The fifth dimension is not a perfect Utopia^_^

The fifth dimension is not a perfect Utopia

A Li new earth 2022-05-16 05:11

La Vie En Rose harmonica

The following message comes from the collective consciousness of the ninth dimensional Pleiades and is transmitted by Wendy Kennedy:

Q: as you mentioned earlier, the habitat of reptiles belongs to the fifth dimension. But isn’t the reptilian’s survival purpose for manipulation and oppression? Is this a hint that the elements that constitute the fifth dimension are not higher consciousness, but more advanced technology?

A: first of all, let’s clarify one thing: the fifth dimension is not a perfect Utopia. Many of you mistakenly believe that the fifth dimension must be perfect and that the individuals living in it must be full of happiness and love. Yes, we like happiness and love very much, but if the universe creates only happiness and love that people can experience, it should be very boring!

In fact, this is partly why we have created many different dimensions and games in which the spirit can explore various binary opposites. As you move forward, you will find that the purpose of this game is not to create at the same time, but to see how you create in balance and harmony.

In the higher dimensions, binary opposition still exists, but the degree of opposition is not as extreme as you experience in the 3D dimension. Even in the fifth dimension, individuals are responsible for playing negative roles so that others can play positive roles. However, as we said before (and we have said this sentence many times): all beings, in the final analysis, are source energy, integrated and perfect, and both yin and yang are included.

In fact, reptiles can be divided into many kinds, and you should be most familiar with those reptiles who are responsible for playing the so-called negative role. But their focus in the 5D dimension is on the individual level rather than the collective level. Moreover, they have made a great contribution to you, that is, by playing the role of controller, you can smoothly play the role of victim. The reason why it is a contribution is that it can give you a valuable opportunity to show your strength between dimensions.

Since human beings do not regard themselves as creators, they have a natural tendency to hand over their power to others. In fact, this tendency has also been reflected in the 3D dimension, such as some ZFS, consortia, medical institutions or the so-called Illuminati that collectively control human beings. The crawling Zerg, however, have such a tendency to launch in the 5D dimension.

There is still a lot to say about the reptilians, but we hope you will shift your attention from the pain or control of the past and focus on the two things of [integration] and [putting down criticism]. There are many individuals in the reptile family. They have played the role of controller for a long time and are very tired. However, because they have been trapped in the mode of operators for a long time, it is difficult for them to look at personnel and things with new eyes or create new choices.

Once you can put down the victim’s pattern, you will recognize that this pattern was actually created by you and the reptilians. When you do this, you can launch the frequency of integration and share it with the reptilians, so that they can also begin to integrate themselves.

Once again, we would like to invite you to conduct a self-examination. When you think of the reptilians, how do you react at the physical, emotional or mental level? Do you have any contractions in your body, any negative thoughts or low frequency emotions, such as anger or fear?

These Reptilians are actually the reflection of your own frequency in the broader multi-dimensional world. We can guarantee that the same subject will also be staged in the 3D dimension and in your relationship with others. For example, if you are afraid of being manipulated by reptilians, check to see if you have the same topic in your life? Although the reptilians are in another dimension, they will not have more power than you, and this is one of the lessons you need to learn.

Q: how does the interaction between human beings and other dimensional spirits occur? Does it depend on personal consciousness? Or do these spiritual experiences appear in front of specific people because of specific factors? Or is a person ready to interact with them without channeling?

A: when you continue to increase your overall frequency, you will begin to communicate with your guides or interstellar friends in a more conscious way. In fact, you are already doing this, but knowing this consciously may cause too much interference with the game you are currently playing.

Usually, you will go out of your body at night and communicate with spirits from other worlds or dimensions to share your life experience and lessons learned that day. Some people may have more physical interactions, but when you wake up the next day, most of your memories of these things have faded.

As previously said, once you increase your vibration frequency, these experiences can be more firmly rooted in your reality. All experience will be experienced by you only when you are ready, that’s it. So don’t worry about this.
When other dimensional spirits come into contact with humans, they mostly appear in the form of energy at the beginning, such as through channeling. When channeling, you can only be aware of frequency through your senses, such as seeing frequency, hearing frequency or touching frequency, and then translate this frequency.

The reason why it is so easy for human beings to interpret these things into their own imagination through the process of 3D, because if they interact with their own mind, they may be too big for me. After all, if you are conscious and have a clear memory, you will be greatly shocked to see aliens appear in front of you alive, and you may not be able to play the game you are playing, because for the 3D mind, as long as you can see and touch something, it means it is true.

At this point, let’s remind you once again that 100% of the reality you experience is created by yourself, without exception. No matter what you experience, these are your own [right] experiences created at the [right] time. We know some of you will say, “come on! I’ve been looking forward to seeing aliens or guides, but they never showed up!” In fact, we have been there all the time, and we have heard your voice, but you haven’t been able to adjust the frequency to keep pace with us, so you can’t see us.

Once again, we would like to ask you to examine your body, emotion and mind. When you think of meeting us, do you have any fear or low frequency thoughts in your heart or mind? Will your original religious beliefs interfere with your mind at this time? Are you afraid of your life being threatened? And if you hope to meet or even have met a guide spirit or aliens, will you worry that if your friends know this and criticize you, they think your skull is broken? Let’s have a million hearts. As long as you are really ready to interact with us, we will show up immediately.



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