Heavenly Father message: either sink the ship with 3D or board a new ship bound for 5D! Time is running out

Heavenly Father message: either sink the ship with 3D or board a new ship bound for 5D! Time is running out

Gaoweiguang message 2022-04-20 02:15

The heavenly Father has something to say to you:
Time is running out.

The transition period of the earth is coming to an end!

“Greetings, my dear children!
In this message, I would like to point out another detail of your interaction with the forces of light during this transitional period.

As I have mentioned, there is little time to delay, because all processes on earth – both energy and material – are proceeding at an accelerated rate.

In my previous message, I vividly compared it to instant karma. The evil acts being carried out on your planet have reached an unprecedented absurd situation, destroying human beings not only physically, but also morally.

Of course, these changes cannot affect your relationship with your heavenly assistants, whose mission is to support mankind in this transitional period. All of them are currently working “at full power”, which is related to the fact that the natural screening of souls who are ready for the transition to the fifth dimension is running out of time for those who are completely unprepared.

Therefore, in the past few decades, the power of light and those who struggle for spiritual growth can have enough time to work and do spiritual homework. Now, these people have no such opportunity.

The representatives of the forces of light are doing their best to help as many people as possible out of the matrix of the third dimension, which is clearly disappearing before our eyes. Like lifeguards, they are in a hurry to salvage the people who fell into the water on the sunken ship, lend a helping hand to them and pull them onto the deck of a new ship – a beautiful ship sailing to the fifth dimension. But this “rescue” is presented to you in a variety of ways, some of which are quite unexpected or at first glance cruel.

The way of “rescue” is unique to everyone, which depends on many factors: the age of human soul, the soul experience accumulated so far, a person’s living conditions, environment and so on.

For someone, it may only take a simple clue or hint designed by his / her light power team, guardian angel, etc. to help him / her.

For another person, it may take a step closer to make his / her consciousness receive these help as soon as possible, which is likely to break a person’s usual life philosophy and drag him / her out of the comfort zone.

Or, someone is destined to live in pain and sadness. Only these pain and sadness can make a person return to a straight and narrow road, squeeze out the filth in his soul and be purified, which may seem too cruel and unfair to ordinary people.

Each of you pays your own “price” for the resurrection of your soul, but not everyone can understand it – that’s why you complain so much about the power of light, complaining and accusing them of standing idly by.

Believe me, my dear, everything is done for your benefit. Even if there is only a chance, we will provide you with assistance to help your soul revive and enter the fifth dimension with the earth.

This is why the transition period has been extended – so that as many people as possible can take advantage of this real and unprecedented opportunity to ascend in the flesh.

That’s why you should pay close attention to all the clues and hints that are falling from the sky so intensively and quickly, and be grateful to all your heaven assistants for their support and cooperation at the subtle level.

Now, all the light forces on earth and heaven are working together on such a large scale, because the transition from earth to the fifth dimension has reached its final stage and is coming to an end.

Communicate as much as possible with your higher self, your guardian angels, ascended masters, your guide spirit and galactic family. They can always hear your voice and will appear as soon as you need it.

I bless you and love you infinitely!

Conductor: Marta
Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


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