When an eclipse or full moon appears, you feel triggered by something, or you feel like you’ve collapsed for no reason. This is progress and you need to celebrate yourself.

When an eclipse or full moon appears, you feel triggered by something, or you feel like you’ve collapsed for no reason. This is progress and you need to celebrate yourself.

You need to congratulate yourself on having something to feel before you can be released or integrated. That’s the essence of these things. Because at this moment, we see that many people are facing the things they need to face and the feelings they need to feel. We know that this planned event has created a miracle for the overall vibration of human collective consciousness. We can always feel the change and become better, although these are not what each of you emotionally want.

Use this time to clean the room, put down what you need to put down, and use this time to better understand the feeling you want, even if you have to give up the feeling you want to control at the same time. If you can accept this seemingly contradictory fact, you can progress from a more three-dimensional consciousness and get closer to the fifth dimensional consciousness you are destined to have.

How do humans deal with the energy of full moons and eclipses

https://danielscranton.com/how-humanity-is-handling-the-full-moon-eclipse-energies-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are paying attention to the impact of the energy of the current full moon and lunar eclipse on mankind. We hope you know that no matter what you think you should do and how to deal with these energy, we can see a larger picture from a broader perspective. We see that you have all got what you need for the next evolution. Your spiritual evolution will not look like a small chart with a steady upward curve, because you will experience a decline along the way, a decline in your vibration.

When you experience this decline, it’s easy to see it as a human setback, which is why you think you’re not doing well enough. Because when feelings of anger, tension and anxiety come to the surface, you think you must have done something wrong. But in fact, everything you feel brings you closer to ascension. No matter how you feel, you are actually in an upward spiral, which includes some uncomfortable and unwanted feelings. It also includes facing some aspects you don’t want to face, such as giving up some 3D attachment.

One of the attachments is that you are always under control. Once you realize that you can provide a vibration, and you can actively provide it, and when the vibration is not very high, many of you will immediately feel depressed. And this is the perfectionism in you. You want to be loved and release love. You don’t need to accept everything on your spiritual path, and then you just need to accept it.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


The most important thing now is the ongoing purification, which is an important part of your upward journey. In this process, everyone is making their own choices and can make new choices at any time. Welcome or refuse to open to the new earth. Your free will is still choosing and creating your experience. You may want to experience real freedom, or you may want to stay in the old familiar area and continue to live in three-dimensional energy.
You know, no matter what decision you make, you will always be loved.
Dear brothers and sisters, we wish you the greatest happiness: living in pure love and pure light. Just like us.
Give you all our love and light, thank you for all you have done, blessing.


Show life

Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-05-17 14:46

Telosi: Liberate Yourself

We greet you, dear brothers and sisters on earth. We know what you are going through all the time, both for yourself and for all your human beings.

As you know, everything is interrelated: what is happening on your earth, war, manipulation, trying to put humans under the shackles of some human forces, and so on… All this creates an “atmosphere” around you, very heavy.

This is what each of you can feel. We see that the vast majority of the population on the earth have some anxiety about the future. Of course, the current situation, as we have told you many times, is the erasure of the third dimension, that is, the annihilation of all interference energies, which prevent you from becoming yourself in your life.

However, this heavy and heavy period is very necessary, so that you can liberate yourself and purify what has been instilled into you by generations of mankind, that is, bend your knees in front of those you think are superior to you, because you don’t know the great divine power in your heart, thanks to the divine existence in your heart: your soul.

In order for you to live the real life presented to you, it will cost thousands of lives on this planet to erase everything. This real life is your divine existence. By specifying everything you live, everything you encounter, everything you do is divine, not anything else, start showing you life.

Therefore, how can you not understand that you are great in existence by paying attention, by realizing that divinity is infinite and exists and that you are one of the most significant forces? This is how you compare your power with the power of your government leaders: your power allows you to have everything in the siege of love, true love.

This is what you begin to encounter when you leave the third dimension, because you have experienced sometimes subtle but necessary changes that open the door of light to the new earth.

When you reach the fifth dimension, your power will allow you to live in a simpler way than you do now: gradually, all the administrative institutions that control you and prevent you from living freely will become obsolete. Another form of personnel management will be in place, and we can tell you that it has begun.

What do you mean? Simply, you can notice that the people around you are beginning to live in another way, hoping to put aside everything that causes deprivation of liberty. You can notice that many people change jobs, leave the city, leave their offices in big cities, and look for the sweetness, peace and tranquility of nature.

Gradually, all this management will disappear, because events that will happen in the coming months will trigger this disappearance. In order to be able to remove the old and create the new of the new earth, the transformation you are currently experiencing is necessary, which strongly stirs you.

Dear Earth brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid of what is happening now. All these exist and will exist for your best. Even at the government level, there will be special events that will shock you. Have confidence in you and the life around you.

The most important thing now is that this purification is taking place, which depends on whether everyone welcomes or rejects the renewal of the new earth. You still have your free will. You may want to experience real freedom, or you may want to stay in a comfortable environment so that you can continue to live in the energy of the third dimension.

You know, no matter what decision you make, you will always be loved. This will be your way of life.

Dear Earth brothers and sisters, we wish you the greatest happiness: living in pure love and pure light, just like ourselves, your galactic brothers and brothers of light.


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