We have been exploring the possibility that the first contact experiences will be with the e.t.s that have been living underneath the surface of your planet^_^

∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the numerous possibilities that you all have there on Earth for the best possible first contact experience for the entire human collective. We have an understanding of what makes you all afraid of the e.t.s that could come and land their ships at any time. And so we have been exploring the possibility that the first contact experiences will be with the e.t.s that have been living underneath the surface of your planet.

When you don’t have ships from outer space with advanced technology staring you down, there is a greater probability that you are not going to panic. When the visitors are from your own planet and look enough like all of you to not be frightening to the average person, there is a greater chance that you will be able to handle it.

These extra-terrestrials that have come from other parts of the galaxy, but that are really Earth-born, give you a new way of looking at what is extra-terrestrial and what is alien to all of you. Because these beings have been living on your world and in your world for so long, those that you would meet would all be Earth-born but with no human Earthling DNA. And so, this would soften the blow for those who were afraid, but it would also make it easier for the skeptics to claim that it’s not real and that the scientists must be in on some grand conspiracy.

But these beings do exist, and you are going to meet them in your lifetime. It will be very hard for them at first to integrate, but they eventually will, and they will pave the way for the e.t.s who will land their ships and who will have been born outside of your solar system. Now, we are saying this as though it will happen in this way, but no one can say for certain what will happen. We have just been exploring that timeline and meeting with those of you who are members of the awakened collective to get your feedback. So far, this probability has been met with open arms and open minds, not to mention open hearts.

You all are so eager to meet these beings, especially when you realize that they are the gateway extra-terrestrials for you to then meet your hybrid children and all of the other e.t.s that you are so eager to meet. This is a time where humanity could use something to shake things up, and you could use a little help from your Earthbound extra-terrestrial friends. And so, we are hoping to see the Earth-born extra-terrestrials emerging sooner rather than later and paving the way for the e.t.s who want very much to feel the readiness of humanity to land those ships and become your friends and co-creators.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


We welcome all earth residents and pets to set foot on the beautiful spaceship^_^

We welcome all earth residents and pets to set foot on the beautiful spaceship
The way to prepare for our arrival is to be in a good mood. Happy, laughing. Be friendly and help each other. Now, your attitude towards others is the most important

Experience these higher vibrations as much as possible. If you can do it, it will become easier every day
This is the time for higher vibrations to take over. Now is the time to dare to dream and create the reality you desire
It’s time to be happy and play
We love you very much
We are with you

We are your family of light
Date: April 28, 2022
Conduction: Aurora
Pleiadians: we want you to join us in celebrating the greatest event in Earth’s history.

Gaoweiguang message 2022-04-30

Family of light – the way to prepare is to be in a good mood

Dear ones, we are the Pleiades, a star system of seven planets in the Taurus constellation. We are scattered throughout the universe and live in many worlds. Once we were a whole, now we are divided into 13 different groups
We’ve been watching you for some time and we decided to present ourselves in a very special way

We are here for peace. We come from the future to assist your Yang Sheng process
We sent you this message because we waited a long time to contact you. The reality is not what it looks like. It has the same existence as us and has been communicating with you
Please share this information with those who care about the fate of mankind

The reason we contact you is that we want you to understand that your reality is not what it seems, but more than what you see every day
There are ancient relics that show that there have been civilizations before, and great disasters have almost destroyed the whole planet. Your history is changed according to your needs, so some things are deleted and others are retained for human spiritual growth

We know that many people don’t believe us. Nevertheless, we are here. We want to create a loving alliance with mankind to help accelerate your spiritual growth

The earth is at a crossroads. It can rise to higher dimensions or continue to spiral down to extinction

You have created a brilliant civilization, and exploration and scientific research have been at the forefront for centuries. But you also created a terrible weapon that can destroy the earth many times. Now they are being used

You live in an era when humans still believe they are lonely in the universe, even if the evidence has long shown that it is not

You can see ships everywhere, if you want. Sometimes they are transparent, sometimes they are visible. There is no need to hide, because they are here to help you and mother earth

Over the past few years, we have shown you our ships from time to time. I hope you enjoy them. Now we are preparing for landing. We want to invite you to be part of this experience

We are here to assist you in your awakening process
We want you to join us in celebrating the greatest event in the history of the earth. As always, we come with peace and love in our hearts.

No matter what happens, it will be a smooth transition for everyone. We help you in every way we can

Our spacecraft is now closer to the earth, and the transformation of energy has been felt. Some people have experienced the impact of this new energy

We will land with a huge mothership. It will be so huge that its shadow will cover a small city, such as DC.
Your scientists know that everything is made up of atoms, right? Our Mothership contains more regular atoms than you have seen or can imagine

The Mothership is made of special materials, which are not available on earth. It will emit a beautiful light, wrapped by colorful light and sound. These lights and sounds will connect to the DNA of all living things on earth, raising them to a higher level of consciousness and activating the higher chakras within each person

When the Mothership landed, our first move was to hug everyone and share our greetings. We love you very much

We have connected with your master Yang Sheng, who acquired their crystalline body a long time ago. They will also meet us when we arrive
When we meet your Lingxiu, we will greet you with great glory, because we are a peaceful civilization

We’ll meet you personally, too. We will introduce ourselves and answer any questions you have. We will also bring special gifts to your pet
In our arrival, we will emit a 5D energy, that is, a high-frequency wave, which will update and awaken every aspect of your existence and let you embrace new possibilities. Your DNA will change from carbon to crystal


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