Melchizedek: a message to mankind^_^

Melchizedek: a message to mankind


“I woke up this morning with this profound message to mankind, which will be conveyed to me through Lord Melchizedek and my Melchizedek high:

“This is the highest degree of human liberation.

“What existed before will no longer exist, so what once existed will also melt. It can no longer maintain its form.

“The work you (referring to me) have done has lifted the huge blockage of the earth’s spine. One of the vertebrae, the intervertebral disc, has slipped, has now been repositioned, and the spinal fluid is now flowing freely and effortlessly.

The souls were released, the souls of half man and half beast created, the robots who betrayed their masters, and the pain of war.

“In the highest sense, this is the profound awakening of mankind and all things.

“Through this work, the new earth has now merged with the old earth, through which the old earth is now completely disintegrated.

“Everything has now been elevated to the seventh density state, where there is only unity, harmony and unity!
“It is this unity, this unity, that is now the key to everything!

“It’s alpha and omega, everything is balanced, everything is one!

“So it’s multidimensional.

“The way to enter the whole universe, intergalactic whole and cosmic whole has been regained.

“Divine love flows into the higher heart center with the white flame, also known as the Pearl flame of resurrection, purity and supreme Christ consciousness, into all visible and invisible life and all fields on earth.

“Everyone has been released!
“Everyone has been released!
“Everyone has been released!

“Many souls will not choose freedom, but will choose to stay in the bondage of our fear. Their time is up. This means that they will choose to stay in the reality they create, so they will live in this reality until the day they choose to go out of it, because they have free will and choice.

“However, in fact, there is no need to live in old patterns, old fears, and so on.

Once a soul reunites with the core truth of “one” and experiences unity, so as to experience the inner noble divinity, they claim their own divinity, their own “goddess” identity, their own divinity, with great love and dedication, they live such a life!

In fact, they have chosen the new dimension of light and the inner dimension, because Adam has completely combined with the inner dimension!

“This is the great liberation here!

“It has come!


“I see!

Lord Melchizedek and senior adviser to Melchizedek.


Archangel Michael: divine harmony


Greetings, dear ones!

At this moment, we send you blessings of love and light. We invite you to open your heart and accept the information we give you

As you move through your experience, your reality is either full of divine perfection or not.

Through divine perfection, we mean divine harmony, divine love, divine peace, divine happiness, divine abundance, divine beauty, divine creativity and so on

Honey, this experience is absolutely possible for you.
You may have glimpsed it, and your ascension process includes its continuous experience.

You came to this life to bring divine perfection into the world through you and experience your own ascension.

As one ascends, it will have a profound impact on earth.
Can you imagine the impact that a large number of human ascension will have on your world?

The increase in your vibrational frequency and the full embodiment of your “I am” existence are radiating outward and being felt throughout the universe!

Your promotion process is so profound!

Every day, you are completing a thought, a word, a feeling and an action, getting closer and closer to divine perfection, which is a reason for us to celebrate.

Whenever you put your thoughts, words, feelings and actions with your divine “I am” (the personalized aspect of your God), you are one step closer to the divine perfect reality.

So, how to achieve this consistency?

Before you start a new day, during the day, before going to bed, say and imagine the following:

“Honey, I am present and control my mind!”

Imagine a golden light entering your brain.

“Honey, I am present, mastering my words and how I will say them!”

Imagine a golden light coming into your throat.

“Honey, I’m right in front of you. Please control my feelings!”

Imagine a golden light coming into your heart.

“Honey, I am present and control my body!”

Imagine a golden light coming into your body.

“In my existence and world, I am the only master!”

Imagine a golden light entering your whole existence and world.

Repeat this process whenever you feel that your thoughts, words, feelings or body are inconsistent with divine perfection.

We invite you to do this for seven days and watch your life change and your vibration frequency increase.

After seven days, you may want to continue doing so, as it will continue to deeply help your ascension process.

I know everything is fine, dear ones.

Welcome home.

We walk by your side, every step.

Honey, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I’m Archangel Mike. I’ll bring you the truth.


Archangel sakir: attune to inner peace


Greetings, dear ones!
We are Archangel sakir and Amethyst. We greet you with love. Today, we wish to discuss attunement to inner peace.

Inner peace is a quality that can help you navigate into the higher vibrational energy that is reaching your planet.

This incoming energy is inviting you to ascend to a higher level.

As the energy arrives, your energy patterns are reconfigured, the old, lower vibrational energy is released, and the new, higher frequencies are absorbed.

The impact of this change depends on your current frequency and the steps you take to absorb the new frequency.

When you are in harmony with your inner peace, you can more easily absorb new energy and ascend to a higher level.

No matter what the external environment is, you can maintain inner peace. There is a gap between your action or your recognition of a situation. You can be an observer before giving a response. Then you can respond at a higher level.

On a very private level, you experience a sense of peace and happiness. You focus on your awareness, what is right for you, and you can truly face your true self.

This understanding will make you realize that inner peace will help you ascend to a higher level and desire to take steps to lead to this state of being.

Several aspects can help you connect with inner peace.

Set your intention to attune to inner peace and send a signal to your cells and field to shift to this perspective. This sets the stage for a specific practice in this tuning.

The center of your inner peace is at the heart of your divine spark. Your divine spark connects you to all that is. This connection is eternal. It provides a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself. This awareness can bring a sense of inner peace.

The more you focus on your divine spark, you will feel a stronger connection, which will increase your sense of inner peace.

Taking some time each day to attune to the center of your inner peace can increase your sense of peace.

You can start the process by closing your eyes and gently focusing on your breathing. Feel the breath coming in and out at your own speed. Don’t worry. It’s just what you think is right.

Keep your attention on the center of your heart and the divine spark that resides there. As you breathe in and out, you will feel inner peace. You are experiencing your connection with all that is.
When you feel this beautiful connection, take a break and let this energy permeate every part of your life.

You can increase this feeling by pausing several times throughout the day and turning your attention to the center of inner peace.

When you continue this focus, it will become your default mode. You seek inner peace before reacting to a situation.
Your aura will be filled with inner peace.

No matter where you are, people around you will benefit from your inner peace. It will spread from your field to their field and invite them to attune to the center of their inner peace.

As your focus on inner peace increases, this energy will flow to multiple dimensions and provide universal benefits for the best interests.

You will spend every day in an atmosphere of inner peace.
Dear ones, we are glad that you are attuned to inner peace.

Know you are deeply loved.
We are Archangel sadokir and Amethyst,

… we surround you with love.
It is true.


Archangel Uriel: extended light


Dear ones!

Over time, the supreme consciousness has been promoting a new frequency of light for human awakening. You can see it in historical periods such as the Renaissance and the industrial age. But this time there is no priority. You have stepped into the river of all things. Everything you need is with grace and ease. This is a question of focusing on the divine light and anchoring the vision of the earth.

We are in an era of expanding the frequency of light. The power of keen perception is available to anyone who wants it. What you need now is to relax into the light and let it complete the process of reconnection.

Deepening breathing is a key component of opening and expanding in new light frequencies. As your field contracts, your body interprets this contraction as fear. As you breathe, it becomes excited and your energy field becomes broader.

Also recognize that many people are experiencing strong symptoms of ascension. Try your best not to take it to heart. Remember that the planet is in the process of mass awakening. Allow your spiritual evolution of extreme quality consciousness to calm and expand your mind. There is a divine connection between your ability to expand your perspective to allow new frequencies to pass through your work and the same awakening consciousness in all humans. What you are experiencing is helping to awaken all life on earth. In the past two years, you have been in the process of upgrading and rewiring. This actually leads to the awakening of your new life in harmony with your soul.

When you can learn to root in these new light frequencies and allow accelerated energy to flow freely through your body, your life will feel more noble and free. Use this time wisely.

Consider giving love to all parts of you that are suffering, questioning or suffering. When you give yourself more love every day and let the light flow through you, a kind of ease begins to permeate your life. New levels of consciousness erupt through your existence and all mankind.

Change is the constant expression of this era. The acceleration you are experiencing is the awakening of new life on this planet. When you know that your spiritual evolution is creating changes within and around you, it helps to relax the questioning mind. Change is uncomfortable only if you stick to the old pattern and resist it.

Change is exciting when you can relax and expand with new frequencies. This may be an unknown field, but the new life opened in your field will delight you with its magical quality of synchronization and freedom.

The activation of light is internal work. The creation of new life awakening is taking place inside and around you. Your perception of the world is clearly a carrier of change. Have you been looking at the darkness through the glass? Everything you see is colored by your perceptions and attributes. In the face of inconsistent information, from deep understanding to discouragement, everything you see is through the lens of your thoughts and attitudes.

Your alignment with the source changes your reality and the way you perceive. The amount of light you bring into your mind changes your reality by increasing your frequency. Your connection to your heart helps you see more clearly and have greater awareness.

There will always be moments in life when everything we can see is limited by how we see your environment. Know that you can light up the darkness by holding the light frequency of truth and love in your heart.
Allow yourself to accept from the divine level of expanded light and consciousness. In this process, use the spiritual tools you have learned to support yourself. Listen carefully and find what resonates with you most. Most importantly, start believing in yourself in a new way. The power of your soul is guiding you.

You are being embraced by the pure wings of light and guided through this time by the power of endless love. You will be able to use these powerful new frequencies of light more and more to create the life you desire. Your clear intention is to keep your life and planetary consciousness in a new and expanded state of consciousness.

Be glad to know that you are part of the grand power of light, which will change the world you know.

Open to the divine light. Allow light to flow through you and anchor into earth. Let the light fill and surround you. Bring light into your heart and radiate your light into the world. Really know that everything is fine. It is true.

Published in Guangdong


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