Galactic historical Andromeda

Galactic historical Andromeda

Original author a Liang UFO mystery 2022-06-02 18:00 published in Hong Kong

Andromeda are mainly humans from the zenetae system.

In Andromeda, there are at least 28 different races, some of which are Humanoids and some are not. Andromeda’s life forms include humanoid creatures, plants, animals, insects, and etheric and plasma conscious life forms.

There are also winged humanoids 7-9 feet high in the higher dimensions. These may have originated from bird species. Andromeda people are about 45000 years ahead of us in technology. They are a very advanced race in spirituality.

Andromeda humanoids have light blue skin and are a telepathic race. They usually wear traditional colorful federal jumpsuits.

Andromeda consists of two basic types of earth humans:

• the first is Caucasian, from the so-called “Nordic” type (blonde or reddish hair, blue eyes, light blue skin) to the “Mediterranean” type (light brown to dark brown hair, gray to brown eyes).

• the second is more Asian, with dark hair, dark Asian eyes and blue skin.

The eyes of all Andromeda people are slightly larger than those of earthlings. Their heads are also slightly larger. The lips are thin, almost light pink, and the ears are slightly lower on the side of the head and smaller in size. The appearance of hands and feet is exquisite, with long fingers and toes, and slender arms and legs.

Female Andromeda people are 7 to 8 feet (2.13-3.05 meters) tall, and male Andromeda people are 7 to 10 feet (some are 12 feet (3.66 meters) tall); Andromeda people, regardless of gender, can weigh 450 to 600 pounds (2.09-2.72 meters). Despite their heavy weight, they are very slender and slender.

Andromeda women are known as the most beautiful women in the galaxy because they are known for their charming energy and symmetrical figure. They have a very extraordinary appearance, which is incomparable even compared with the Pleiadian beauty.
Because Andromeda has a very advanced and evolved civilization, Andromeda women enjoy honor and respect in their civilization, so many of them hold leadership positions in their society and are allowed considerable freedom.

Freedom is the key word and mantra of Andromeda women and even the interstellar seed of Andromeda women on earth.

Andromeda women will never compromise their free will and freedom, so that they would rather die than succumb to the restrictions and control of the patriarchal society.

Andromeda are famous in the Union for their mastery of various forms of scientific and technological efforts. Most Andromeda and even Andromeda interstellar seeds are very good at technology, even on earth. Many of them work in the field of computer and technology, and many choose to become doctors or scientists. However, I know that many Andromeda star seeds are gifted in alternative therapy (usually energy therapy), and some are creative in art and music.

As for the interstellar seeds on earth, there are fewer Andromeda souls incarnated here than in other star systems in our Milky Way galaxy, except for Arcturus interstellar seeds, which are also very few in number. It is said that about 800000 people currently living on earth have the souls of Andromeda origin.

These Andromeda seeds usually live a low-key life. When they are incarnated on earth, they contain only a small part of Andromeda energy. The frequency of Andromeda is very different (higher) from that of our solar system, so this will affect the ease of avatars and the number of 3D avatars.

Regarding the history of this fascinating interstellar race, Andromeda humanoids are descendants of the Lyra people who fled to Andromeda. Andromeda, along with other races, is indigenous to the star system.
After the Lyra dragon war, many Lyra humans who fled the war lingered in our galaxy for a long time because they were chased by the dragon people.

They live in hollowed out asteroids and moons. They basically live on spaceships and have to move constantly to find a safe place. Several of the Lyra ships sought refuge in Cygnus and Cassiopeia.

When these refugees hid in Cassiopeia, cats in the Cassiopeia system helped them and suggested that they build new homes and settlements in the constellation Andromeda.
It is believed that about 2.5 million years ago, the organisms of the Cassiopeia system interacted with them.

Cassiopeia cat people recommend Andromeda because they know that Lyra refugees are tired of traveling and hiding, and Andromeda is closer to their galaxy.
Lyra refugees eventually settled in the two solar systems of Andromeda. We call them “star 42” and “star 44”. Star 42 is zenetae, now their star system. Star 44 is tistae.

Star 42 has 27 planets surrounding the binary star. Star 44 has nine planets, but all of them are equal to or larger than Jupiter. The planets in these star systems have been earthly transformed to accommodate the new Lyra inhabitants.

Over several generations, the new Andromeda humanoid species evolved physically to adapt to the environmental conditions of the new planet. Due to the lack of gravity, their bodies became more slender, and their skin changed from white to blue. This is the pigment change caused by the intake of copper base.
It exists in the food and everything they eat, and their dual sun also has an impact on it. The vibrations and frequencies of Andromeda are also very different from those of Lyra. There is an additional color spectrum that will affect the humanoid creatures living there.

The Andromeda visited earth millions of years ago when the Sirians established colonies on earth.

They welcome Andromeda, and they demand outposts around the world and inside the earth.

These outposts are only used for research purposes, because they are not interested in the hybridization of human species on earth, but mainly study the animals and plants on earth.

Some plant genetic experiments in Andromeda have been used to help Sirians create more durable Sirian bodies and help them genetically manipulate the earth human genome project.

Andromeda humanoids respect free will and the universal law of freedom. They do not want to interfere with the evolution of human beings on earth. Therefore, they always maintain a “non-interference” way in dealing with affairs on earth.

From today’s human point of view, Andromeda people have made little contribution to our mental ability, but not much to our body.

Unlike the genetics of Sirius and the Pleiades, the genetics of Andromeda is not common among humans on earth, except for some groups in Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom, so this may be related to why there are fewer Andromeda souls incarnated on earth than from other stars.


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