The turbulence of the world has brought you a new beginning. Through these new beginnings, you may feel our presence in a new, perhaps more obvious way^_^

The turbulence of the world has brought you a new beginning. Through these new beginnings, you may feel our presence in a new, perhaps more obvious way.

Therefore, the theme of this month’s card – public contact – does not refer to a huge alien landing or the final disclosure of the truth about aliens.

In fact, not only are we paying close attention to your world, we are also constantly transmitting information to you (through energy or transmission), so that you can feel our existence and know that we are supporting you in any possible way.

Many of you may also see us in the sky more often. When you are truly connected with us, you will bring your consciousness to a new and more integrated frequency. This new frequency will help reset the base frequency of discord and polarization in your world.

We know you can’t see it in the chaos of war and pandemic, but in the coming years, you will see a new foundation of unity being laid.
As you can see in your own life, when you are under pressure or pain, that is often the time when you are most willing to change.

You will start to push down the walls in your heart because it becomes too tired to support them. The wisdom of some part of you knows that continuing to maintain that wall will bring you more pain and prevent you from changing and growing. The same is true at the planetary level.

When chaos, emotional pain and despair breed in your world, your walls begin to fall. Like cracks in your armor, small gaps begin to form. If you allow yourself to go deep into these cracks (which you may see as an emotional weakness), you will be able to see the universe in a new way.

You will begin to see the interconnectedness of all consciousness. And most importantly, you will be able to see the different aspects of the “one” (alien) ready to connect with you at any time.

This month (and, of course, many other months of this year), we will be very active in supporting you at the global and personal levels. Let your hard armor crack and find those cracks, even if it hurts. Think of your emotional fragility as your strength, which will help you open your heart deeper to the universe (and your Alien family). At present, the contact with us will be mainly carried out in this way, that is, through the cracks in your armor, to help you reach your heart. One day, alien contact will become truly open and free. You are now paving the way with every piece of armor you shed. We love you, and we welcome that day with open arms.

May 2022 energy interpretation – Galaxy heritage Oracle card: open contact!

Gaoweiguang message 2022-05-02 10:31

Energy interpretation in May 2022

Galaxy heritage Card No. 89: Pleiades history (timeline: the third era, the future)

Subject: public contact
This month’s galactic heritage card interprets and transmits the existence Sasha from the Pleiades, talking about the theme of “alien contact”.

At the moment of receiving this transmission, your planet is experiencing a lot of great pain and impact caused by foreign invasion and war, and the virus is raging in many parts of your world. You might ask, “when will it all end?” “When on earth can we get out of these chaos and take a breath?”

As we have said many times, chaos is inevitable in this period of great transformation, the transition from the third dimension to the fifth dimension that has taken place on most planets. On the bright side (if you like to think so), the more chaos that follows, the more reset you can experience as a species. However, this process is never comfortable and always makes people feel confused. At such a time, people must learn to give up the old way of thinking and existence. At the same time, unexpected opportunities will come. This is what we want to explain in this month’s Galaxy card interpretation.

Too many people ask us why aliens do not interfere with the tragedy on earth. If you can look at it from our point of view, the answer will be very clear. Experience has taught us that interference (sometimes referred to as “help”) can make things worse. In ensuring the health and integrity of dimensional reality, we must abide by certain codes of conduct. If the health of these dimensions is threatened, we can protect them by some means without interfering with your autonomy as a species. Because this is not the subject of this month’s card discussion, we will not make further explanation here for the time being.

Author: lyssa Royal Holt

Picture Author: encoded frequency
Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


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