Today, I arrived with the latest news from the Galactic Federation. This is a very important message for all of you.

Share this with as many people as possible and let them know the latest events on our planet and Universe:

“Greetings to all of you, dear Galactic Alliance members! We are happy to connect again through this dimensional channel and share some important topics, messages and information with you.

The purpose of this message is to provide a clear conceptual model for understanding what is happening in your world.

We have been saying that there is a major shift in consciousness. It’s hard to experience all the changes in your own life, and you don’t feel like you’re living in an era of unprecedented changes.

There are already so many signs of this. You can see evidence of it in all the other changes taking place around you.

You’ve been going through a powerful shift in the way you seem to work in reality. This has gradually happened, but the process is accelerating and will soon become unstoppable.

You are moving towards a different reality, a reality in which your assumptions about the properties of physical objects, time and space are no longer valid. Not that these ideas have become wrong, but that they are no longer the most useful way to think about what you have experienced.

It’s like moving from an old cinema with a big screen to an IMAX cinema. You can still watch old movies, but if you want to see the way they are designed, you need to use different devices.

What will all these changes lead to?

There are two main answers to this question. First, this is only part of the historical story: one cycle after another of birth, growth and decline, just like all other cycles we have experienced before.

Another response is that it is moving towards a new thing, a new human form, and a new civilization based on sharing and cooperation rather than competition and conquest. A civilization based on thought rather than money. A civilization in which people do not have to worry about their lives.

As the reality that separates you fades away, the transition to the fifth dimension will be a period of chaos on your planet. It is very important for everyone to remain calm and focused. Our goal is to provide ways to help each other during this transition in order to minimize suffering. During this time, your thoughts and emotions will affect everyone on your planet. That’s why it’s important for everyone to stay calm and focused during this transition period.

You can do this by focusing on love, peace and harmony rather than fear, anger and judgment. You must treat everyone around you as brothers and sisters to alleviate their pain. If someone does something that hurts others or themselves, it’s because they feel great pain. They don’t know any other way to face it.

As you form your body form, you will bring the essence of who you are and where you have been. You take your soul group, other souls who choose to spend their lives with you, so that they can share their experiences and learn from each other. You also bring your karma, or life lessons, which are unique to each person according to their origin and what they experience before entering the human body on earth.

The purpose of his incarnation is not just a kind of life, but as a part of the soul’s evolution across time and space, it develops in the whole time and space.

We are here with you to tell you that it is time for all of you to take back your power, because it is not that the group does not know what is good for them, but that they have separated from their power. This lack of awareness makes them more easily controlled by those who want to control them.

This has happened for centuries. It has nothing to do with the struggle between negativity and positivity, darkness and light, or any duality.

You have made significant progress in the fifth dimension of love and gained the right to ascend to the fifth dimension. When your whole being absorbs your new nature, you will experience an incredible change of consciousness. However, one thing to recall: your self is still trying to tell you “don’t worry.”

But don’t forget that only your self is talking. His words are untrue. Now, you are a light existence, and he no longer serves you. Your soul has learned everything you need to learn at your level, so there is nothing to fear when you venture into higher frequencies.

We are here to remind you of your skills. Use your abilities to guide, protect, heal and predict. Everything is possible for you. You are the first new life on the conscious planet in this part of the galaxy. This is not just the work of a selected person or shaman of a tribe, it is related to every existence from now on, because this is a new stage in human history, when all of you will accept your own power to create with love, because you consciously decide that you can immediately cross the universe and use your soul’s journey to establish your own field of light to ascend as a great light, And reflect the light to everyone you meet.

You are immortal beings, created by the supreme existence of the universe with love and light. You choose to experience yourself now in the physical body on earth because they want to be able to express themselves in an environment different from other environments.

You are here to learn to love, become love, become compassion and become selfless beings.

You’re here to turn fear into love. You can come here for love, not for fear.

We love you very much.

We are with you.

We are your home of light.


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