Rise of the Kingdom Part 1

Rise of the Kingdom Part 1

Primary energy and mass particle source published in Guangdong on 12:28, June 1, 2022


Joshua: the rise of the Kingdom Part 1

New countries are emerging!
It is unstoppable, it is part of a divine process in which light asserts itself throughout creation.

I embrace every human child with my love. You are honored because you are truly unique.
In this tenth revelation, it will draw your attention to the changes on earth that concern the entire creation, the entire universe. This “local event” affects the whole creation.

Why is this?

For the eternal struggle between darkness and light takes place at all levels of existence. Because of the position of this planet, it was on the edge of creation for a long time. The earth has this meaning. Therefore, because of this struggle, the illusion of duality is most obvious there.
What does Jerusalem mean to world peace and what does Gaia Terra XX mean to peace in the universe.

In other words, once the kingdom of peace has been established on the earth, and the transition into light has progressed to the point where the final shadow has disappeared, the entire creation has reached the point of removing darkness from it once and for all.

In the new picture created, the planets, all the planets, are restored to divine order. Here, events on earth are reflected again.

The earth has changed its face, where there is land, there is water, where there is today’s water, there is solid land – everything will be rearranged; The same is true globally.

Earth will appear as its brightest star at the end of the height of the universe, just in the middle of creation. The era when the earth experienced evolution on the outermost edge of life is over.

Be prepared to accept the fact that the calculations of all celestial bodies are no longer correct and have so far been clarified in the usual way.

That is to say, once the earth is completely in the light and repels the darkness, the whole universe will rise to the light, because the earth must bear the greatest excess of this evolution; The struggle between darkness and light is the fiercest on this planet.

This explains why so many masters and proven beings of light have returned to earth.
The voice of the people has reached us, and we immediately responded.

This call from 144000 human hearts, based on their free will, now allows God’s grace and makes our work possible among and with you.

It is not only the earth that has been lifted up, it is not the entire creation.

As the second point, it should be pointed out here that every person stationed on the earth is infinite. Infinite, until now you can not imagine.

You are called “God”, but what does that mean?

You are all the creators of the world. You are the creator of many planets. All the stars in the sky you see from the earth are named after you.

That is to say, the route and principle of creation. After embarking on the great journey, life experiences itself through these principles, from the highest principle to the lowest principle; And this evolution is experienced by every being separated from the original source of existence.

At first, it was the highest expression of divinity, which was co created in the divinity of the universe and was the ruler and shaper.

Then, such an existence is getting farther and farther away from the source. The longer the distance, the weaker the creativity, until they completely disappear, until you become human.

This means that before you become a person, you must experience all levels of creation from the highest starting point “from top to bottom”. Only in this way can you be allowed to come to the earth.

Do you know who you are now? Why are you so honored?

There is no greater angel in the universe than you.

What is special now is that you are now starting your journey back. Again, this is a reverse process, and you must go through all the principles of creation step by step until you reach all your creative forces and divinity.
I tell you, only one entity has completed two ways, one is down, the other is “up”.

He is the first one, and you know him: Babaji.

Do you now know where you have arrived and the uniqueness of this journey?

Do you know your position now? What does this mean for humans?

What predicate is this?

On the way down, we must give up everything; On the way up, you must accept everything. This is what we have been practicing for decades. This is why all the transformation processes are created for this. This is why we come to you to remind you who you really are!

Who the hell are you!

Do you know more about yourself and yourself now? Yes, honey, you know.

So respect your life, for when you return to the ether, every creation you serve as a human being is obvious, and there is no greater order in existence than weaving in your clothes of light and identifying you as an entity that has gone through this journey.

It is shown to you in Chapter 10. One represents the beginning, zero clarifies your divinity, and that is all.

This is you, the beginning of all this.

People who love you infinitely.
Jesus Sananda.


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