Monthly Astro-Forecasts March 2022

Sarah-Jane Grace
Tuesday, 1 March, 2022 

Sarah-Jane Grace – Message for March 2022

It’s hard to believe we’re already in March, so much has happened in the first few weeks of 2022, it’s hard to encapsulate the intensity of different emotions all flooding in at the same time. The world feels chaotic, and the fear, anger and bewilderment is palpable; it’s all too easy to become consumed by these emotions but they start to erode the soul from within.

We are currently experiencing another ‘collision’ of moments, and so many of us are feeling confused, fractured and overwhelmed. This is not only a reflection of the world around us, but also the world within us as we are reaching something of a turning point: a new door opening, leading us in a different direction in life. It’s as though we are standing in between two moments, but at the centre of both at the same time. It’s hard to distil and articulate, but the lack of words is more reflective of the idea that this is a moment never experienced before and we are in new terrain; the words to describe it haven’t been invented yet.

As I sit here and write these words, the sun is shining, the daffodils are already bursting up into the sunlight, carpeting the silent landscape with vibrant hues of yellow; birds are singing and, in my little corner of the world, despite the chaos, I feel an inner sense of calm and stillness. Despite the darkness of the winter, the light always finds a way to shine through. It seems important to realise that we each have the capacity to honour and access the light within, and the more of us who can become beacons of light, the more chance we have of seeing balance, respect and love restored.
It would be easy to argue that we are always living in a collision of moments as that’s just how life flows, but this feels different, more distinct and more significant than ever before. We are standing in between where we used to be and where we are heading, but we are already in both places at the same time. There’s a need for each of us to open up our consciousness even further in order to step beyond the mind and to feel our way forward. This is an opportunity to break free from cycles and patterns that have shaped and defined our lives for years, it’s an opportunity to let go of pain, grief, anger and other emotions that have become stuck or lodged deeply within our hearts and souls in order to find a new way of living and being. Yet, before we can become free, we have to allow this collision of moments where all of these emotions surge inwards and outwards, merging and colliding with great intensity and momentum.

Whilst it’s easy to say this will pass and it’s a natural and necessary process on the path of our evolution, there are a great many souls who are lost, alone and overwhelmed, and they need compassion and love, tenderness and respect. Whilst we may feel the need to turn our focus within in order to weather the storms, it’s important to keep our hearts and souls open, shining brightly to illuminate the path for others. Whilst we may feel alone, it’s important to know that there are others walking the path, and others that care.  
The world feels fractured and divided, and if we let this consume us, we also become fractured and divided, but this is a time for wholeness as we allow our inner light the space and freedom to illuminate the world from the inside, out. It’s time for the glue of love and compassion to bring us all back together again.

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge that all of us have darkness within as it’s a part of being human. Many of us ignore the darkness, allowing it to grow and consume. Yet, when we turn to face this darkness and show it tenderness and compassion, the energy shifts and we realise that it’s not something to fear, but simply a part of our true essence. Yet, the fear of the darkness can keep people living on the edge, waiting for a better moment to live in case embracing the darkness within causes the world as we know it to implode. Yet, isn’t it possible that it’s our resistance to acknowledging the darkness within that’s actually causing the implosion? When we accept our true nature and open up our hearts towards compassion and love, everything shifts.

Of course, it’s hard to apply this mindset when there is so much pain and suffering in the world, but surely the more each of us acknowledge our true depths and become one with our true nature, then there is less to fear? Courage comes from acknowledging our imperfections, for breaking down the walls we’ve built around our hearts and souls, and for opening up to love. Yes, these are confusing times, and this ‘collision’ of moments is both bewildering and overwhelming, but it’s a part of our story. Instead of feeling consumed by the pain, just as the daffodils continue to turn towards the sun, this seems like a good time to accept the confounding beauty of life and the miracle of being alive… 
For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful. 

With love,



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