We want you to notice how easy it is to evolve your consciousness as long as you focus^_^

We want you to notice how easy it is to evolve your consciousness as long as you focus^_^

Let go of your attachment to when and how others awaken.
Pay more attention to yourself
Focus on what makes you happy

You know, everyone has their own way into the awakening experience, which is designed by their higher self. You can let go and focus on what is happening, your feelings and the energy that supports you.

Now, some of you want to know if sometimes you push your fellow human beings forward faster than they actually prepared. We want to tell you that if you have any questions about this, it’s time to take a step back

You want this process to happen naturally, because you want this person to be like you. No one else is behind the scenes, giving orders and making you wake up.

So when you want to provide support, send your human compatriots the energy of love, compassion and healing. You can share your stories and experiences, but you don’t have to use them to teach others.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

In our time, we welcome many new partners to join us and become helpers of the third and fourth dimensions. We have experienced different perspectives on various agendas and are able to feel all these perspectives and ways to help. We note that when some beings express a desire to help humans and other races, what they really want is to play God. They want to control the situation, decide how your evolution goes, and decide when you can reach a certain level.

We have always taken a more natural approach to the evolution of consciousness. We’ve seen a lot of help actually hinder the development of life on planets and satellites.

We want you to notice how easy it is to evolve your consciousness as long as you focus.

When you focus on something that is happening, when you focus on your feelings and the energy that supports you, you have everything you need for the perfect evolution of nature, both individually and collectively.


You are people who promote change, pioneers and workers of light. You can imagine a society where everyone has enough resources, is treated fairly and the world is at peace.

Therefore, you must bring these new ideas and models to other members of the collective.

Now is not the time to blame who should be responsible for what and who has done what behind the scenes. But when you open your hand, your palm and your top wheel, because there are too many things that can be received from higher areas, which will help you create the society you always want and want to be one of them.

We are pleased to witness how you get information and downloads from your high-level thoughts, from your guides, and from high-dimensional beings like us. You have been receiving healing energy, and you have been receiving new templates and structures to build your new society through new templates and structures. As long as some of you can receive and translate these energy downloads into ideas, real change will take place on earth.

All people with empathy and compassion are fully qualified to build structures, systems and examples for the next reality you want to live in. This is the world you want to live in and the world you want to live with others. When you really understand this and put down those bad feelings, you can lead mankind into a new era and a new consciousness, which is the era you have been waiting for.

We will be here to support you, cheer for you, give you everything you need, and make you a force that can not be ignored and a truly awakened collective. You have this ability. Now it’s time. We are not the only ones who believe in you, nor are we the only ones who witness what you will create.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

https://danielscranton.com/playing-god-with-the-unawakened-∞the -9d-arcturian-council-2/


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