The first wave of ascension has begun – and will continue until the end of 2022

Hello, friends. We are the Arcturus Committee.

Many of you are going through a stronger reality shift than ever before – the first of three quantum ascension waves.

Now we see a lot of people waking up, while before, only a few people were able to cross into the fifth dimension. A more shocking truth is being revealed to help those who are still sleeping wake up. Lightworkers, be ready to help those who suddenly wake up.

The first wave is powerful. It can be noticed by physical pain, insomnia and excessive addiction. Repetitive patterns and behaviors are emerging and are now more obvious. Many people also experience emotional triggers, or conversely, apathy.

Reality is shifting between dimensions and timelines, leading to disorientation, detachment from reality, and, for some, fear of illusion. Honey, it’s important to let go of your fear and stay in your center. You have no delusions; What you are witnessing is a great awakening predicted by many religious and indigenous doctrines, astrological events, your ancestors, and so on. Many souls want to witness this incredible event here – you are the chosen one.

✔ The awakened ones are learning to master these changes and teach other souls to open their hearts and make internal decisions to ascend. These are ancient intelligent souls, interstellar seeds, lightworkers and ascended masters who agree to go down to the physical world and become role models for others.

Not everyone is ready to cross. The quantum transformation process is so powerful that many people fall into fear and pull them back to three dimensions. Those in fear will experience pain and suffering because they are not ready to give up old things that cannot vibrate at the frequency of the fifth dimension of earth. Dear ones, the earth has made quantum changes and is waiting for people Lei to catch up. Put down what no longer serves you. (RA: important! Important! Important! Let go of things that no longer serve you or relationships that are not in the best interests. Let go of everything that hinders your ascension!)

✔ All souls who decide to ascend to the higher vibrations of the fifth dimension will cross. This is the first wave of improvement that will last until the end of this year. Two more will be stronger than what you’re going through now. The second wave will come in a few years, and the third and last wave of ascension will come in 15 years. These are approximate time frames because they are based on today’s level of collective consciousness.

✔ In addition to the three waves that affect the collective, there are individual processes, because the internal transformation to the fifth dimension does not require the public, but requires an open heart.

The time has come. Some of you are now following your internal guidance – you have chosen to cross the first wave and become role models for others. This will affect the quality of the second and third waves of ascension.

We are the Arcturus Council. We are glad to contact you.


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