Heavenly Father message: karma is manifesting faster and faster. Talk about earthly news! Great transformation of ascension^_^


Heavenly Father message: karma is manifesting faster and faster. Talk about earthly news! Great transformation of ascension

Gaoweiguang message 2022-04-13 03:09

Lillian’s five-dimensional space

The heavenly Father has something to say to you
About instant karma!

“Greetings, my dear children!
In today’s message, I want to show you the twists and turns in the laws of karma caused by energy changes on your planet.

As I have mentioned many times in my previous information, thanks to the new high vibrational energy currently reaching the earth, the time frame for the operation of these cosmic laws has been compressed to the maximum. (Note: This refers to the acceleration of time, and the karmic manifestation is becoming faster and faster)

This is because at present, the parameters of all energy processes are changing rapidly.

I have told you that in the fifth dimensional world, all your wishes will manifest in an instant.

This is because in the fifth dimension, you will find yourself at the same vibrational wavelength as the earth, that is, your thoughts and emotions will be tuned to the vibrations of the space around you. As your planet has now almost entered a new high vibration space, the characteristics of her interaction with humans are changing more and more.

Therefore, when a person with a high vibrational frequency has their wishes in harmony with the high vibration of earth, those wishes will be immediately manifest. On the contrary, when one’s desire is still at the low vibration level of the third dimension, TA’s desire will be “bounced / repelled” back by the new high vibration space. Therefore, any negative thought, emotion, or behavior will be immediately returned to that person with the same quality.

This is what we call instant karma.

In other words, any non divine act will be rejected by the new energy and immediately bounced back to the person who sent it.

Of course, the word “instant” cannot be understood literally. I use the word “instant” because in the past, the karmic cycle took many years, many times, and even many lifetimes to return to the person who sent it. Now, karma will return to the person who launched them in a few months, weeks, days or even hours, so we call it “instant”.

This immediate karmic process occurs not only in yourself, but also in those who can determine the fate of the world.

Soon, all of you will witness the true purpose of their actions revealed layer by layer, the political, economic and moral crisis they artificially created on earth. Many people will refuse to believe these revealed truths. Karma will completely engulf them, and their low vibration negative thoughts, emotions and desires will not be realized because they are incompatible with the energy profile of the new earth. They do not match the high vibrations of earth, and thus neither money nor power can enable them to escape the laws of karma.

Therefore, every day, in terms of energy, people’s stratification will become more and more obvious, which will eventually lead to the complete “decoupling” of high vibration people from those who can’t get rid of the third dimensional energy. And from now on, no one can intervene and influence this process, because the laws of the universe are fully exercising their rights at this time, and the artificially manipulated laws of the binary world will not survive in the new energy of the earth.
Remember this, my dear, don’t let your thoughts and emotions run wild. Form a habit and control them at any time, so that they will not fall from the high vibration, so that they can stay at the same level as the vibration wavelength of your planet, which will take you all the way to the harmonious new world of the fifth dimension!

I love you endlessly!

Author: Marta

Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


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