Collective of light: May and June are great turning points

Original angel of light angel awakening and ascension 2022-05-07 15:20

Marie Mohler Channelling
Dear ones,
Entering may, you are receiving more light code activation. You are approaching the turning point of the expansion year of 2022.
Staying awake, active and conscious is what you need to do. May 2022 will usher in more powerful and necessary energy, which is authorized to bring great balance, awakening, enlightenment and freedom to your world. June 2022 will break through another turning point. After the depression in the first half of the year, the bright side of more full expression of truth will emerge. Dear ones, you are learning more about integrating binary polarity. This integration is essential for your personal and collective ascension.
So let us take a deep breath, and each conscious breath helps us focus on the real moment, enter the portal linked to the source, and receive all the love and blessings flowing through us.

Let us take another conscious deep breath and affirm that your vitality and your soul as an incarnation are in the perfect place for the ascending journey of earth and mankind. Allow light to flow freely and fill every cell of your body, eliminating all your doubts about the epic return of light.
Integrating your inner polarity is essential for you to gain extraordinary confidence, vitality, tenacity and freedom. You sometimes swing between confidence and fear, self empowerment and self doubt, freedom and limitation. The deep bipolar gap seems difficult to cross. Simply being, simply allowing, without any judgment, can help you fully integrate the energy of your poles. One is breathing and expressing yourself through you. At every moment of existence, you are linked with everything and experience the perfect journey of ascension together.
May 2022 is a turning point. June 2022 is a turning point. The fifth and sixth months of this year will be the greatest turning point in history. You are learning that the changes taking place in your world today are a series of epic changes, some very subtle, some very visible and known to all. This great change is taking place at all levels of planetary consciousness, and some people are more aware of it than others. As the tide of great change reaches its critical point, more and more people will experience the awakening, activation and Enlightenment of vitality and consciousness in an unprecedented way. The light is already here. The increasing frequency is already here. The breadth and scope of the rising energy is already here.

One aspect of the great changes brought about by the turning point involves the expression of material abundance. The collapse of old paradigms, old structures and old systems, new templates, new structures and systems will be established. You have experienced the falseness and limitation of many worlds. The identity of scarcity will be broken. Abundant energy will sweep your world, and this epic harmonious wealth energy and the truth of this massive expansion are finding and reaching many of you. Soon, it will reach all of you. All systems will also be integrated and integrated into a larger and more cohesive whole.
All aspects of your life will be abundant, all aspects of your existence will be balanced, and you will feel happy in every field and aspect where you are, as well as in your planet and multidimensional state. Does it feel too HTC and unbelievable? This is the reality that you will experience through all these rising frequencies, epic revelations and changing tides, and your common call to the new world to allow and cohere to weave you, the collective and all systems beyond separation and duality into unity.
May and June 2022 will be sown among all of you. Realize how much duality exists in your world, and all this will be called back into a great whole. May and June will show everyone what is happening, with light replacing darkness, which is multidimensional both inside and outside you.
More revelations are coming.
Dear ones, in the process of transformation, each of you becomes a powerful portal, making your highest choice in love and light, rising with the surge of energy. By staying in high vibration, you will successfully go through the final transformation, renewal and rebirth.
You are loved, dear.

You are love.

Give you all our love and light, thank you for all you have done, blessing.


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