Joshua: Rise of the Kingdom II 06/01/2022

Joshua: Rise of the Kingdom II

A step in power

Jjk: Dear Jesus, now I know why I have been numb all morning. With this news, I am not surprised that I have been completely turned off?

Jesus Sananda: good day, dear brother, I bless you. I bless everyone who understands my existence now.

Yes, in fact, this revelation is very important, so you can take the next step into your power.

It is very important to know what constitutes human existence and how it is produced. And who gets permission from being to do so. Only the greatest angel, that is who.

Jjk: so, we are all signs of many creations, builders of many worlds, and even the stars in the sky we are fascinated with now come from our energy field?

Jesus Sananda: Yes, it reveals the next level to you, a new dimension of your omnipresence. The other side of the multidimensional, and how much of everything comes from one source – from yourself.

Whenever someone says that everything comes from God, it automatically refers to you, because everything comes from you, when you are still fully aware of your divine power and use it according to divine principles.

Yes, always you, really, you are the greatest angel in the universe.

Jjk: there, “inferiority complex” will disappear by itself. The end of powerlessness and self-restraint, a person reading this?

Jesus Sananda: not exactly, Jayne! But its probability stands well because the vibration of this information is so high that one is also lifted into this vibration and gets there again and again, if he remembers it.

So, conditionally, because many people simply can’t believe it. They can’t and don’t want to believe this, because self-discipline still has a powerful effect.

But for all those who have been completely eliminated, this is a very liberating message at this moment.

Jjk: now it’s back. Is it all over again?

Jesus Sananda: to some extent, yes, but only in principle, because the principle of creation, that is, every evolution takes place step by step, must be satisfied. But what you are creating is new, you have never experienced it before, and it is absolutely unique.

There is no repetition in creation, only man is full of repetition, so he is really on the space-time line of existence.

He not only repeats his life, but also one’s life is full of repetition. Just until that is discarded, because one knows how to make use of the present for oneself. 

 so you start creating new worlds, training again, creating stars, and so on.
Yes, the journey back is as exciting as the journey on Gaia.

Jjk: apart from Babaji ea’h sat Nam, no one has completed this journey in both directions?

Jesus Sananda: Yes. Therefore, he has a unique field of activity in creation, and he himself is the real God.

Jjk: I also found the magnitude of this change very impressive.

“World War”

The entire universe, the entire creation has been affected, because there are games between light and darkness in many places?

Jesus Sananda: Yes, this is indeed an ongoing “World War”, but this war is almost over.

We are signing the 888 treaty today with a society that has hitherto been dark oriented at the level of planetary creation. This process continues. Soon the whole creation will become bright. The level will continue to be maintained, which will continue to create duality so that those who still want to live can do so. But beyond that, the game will be over. That’s the truth.

Therefore, the journey back to the origin is very exciting and will be understood in its true extension from the fifth dimension. This revelation makes you understand this.
Jjk: there is no problem now, or it may still be: 

 no matter who is in front of me, no matter how “evil” and “deviant” he is, or how far away from the light, he is such a person, just like me, just like all of us! So we are really one. May I ask you to say more about it?

Jesus Sananda: really, you are one. From this superior perspective, it is easier to deal with human development issues at different levels.

But remember, it’s one thing to know where you all come from, and it’s another to know what part of the road a person is walking on.

Respect and love everyone, but distinguish who and what you are facing at this level.
Jjk: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you very much. Now I am fresh, and the numbness has disappeared.

I think this message has been conveyed.

Jesus Sananda: I’m going to put my light back a little. This information is poured into words, which will make people reflect more deeply than ever before.

This revelation is fertilizer that is now falling into the still ignorant souls of mankind so that knowledge can blossom in their soil.

That’s the truth. I will always be with you. I am your “guide”.
You are always protected in my love.

Jesus Sananda.


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