God.

Something happened in this place. Honey, I won’t take you to the theater this time. But this particular pattern will be repeated over the next three weeks.

Follow me through this door, this portal, whatever you think. It is a symbol that symbolizes the entry of one energy into another. This energy has your name on it. You may even call it a “treatment center” with your name on it.

There, there is a very big room, not as big as the theater. There’s a table, a flat table. Some people say it looks like a table in the massage room. It’s comfortable and invites you to lie down. We did lie down. Lie down and be ready to accept love. Lie down and be ready for mercy. Lie down and get ready to meet your guide.

Dear ones, there are three members in the guidance spirit and angel department. Always three. No more, no less. You won’t have only one guide, always three. There is a reason for this: This is the trinity of your consciousness. In spiritual mathematics, 3 is the catalyst of change. That’s what they’re going to do. They are there to change your inner world. Today, change can be profound.

Every time I meet with them, there will be different themes. The guides will give you something different.

They entered the room. If you want to see them, but you can’t see them, just lie down. You will find that in this special case, they are transparent. Even if you have recognized them, painted them and named them, they are not accurate. Because they’re not like what you think. They are pure energy, pure love, they are angelic.

However, above them, it is you. They belong to your soul. Forever. They are your best friends. They help you when you’re not on the planet. They help you when you’re on this planet. Always. They are the most familiar friends in the universe. Built for you. They come with the soul, dear ones, each of you has them.

They will surround you. One holds your right hand, one holds your left hand, and one will put its energy hand under your head. Then you can relax on those energy palms. Beautiful.

If you can feel these guides touch you, you will realize that it is a conduit, and everything that exists flows into you. Whatever you need now, I’ll give it to you. In this meditation, it is pure and complete healing.

This is the healing ring, honey. The attribute of 12, the structure of the universe, is in you. Now, these three guides will emit the most powerful healing energy and pour it into you. No matter what you come for, or the treatment of the soul, the treatment of the mind, the treatment of the body, the peace of life, the treatment of abundance, or anything else. It’s all pure therapy. Nothing can compare with it. This produces spontaneous healing. Now it’s pouring into you.

You’re connected, honey. Do you feel it? You are connected, truly connected. This is real, this is multidimensional reality, it’s yours. You always have it. Maybe it’s different from what you think, but you always have it. That’s why they’re here every week for the next three weeks. They will fill you with something different.

But now, let’s start with the most basic: treatment.

Honey, that’s why you’re here. I ask you to stay and let it continue. No words can express, no ideas can communicate, except gratitude and love. They keep pouring you.

Treatment Wednesday, that’s why you’re here. Bless those who understand this, it is as true as anything else. It’s real.

Stay. Stay and be cured.

be it so.



Kryon: Extraordinary Events – Part 4 (recording, recommendation)

Kryon 2021-07-30 03:04

Kryon leads us into our souls. Highly recommended!

Guidelines for the use of this document:

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2. Find a place where you feel comfortable and safe, and your posture is casual

3. Open the document

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You can do it every time

7. In the first practice, please be patient to read from beginning to end. Kryon channeling starts at 01:52. The first 20 minutes are an important guide to calm and relax you.

8. After the music is over, you can wait a while and get up again.

9. When you are used to the guidance before music, you can directly pull it to 21:02 of the recording and start from there.

10. If you can’t see anything, it doesn’t matter. We help each other together. Please leave a message.

11. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep. There will be a way.

12. This is an example of Carol Lee’s paid program “treatment Wednesday” every Wednesday.  

13. The “circle of 12” in the text is circle of 12. Kryon said: Cosmic mathematics is 12 base, and it is also the structure of all things. A perfect is 12.    

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on December 13, 2020, Australia

sound recording: DAY TWO CHAN 2.mp3

(Kryon channeling begins at 01:52 of the recording)

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you.

This is the last of the four series of channeling, for Australia. This is a special moment, this is a special channeling. I hope to do something we often do. Start with the following: the fourth and most remarkable thing about the extraordinary events in the current energy is the ability to enter multi-dimensional.

A few months ago, I gave my partner some instructions. I knew they were coming. He didn’t know. The new crown has always been in the field, that is, the possibility of its occurrence has always existed. For those who do not understand what “field” is, it is a soup of possibilities based on human consciousness. Basically, it’s all human thoughts at the moment and all things accomplished at the moment. The field enables people to “predict”. They don’t know what the future will be like, they just see the possibility of it coming in the field. Many times, when I give you information, it is already in the field and sounds like the future. I “predicted” a new pope, 13 months before the real event. But you know, it’s already there. Because of the new crown, you will learn a lot about how it forms and what it is, which is also in the field. So many people are ready to face it. I’m one of them. Honey, it could have gone another way. There is also the possibility that it will not happen. But more likely.

In those months, I told my partner to rearrange Kryon’s energy. Over the past 31 years, the program he has been given will change. I told them that due to the new energy and pause caused by the new crown, I wanted him to do something different. He will guide those who have the ability to enter the multidimensional into the multidimensional. He wanted to show them something he had never seen before. They have the ability to actually pass into the “unknown”. I told him that it was called “healing Wednesday”, once a week for a year or more. Then some people will participate and understand that gradually, they are introduced to something very real, far more than meditation, far more than psychic energy. So he set out to do it.

In the past few months, there have been many programs. Every time, I take you on a trip. It’s inviting you to a place or consciousness, a feeling, an idea, as real as the chair you’re sitting in. But it goes beyond the dimensions you know. What I want to do today, at present, is to take you on that journey. I hope you can see, I hope you can feel, I hope you can know what’s here. It’s your new tool, because it’s called your own shell, and it’s called your own. That’s not a shell at all. To do this, you need to understand a premise, which I told you before.

I hope you listen carefully: what is true to you? I’ll start asking you like this, just like a few months ago. I want you to feel and understand the truth I present to you. Oh, you are so brilliant, dear human. I see you, your name. I hope you ignore everything next to you now. It’s just for you, just for you.

Science has proved that there are multiple dimensions on this planet. There are so many dimensions, if you want to name or count them. They continue to expand, year after year. Really, the physics you’re studying now can prove that. When you start looking at unexpected dimensions, you even start to see some strange elements. Note that realists call it “reality” and tell me that it is not multidimensional. What we do today may change yesterday.

This is where you sit. This is where you are. In science, that is, you know that there are many dimensions. However, you only sit, sit and work in four dimensions. You call it three-dimensional, but it’s four-dimensional in implementation. But what I want to show is that if there are many dimensions and you only live in four dimensions, what about the other dimensions? Don’t you want to know? Is it possible that you live in all dimensions, but only perceive the four dimensions?

This is the premise: your soul lives in many dimensions, while you only live in four dimensions. However, your soul is aimed at you. Your soul appears with you. But in the past, the spiritual system said you were not allowed to touch those things. You can’t go there because it’s sacred. I’ll tell you, that’s your training. As you allow, it is sacred and a part of you. What if I told you that you could touch part of it? You can be a part of it. This is new. No matter how long you’ve been treated; No matter how much you think you know all the energy you work with. This is different. Because this time and space field, at this moment from 2012 to 2020, has never happened on this planet. Your solar system is moving into another space field. Look up! Therefore, the magnetic force of the planet is different. Look up! Everything is changing, then you can start to see these things about you!

You sit there, everything you see and touch, every breath, the temperature around you, the sound you hear, are in the four dimensions. What is beyond it? What if you can become multidimensional now? Can you accept it? That’s a big problem. Can you accept it? Someone will say, “OK, I know there are many dimensions, and I live in four dimensions. But I’m used to four dimensions. How do I know I can enter other dimensions?” I’ll tell you: you know. Because when you go beyond the four dimensions, you know.

Premise: you don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t tell a sentient person something beyond their perception. Idiots don’t know they’re idiots. We said that before. Without intelligence, you can’t look up to higher intelligence. However, when you go higher and look back, you say, “oh my God. I didn’t expect it to be here.”

Once you begin to realize that, the multidimensional, that is, you. You begin to feel your glory and why you are on earth. I will tell you that it opens the door to a huge amount of energy, and you begin to understand and understand that it is you. You have so many levels. But the layer I want to talk about, the layer I focus on, the layer I ask my partner to deal with, is the multidimensional level of your consciousness and your cellular structure.

Many years ago, there was a quantum bias. People are interested in the multidimensional sexuality of DNA. This feature was found. As a result, biologists and physicists regularly come together to confirm this fact. Your cellular structure transcends four dimensions. Now, if so, why not make full use of it? “What does that mean, Kryon?” It means vibration, it means light is there, sound is there, including so many things. They can help you cure diseases, your fears, things you don’t understand, things that hinder you. Changes in the biological clock so that you can use it to prolong life rather than aging. At the same time, let you begin to understand the “God created” kindness. It’s not Scripture, honey. no, it isn’t. No accompanying books, No. No attached organization, No. only you. For you, turn on discovery mode. I want to take you there.

I started doing this a few months ago. Obviously, it’s time for you to keep up with me if you choose. Across the bridge from “known” to “unknown”, just for a moment, I caught a glimpse of what I wanted to introduce. You’ll always want to go back. Because that’s you.

For those who are ready to experience it and will really experience it, it is as real as the chair you are sitting in. That’s what the multidimensional body really looks like. All dimensions are real. It’s just that you can’t recognize them in a four-dimensional way. But they are real and exist. When you enter a dimension, you will not delete another dimension. You are still sitting in a chair. And you expand mecaba’s bubble so that you can be aware of more dimensions. At this time, you can’t forget it. There is no delete key in your brain, which can delete the brilliance you see. If you choose to see it at the next moment, come with me.

At the beginning of treatment Wednesday, I will do this and intend to do it with you. You may have registered for this channeling, but you didn’t register for treatment on Wednesday. Well, I’d say there’s nothing inappropriate here. If you choose not to participate in this exercise, nothing will happen. It’s just free choice. Others said, “but show me too.” An audience said, “this is what I am waiting for and want.”.

I want you to imagine in your mind: a canyon, an abyss. Sometimes there is water in the abyss, sometimes there is no water. No problem. But it can’t pass unless there is a bridge. There’s a bridge. All this is in your mind, promoting you to the next dimension, easily, with guidance and helpers. And love and empathy. I say this because now everything in every cell wants to do this.

Old soul, if you’re listening to this program, there’s a reason. You learn, understand, know and awaken on this planet, if you like. So many people came. You feel that some things are different, and the normal will never return. On the contrary, those who are ready will usher in expansion. This is not to make you better than others, but to make you more responsible. When you see what is coming, you will understand that others can enter. This is hope for mankind. Because it is dripping with love, empathy and purpose. You will see the beauty of “making man according to God” in everyone on this planet. You can look into their eyes and see the beauty, not judge.

There is a bridge that separates the known from the unknown. “Unknown” is the next stage. There are no secrets there, but they haven’t been known yet. When you enter school, there are many “unknowns”. With your course and your study, the bridge is slowly formed. You have the ability to feel whether it exists. But you didn’t. You say, “I want to learn. I don’t know these things, I don’t know what they’re talking about. I’ll learn.” So you go to school, are willing to cross the bridge, start education, and begin to awaken to all kinds of possibilities, rules, and things you don’t know. That’s it, isn’t it.

But spiritual things, dear, are not intelligence. That’s different. Can you cross the bridge with me? Now it’s your choice. For those who are willing, please give your will: “I am willing to cross the bridge without any harm.” unable. Gods don’t hurt themselves, honey. And you are a part of God, everyone is. You are a part and fragment of the whole beautiful creation, that is you. And the earth and animals are all parts and fragments of a whole. Are you ready to find something bigger than you think? Cross the bridge with me.

When you reach the middle of the bridge, the middle of the abyss, you will encounter a layer of fog blocking the rest of the bridge, and you can’t see the opposite. There is a reason for this haze: it is the free choice of mankind to decide whether to pass or not. This is the fog. It’s an obstacle. I call it “an obstacle to belief”. Every Wednesday we look at the fog, and I look at you and say, “are you ready to find more of you? Hold my hand and go.”

(21:02, music starts)

The fog begins to dissipate and you realize that you are moving to an area that feels and feels brilliant. I want to tell you that those who have this feeling and feeling are those who have a near death experience. Honey, because the first place you go is your soul to find the light. But not to death, but to light. Because here, on the other side of the bridge, is another part of you. So huge! There are so many things you can do! Everything is vibration, all! Every cell of your body, every piece of DNA, is vibrating, measured by light, sound, vibrational frequency and non vibrational frequency. It’s hard to explain. But they’re singing, there’s a long list of qualifications, there’s a reason, there’s a 12 based system, and everything comes together to form what you call “physics”.

When you come to this place with me and cross the bridge, you won’t know here if it’s your first time. Some people will see beauty, some people can’t see anything, and some people still doubt what to do and what to see. I said to you, “because you are in the multi-dimensional, your brain is not working properly. Because it knows nothing about it, it has never seen anything in it. Let me draw a picture for you and invite you in.”

In this place you call “your soul”, there is an entrance. This entrance is a place for understanding and learning. It is a place for you to know things, understand things and not be fooled. It’s beautiful. I want you to come in with me. It’s a temple, isn’t it? It’s your temple. It is a temple, because it is sacred, because you are sacred. You are part of the creator. Do you know that your soul has no beginning and no end? What does that sound like? Like God, right. Do you understand and realize that you are always here, on a certain level, forever. You were here before the universe was formed, honey. You, your thoughts, your consciousness, everything you have. Take a deep breath, because this is multidimensional you. You’re going to see something you didn’t think about.

When you enter this doorway, dear, you will meet a low theater in the middle, which is round and concave in the shape of a bowl, surrounded by a high stage, with sufficient light and many seats around. Some people see seats extending into the air, others see furniture and debris, because you want to make your brain feel reasonable. But everything there is ready for you to sit down and sit in the center of the stage.

Let me hold your hand and walk down the aisle. There is no one in the seat. It’s empty. You know you’re safe. Come and sit on your chair. It is located in the center of the stage, where the lights gather and shine on you. You sit there. I hope you feel comfortable. Because next, I’m going to do something I’ve done many times on “the ring of 12”.

Once again, 12 represents all that is. The physics and structure of the multidimensional universe are 12, not 12 masters. You are in the creator’s soup. Is this true? Do you feel it? You sit in the chair under you, but also elsewhere. Really. Sit in the chair, now, sit there, sit down. Next, all the chairs around you begin to manifest other humans. Some people recognize them because they are still living on the planet, family or others, while others are dead. No problem. You see, the soul is eternal. It doesn’t matter whether they live on earth or not. Because their souls live, their souls are eternal. What are they going to do? I’ll tell you and give you an idea. Because now, I’m going to ask you to take off your shoes. Ha ha ha ~

Do you know what will happen? That’s true. Oh, you are so recognized, honey. Now, all earth ideas, judgments, where you are, what you did and what you didn’t do have disappeared and erased from the planet. You sit in a magical place. Full of acceptance and beauty of everything, strong love. You will stay here for a long time. You don’t care about going back to the fourth dimension in a while. Because one by one, everyone in the audience, you know, neighbors, colleagues, those who have died, those you love, and even those in the future. Everyone will come up, stare into your eyes, kneel on your knees and wash your feet. every last! As a symbol of understanding, acceptance and love, it tells: “it doesn’t matter. Your soul, like mine, has experienced many times.” One by one, have you seen it? This is a tribute to the fact that you finally know the truth. No matter what happens here, no matter what happens in three dimensions, it doesn’t matter. At the soul level, you are all the same.

Let me tell you, this is a great place for treatment. After foot washing, again and again, you will talk to every cell in a multidimensional way. They know who you are. Welcome to “the ring of 12”

This is a new job for human beings to find themselves, so thorough. When you return to the 3D chair, you will echo the experience and know what happened. Will you have some relevant dreams? Will you doubt its authenticity? Is it a trick of thinking? There’s no trick here, honey. This is you with you. Instead of asking you to join something, or become something, or do something, I am awakening to the greater reality. Welcome to the greater human race. Wonderful.

I’ll keep the music going, just like every Wednesday. This is for you. Try these things and know you can have them again, free. We often do this and invite you to join for free. Please come and experience it again. But now, I want you to stay here for a while, just stay like this, stay.

That’s it.



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