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Keep high vibration, “accept the status quo” is your soul plan

sananda 2020-06-01 21:27

But you can live in your own paradise on earth first. It has nothing to do with what you have, but only with your state of mind.

This is the definition of paradise on earth.

Where do you want? The construction team, the reconstruction of new countries in any dimension is the same as building houses on the earth.

It requires the re construction and revision of the new earth time matrix. What you want is there, and it must not be to change your current situation.

Accepting the status quo is your heavenly soul plan. There is no need to change. What is the change? You always want to escape, resist and liberate the earth, and get relief through catastrophe.

None of this will allow you to work on the heavenly soul plan, nor will it allow you to ascend to the vibrational frequency of the cosmic body and soul, which is the first step of manifestation.

Why? It has something to do with the giving of superpowers and alchemy magic. It has been given before, but it has been abused, so we become cautious. We can only meet the requirements.

In other words, you always have the magic wand you want, and you can immediately turn your world into a paradise world different from your neighbors, but it is not allowed to happen now.

When you and the surrounding world are ready, you can give it. What? No longer be selfish, no longer care about others’ life and death, and no longer regard those who hurt you as enemies.

Because it has to do with empathy and unity, which is the basic quality of no longer fighting and war.

That’s why Sananda asked everyone to practice manifesting miracles, and no one responded, because what everyone wanted was not magic, but a real version of heaven on earth.

Pick up your brush, play your instrument, sing your new song, and provide templates and blueprints for the reconstruction of the new world. This is the way you participate in the reconstruction.


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