Real mother^_^

Real mother

Original Ruohe Purple Star 2022-04-15

A real mother is full of love, kindness and compassion. If a mother is not kind and compassionate, she is not a real mother. You have a secular mother. You give birth from their womb, so you call yourself their child.

The mother also gave birth from a womb. She is also her mother’s child. The problem is that sometimes your mother, the child, doesn’t get enough love, so they have a lot of unmet expectations.

At this time, children become the source of their love. When they ask for love from you, please remember that she is only a child, not your mother.
A true mother will not ask for love, she will only give you love. If you think that everything your mother gives is love, it will lead to misunderstanding. The misunderstanding about mother is also about love.
You’ll think your mother is fierce, not loving. I also think that mother’s love, even all love, is conditional, not unconditional.

But the real mother, the real maternal love is unconditional. This is the absolute existence of maternal love, and it is also the maternal love that everyone deserves to have. What is the relationship between your secular mother and you.

Secular mothers, they have maternal love, but sometimes this love is not pure. This kind of love is not pure. It may be full of pressure, fear and all kinds of conditions.

These conditions are about obedience, about support, about filial piety, about marriage, about every decision and choice in your life.

But you should know that a real mother will not kidnap your life with her love, nor will she meet her expectations under the banner of being nice to you.

Seeing this means that you can look at your relationship with your mother from a different perspective. You can admit that you have been hurt, and those injuries are not love.

Again, those injuries are not love. True love has no conditions and no harm.

Thanksgiving reading, deep blessing!


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