Galactic history: Arcturus

Galactic history: Arcturus

Original author a Liang UFO mystery published in Jiangsu at 18:00 on June 3, 2022

Contrary to popular belief about the galactic history of this galaxy, Arcturus people are not descendants of the Lyra / Vega refugees of the Lyra dragon war.

According to what I saw in the Akashic records, the Arcturus race is an independent consciousness that has undergone an independent evolution after the separation of the oversouls in the galaxy.

During the initial creation of the galaxy millions of years ago, Arcturus consciousness group was deliberately put aside by the high galactic Council and became the supervisor or spiritual guardian of other galaxies in the galaxy.
Due to their independent evolution, Arcturus people are often the most physically ill of many interstellar races, and look the least “humanoid”, and have some genetic, cultural and personality differences with other famous star systems and constellations.
Arcturus is home to one of the most advanced alien civilizations in our galaxy. This is a 5D vibration civilization. The unique vibration energy of this civilization is not only the emotional, psychological and psychotherapist of human beings on the earth, but also the “gateway” of human souls at death and birth. This energy acts as a transition station to adapt the non-material consciousness to the specific conditions of the material world.

Some fascinating information comes from Norma Milanovich’s book entitled “we, Arcturians”. If you are interested in Arcturians, I strongly recommend that you read it.

Among all alien civilizations, Arcturus stands out for its complete focus on psycho psychotherapy and the field of unified consciousness. For this reason, I will emphasize several aspects of their advanced civilization. Arcturus taught that the most basic element of living in the fifth dimension is love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged with love and light.
Arcturians work closely with the ascended masters. Arcturians travel around the universe in their starship, which is one of the most advanced spaceships in the whole universe.

There is no extreme temperature in Arcturus system, and their world is mostly a higher dimensional nonphysical environment. Their civilization is a civilization that transcends duality and lives in a unified consciousness.

Many arcturans in this system take turns to perform various duties, such as dealing with souls passing through the Arcturus gate, healing damaged souls in the Arcturus crystal temple, and performing technical work on their starships and the shielding system protecting the Stargate.

A considerable number of Arcturus creatures eventually worked further as ambassadors, technicians and therapists. Arcturus interstellar seeds that incarnate as humans on earth also tend to have talents in these specific areas.
Arcturians have developed the ability to transcend, separate, lower, fear based selves. Success is judged only by the measurement of optical frequency. There are machines on Arcturus that constantly check the vibration frequencies that everyone on earth is showing.

The path to the source is the goal of every Arcturian and is reflected in all aspects of their society. Arcturus taught that love is an essential part of fifth dimensional life.
Arcturus society is ruled by what they call elders. This is an 11 dimensional group of Arcturus, also known as the oversoul of the Arcturus race. They are respected by Arcturians because they have advanced knowledge of their wisdom and the extremely high and refined vibrational energy they display.

Some say they have wings, but others say they are more like halos. According to Arcturus belief, the higher the vibration frequency, the closer to light, spirit or God. �
All Arcturus people have the same appearance, and they are proud of it. Arcturus is the most loving and least judgmental creature of the Galactic interstellar race.

As for their appearance, the five-dimensional Arcturus people are short, about 34 feet tall and slender. Their skin is light green and blue. They only have three fingers. They have the ability to move objects through the power of the mind (telepathy) and are fully telepathic. Their eyes are very large, almond, brown or black, but their vision is based on the vast majority of telepathy and subtle vision (not physical vision).
Their hearing is very developed, even beyond the ability of telepathy. They can even feel it with the back of their head. Their lifespan is usually about 350 to 400 years old. Instead of eating food, they eat a kind of effervescent liquid that has vitality for the whole body.

Their spiritual progress makes them never grow old, and they can transcend time and space. When their contract and their life mission expire, they end their lives. There is no disease on Arcturus, which was completely eradicated hundreds of years ago.

Arcturus belongs to a group mentality, which I call the Arcturus collective; However, they do not act like honeycomb thinking, because each Arcturus has its own personality and can act very independently.

They have a high degree of analytical ability, but their analysis is fully integrated with the highest level of intuition and the love of emotional enlightenment. This emotional and spiritual healing is why many psychotherapists have a special connection with Arcturus.

Arcturus are very talented therapists, but their skills are very different from those of Andromeda doctors. Arcturians often work with Sirians.

Together they built something that could be called the Arcturus / Sirius matrix, or network. Some sources say they may have bases on the moon and / or Mars.

Arcturus species are very private in nature, and only for very specific reasons can they relate to earth. They can be very quiet, and they can and will be very conservative.

However, it is well known that they intervened in ancient times to help resolve very serious conflicts in our universe by sharing their unique ability to show others how to integrate their belief systems and feelings to resolve conflicts.

Many souls are brought to the Arcturus spacecraft in the dream, where they get work and help, although the Arcturus people will never violate a person’s free will, unlike aliens who kidnap humans, such as gray aliens

Arcturus are here to help humans enter the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality and increase their vibrational frequencies. They are guardians and protectors of the higher consciousness in the universe.

As a whole, they have done a lot of work to help improve the overall level of consciousness of our universe.
JJ hurtak’s book of knowledge – Enoch’s key describes Arcturus as “a halfway programming center used by the physical brotherhood in the universe to manage the reincarnation” physics “experiments at the end of the Milky Way galaxy.
It serves as an energy portal through which human beings pass during death and rebirth, and a transit station for non-material consciousness to get used to the materiality. This energy is an intermediate adaptation and planning center used by the physical brotherhood in our local universe to manage a number of physical experiments in this galactic region.
Arcturus and Antares are one of the two major stargates in the Milky Way galaxy. Why is Arcturus designated as the soul gate? When the Galactic Committee in our galaxy first thought that Arcturus was the spiritual guardian of our galactic collective consciousness, it was meaningful that Arcturus would also become the “processing center” for the soul to transition from one reincarnation to the next reincarnation.

As far as I know, Arcturians are also designated as “the preserver of Akashic Records”. It is not that the Akashic records are located on Arcturus, but because Arcturus people use quite a lot of records when dealing with souls between lives, it is reasonable that they will also become guardians of records.
Every day, millions of souls process through the Stargate: they make goals and choices for their next reincarnation through life review and with the help of their higher self and Arcturus Stargate guide.

In the early history of Arcturus, I saw in the Akashic records that Arcturus was violently attacked by the Tianlong army who wanted to control the Stargate.
During this period of time, Arcturians must undergo a large-scale evolution, not only to rapidly and significantly improve their technology, but also to undergo a wide range of conscious evolution, because they struggle with their own fear and negative emotions when dealing with Tianlong attackers.

Because of this difficult start, Arcturus humans (and Arcturus’ interstellar seeds) tend to be very strong minded, process oriented, and have evolved very rapidly on Arcturus and other star systems they are assisting.

Arcturians and even the star seeds of Arcturians are often “spiritual heavyweights”, who undertake the most difficult projects and the most humble work / life in order to truly serve others.


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