“There will be no final destruction.”^_^

“There will be no final destruction.”

It slapped all the Scriptures. That’s controversial, very controversial. Now, it actually happened. You’re heading for 2000, through the 2012 mark line, to 2022 – the first of many correction cycles. You will see changes. Many people are awakened to compassion and mutual care and expect their governments to see the same.

In 1993, I gave my partner some words and recorded them in a small book. The book is called the end of the era. The “end era” is described as the end of the old era.

These are the things we’ve been talking about for so long. Now, you see them. Your planet has started a correction cycle. With climate change , this correction cycle supports planetary consciousness so that you are here without doom, destruction and doom.

The first correction cycle has begun. You watch here, optical worker, please continue to send light to the leadership, to all who need light, to those who do not believe that this planet will survive. Show them that you deserve it. You are really born brilliant. Now that glory can be shown to the earth and people, and light is coming.

Earth’s timing (recording)

Kryon from publishing in Canada at 20:14, May 20, 2022

Kryon channelling through Carroll Lee and channeled live on April 6, 2022
sound recording:


Earth’s timing

Dear everyone, this is Kryon from magnetic service. Hello to you.
There are so many things to look at now, especially about the earth cycle. There are many things now, indeed many things. It’s time for you to look up and see what happened. So many things, not just the weather. The earth is also in another cycle. You made this cycle. All this has many concerns, but none is frightening, none. Events progress slowly. Sometimes, this slow development is what people worry about. They don’t know what will happen in the end and what they may face.

Sometimes I talk about a theme in a month’s channeling, and this month is one of them. The theme of this month will be “time arrangement”. We’ll see what timing means and the timing of various events. It will also look at your personal life schedule and what will happen. We’ll talk about the current schedule of the earth and the Akash schedule.

There are many topics about time arrangement in this program. Then the first topic will be today’s discussion – the timing of the planet earth.
We can talk about the content of the cycle just discussed by my partner, but it is not necessary. Because when the event unfolds, you will see that we are right. There will be “aha” and understanding. All we have to do is wait. We don’t have to convince you to believe us. Just wait, you’ll see. The earth does things very regularly. If we observe it, its cycle can be predicted very much. In addition, another cycle is unfolding. Let me tell you: what this planet is transitioning is a very profound cycle, a cycle of consciousness. Is it possible that over time, consciousness will begin to improve people’s relationships and people’s mutual feelings.

In the past, history repeated itself again and again, and the old era said “impossible”. What mankind gets is always war, then post-war recovery, and then war, recovery, war again… When you look at this planet, war may start again. You may even have some local wars, but it’s not a world war, honey. It’s a thing of the past. You passed a sign line, an extraordinary time, all kinds of emergencies. It began in 1989, and then the precession began. All the time associated with this, the time of precession, marks the possibility that the consciousness of the planet begins to change at that moment, or it will not change.

Let’s review your predictions a little. In a way, you see it. Your Scripture predicts that there will be a world war in 2000, perhaps some kind of doomsday. Some terrible and terrible events will happen on the planet and change the planet forever. This is your prophecy. Many of your films have also staged this prediction. You destroyed yourself wonderfully. All this is expected to happen. Your movie still shows you the expectation of old energy. Few films reflect human expectations for a better future. Because this is the human nature that remains today, attracted by bad luck, fear and terror. That’s what you see. But this is not what you will get. Because not long ago you passed the symbolic line of this consciousness.

Someone said, “there is no evidence.” But we gave you a lot of clips to look at, and a lot of things were cleaned up. Human beings have made some great decisions, which have not been made for thousands of years, about how to get along and what to expect from each other. What happens when one country decides to invade another country. Let’s talk about that.

In the past, this was completely the predicted end. Totally predictable. That’s what you’ll do. You used to get together for a picnic and watch someone beheaded – and that hasn’t happened yet. Something has changed. Today, when one country invades another, the whole world is watching. It was foreseen by the old times, but not expected by today. Will cause repercussions, great repercussions, corresponding to the old concept of energy. One country looks at another and says, “I want it.” This is an old concept, this is conquest. Looking at history, the planet is full of waves of conquerors. You know their names. This will no longer be the case.

You see, the transformation of consciousness has begun on earth and brought you to today. What will happen tomorrow? We’ll talk about it later in the “12 rings”. But the tide of timing and change has come. The cycle we’re talking about is not the earth cycle, but the cycle we see in this galaxy. Consciousness changes, one planet after another… When they reach the decision point, some planets make decisions. Some don’t, just stay in the historical stage.

Imagine: if your planet hasn’t changed much, what happened in the past will happen in the future, and the situation hasn’t improved. If so, why are there so many personal events now? Never before.

Honey, now please pay attention to what you do. Leaders, I want to say to you,

“please pay close attention to what you do. Are you going to do the old energy consciousness hundreds of years ago?

Is it something people can’t stand? Please be careful. Because these are new times. The light will begin to shine. Leaders, if you do something wrong, or something that is not compassionate and low-consciousness, you won’t stay in that position for a long time.” I have said for many years to the government and government officials: “you can’t continue to do the same things as before. Because you can’t get the same results. Because the people you manage begin to care more, change more and become more compassionate to each other.” This is what I said. The leadership must see and reflect in order to maintain management power.


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