Many of you have been asking financial questions. We are here to tell you not to worry^_^

Many of you have been asking financial questions. We are here to tell you not to worry.

In the very near future, you will have everything you need. Everyone on earth has enough wealth and abundance to enjoy a happy, healthy and long life. There is an old adage: “live 30 years and 10 years” is a lie.

Human beings can live as long as they want without health problems.

So honey, don’t be afraid, everything is fine. Guangming won. There’s nothing to worry about. Enjoy your life and know that your future is guaranteed, no matter how it looks. Abundance is yours; Good health is yours; Happiness and longevity are yours.

You are a supreme being, so the world is yours. The future of the earth will be a paradise created by yourself.

As always, we are here to help and guide you, so please call us when you need it.
We give you many love and blessings.

We are Sirians.
Sirian: living in the fifth dimension

Dear ones! It’s time to learn to live in the fifth dimension. You are so used to living in a three-dimensional world that you think there is no other way of life. In fact, you have been living in a cage. Now the door of the cage is open. You don’t know whether to fly out or stay in the comfortable area of the cage.

The world you know is changing rapidly and you need to change with it. It is said that you have been taken care of by your government from cradle to grave. They deceive you into believing that only so much money can let you live. This is the way they control you.

Dear ones, there is always enough money for everyone to live a happy life, but the dark side has occupied most of it. But, dear ones, time will soon come when many governments in the world will collapse and local communities will take over their roles.

Some of you as guides will be in great need of helping the community stand up after the collapse. It’s time to think about what you want this new world to be and where you are in this society that is about to become.

To some people, life seems to be slowly returning to normal after the epidemic, but this is far from the case. Life will be different as new technologies hidden from you slowly emerge. As more work will be done by machines, humans will have less work to do and more time for leisure activities. Life in the future will look very different.

A lot of information about hiding outside the world will come to the surface. You will find that the history written in your book is not entirely true. Some people’s world will turn upside down because they are beginning to realize how wrong they were in the past.
Over the past two years, those who believe in the government’s narrative will have a lot of internal work to do. When the real truth comes out, they will need your help very much to keep up with what is actually happening.

The real truth is that the road shower woke up too many years ago and will now slowly surface. When this happens, there will be a great shock. Your mission as Pathfinder is to wake up first so that you can help and heal others, and when they wake up, lead them out of the darkness.

Many of you are already tired and want something to change the status quo. We are here to tell you that change is coming. Keep meditating, go into nature and keep your energy level high. Avoid crowded places. Connect with souls with similar thoughts and maintain high global vibration.

Imagine that you want to live in the fifth dimension and manifest that new world for everyone to see. The fifth dimension is ready for all of you to enter if you are brave enough. Your friends and family will awaken in the second wave and will certainly need your help to evolve.

There will be dark souls that will not evolve. Souls have chosen to leave the earth at this time, so please prepare for this large-scale exit.

The earth will need your help to recover from the damage that has occurred, but this will not be a difficult task, as more technologies will be exposed to help.

Don’t be afraid, dear ones. Don’t look at the main news media. Most of what is said is far from the truth. However, many news channels have come forward to tell the truth, which will become more popular with the collapse of the old major news media. The light has won, and the truth is slowly being instilled into the public. In a way that causes the least harm, some of the evil that has happened will not be known to the public, even if not for a few years, in a few months.


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