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Arcturus – invitation

Greetings, we are Arcturus. We come as a collective energy to bring you the energy, vibration and code you need at the moment

We hope to bring an interstellar seed invitation to activate the sacred ancient wisdom on earth and in existence. Our goal is to assist more beings to access the wisdom they are seeking and searching for

Do you find what or someone you’re looking for at this moment? You may feel as if you don’t understand what you’re looking for or how to find it. Maybe you know what you’re looking for, but accessing it or finding it seems challenging or impossible

As we bring the interstellar seed invitation, we hope to support you in getting what you are looking for. By visiting this energy, you may be able to finish this stage of ascension and go to a new memory and understanding

Many souls come from planets, stars and inner plane civilization, which are called interstellar seeds. These souls are ancient, they hold divine wisdom, which is crucial for remembering the creator and ascension journey to ascension

Many interstellar seeds are dormant. They don’t know they are interstellar seeds. They carry valuable wisdom or information. They may not know it’s time to release wisdom and information in the right way for them. Even if an interstellar seed knows that they are interstellar seeds, they have wisdom to share, and they may find it difficult to do so

When we bring the interstellar seed invitation, we are sharing a specific crystal energy to support and invite the interstellar seed souls, especially those on earth, to start activating the original energy of their interstellar seeds. As they begin to activate this primitive energy, the necessary and appropriate wisdom will come to their minds and human consciousness

Like a pink smoke or cloud, it floats from every interstellar seed into human consciousness, so everyone can access this ancient wisdom, even if they are not interstellar seeds. Information and wisdom are accessible to all

For those who activate wisdom and knowledge in their own existence, this primitive interstellar seed energy will maintain strength, truth and connection to share this wisdom through their existence, whether through words, music, art, action, energy transfer or healing

The interstellar seeds on earth will begin to activate and be invited to reconnect with this energy to reflect it into their existence and reality, so as to share it with the world and human consciousness

What every existence on earth is looking for, everyone may be different. The emerging wisdom will end the search process. It’s important to recognize what you’re looking for and how it ends

Sometimes things end only at the energy level, not at the physical level. An example is that you are looking for a sacred space to express your truth. You may feel that this will be your new home. When you look for a new home and can’t find it, you may realize that the end of this process is actually that you receive or activate divine energy and create divine space where you are now. It can be the home you are looking for, or what you feel you need may not be unnecessary, or it will come at a later stage. Energy reality is perhaps the most important

It is important to realize that manifestation occurs at the energy and physical levels, and sometimes it does not manifest at the physical level in the way you imagine

It’s important to recognize what you’re looking for and what your soul is looking for. At other times, your soul will continue to look for other energies and experiences, but at this time, what is your soul looking for?

If you understand this, then when we send out the interstellar seed invitation. You will receive the energy needed to complete this search. This may or may not manifest in your reality. First, you need to experience it in your existence. You can benefit from this activation, whether you are an interstellar seed or not. If you are not, you will still receive energy to end your search. You will receive this energy from those interstellar seeds

First, we invite you to recognize what your existence is looking for at the moment, and then we invite you to call us to activate you

We will come and transfer our energy to you, and we invite you to receive this energy. We will pass it on to all beings on earth. When you receive, you may experience insight, and we either activate the interstellar seed energy in your existence or in the world so that you can benefit from it

With this wisdom, the answer you seek will come, and so will energy and truth. We invite you to sit down and receive this energy. Always accept as long as it feels right

You may need to receive multiple times

You are helping the whole earth activate the wisdom of interstellar seeds. The original energy of interstellar seeds. You will know when the process is over, and you will find insight or know to respond to your quest
When you experience this, whether you understand it or not, we invite you to inhale it into the earth, throughout the world and into human consciousness

You may find that other people’s quest is also emerging, and you need to do this exercise many times. You need to follow your intuition and inner guidance

It is time to seek and accept the integrity and perfection of your existence and your ascension

We come to serve you, and we thank you

We are Arcturus
Date: April 23, 2022
Conduction: natalieglasson


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