Ocean energy purification accelerates! (2022.5.30~6.5)

Ocean energy purification accelerates! (

Original destined for cultivation destined for cultivation 2022-05-30 05:59 published in Inner Mongolia

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Heart of the sea

Ocean purification

“The following text is the content of fantasy creation.”

  1. ocean purification acceleration:

The purification plant that was first put into the sea continues to work.

The life in the sea, including the spiritual life in Mermaid, dolphin, turtle and eel, drives the life in the family to upgrade in the sea.

They use their own sound waves, sound waves and vibration frequencies to clean the sea water and enhance the vibration of the sea waves.

This kind of vibration also spread to other life bodies in the ocean through the sea water, and the collective consciousness of life in the ocean also slowly rose.

But this initial appearance can not hide the pain of the collective consciousness of marine life.

Due to the hundreds of years of human fishing, a large number of marine lives have lost their lives after dying struggle, and the pain of being caught and slaughtered has also been passed on to other lives in the sea, which are shared by the lives.

This deep consciousness spread among the sea people and passed on to their descendants.

Although the frequency of the sea and the consciousness of the sea people are improving, the pain remains in the collective consciousness of the sea people, increasing the gap between humans and other ethnic groups.

  1. north south magnetic pole exchange:

This work has reached the middle stage. It is not that there are difficulties in the transfer work, but that the adaptability of life on earth should be taken into account in the process;

In addition, the configuration of some parameters needs to be adjusted very slightly to avoid omissions.

The magnetic line of force, magnetic valve / magnetic gate built in the north and south poles, magnetic strength, etc. need fine adjustment and mutual cooperation.

In addition, due to the setting of the earth’s ancient source, it is also an important work to restore some ancient parameters of the earth during the process of magnetic pole exchange.

  1. recovery of the gate:

The gate is located above some areas of the earth.
In the process of the earth’s frequency decline, the values of some stargates have also been extremely distorted, and they cannot be matched with some dimensions and pipelines, thus losing their role as stargates.

The reopening of the Stargate and energy recovery are of great significance to the earth:

① Strengthen the connectivity between the earth and other interstellar ships, so as to improve the transfer efficiency of interstellar ships on the earth;

② It is possible for the earth to become an interstellar passage in a remote area in the future.

Many planetary energies can communicate with the earth through the Stargate.

③ Expand the plane of earth’s ascension so that more life can leave the earth through the Stargate;

Leave the mark in the process of leaving, and you can transform your own energy through the Stargate;

④ Let the channels and energy fields of the earth be more open through the Stargate.

If some parameters are out of order, they can be repaired even if they are out of order, instead of waiting for the state of being hopeless and irretrievable.

The restoration of the Stargate is a process and the basic configuration in ascension.

If the earth does not ascend as a whole, the repair of the Stargate is empty talk; If human consciousness does not rise, the recovery of Stargate will eventually be a castle in the air.

  1. some important energy points and locations on the earth are reactivated:

St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal and other places were once connected to energy, but they were abandoned for various reasons.

Some areas of the earth are the entrances to the celestial and celestial worlds, and these places once corresponded to some kind of life consciousness or planetary energy in the universe.

When the collective energy of the earth is raised, the reactivation of individual energy points has many benefits for the laying of positive energy.

That is, although these places are the entrances to some interstellar energy, they have become public energy points after the use of the universe, rather than the entrances in the sense of docking in the past.

Some of these places are densely populated, and some of their energy is seriously blackened;

Their reactivation has changed the awareness of positive energy and nearby life in the area, as well as the deployment of war defense energy.

  1. work of the north and south poles:

Part of the ancient energy essence of the earth is sealed at the two poles, including the ancient source essence, the information of ancient life bodies, the evolutionary wisdom of some extinct ethnic groups, and some mineral essence and life essence.

Although the energy release at the two poles needs to raise the temperature at the two poles, resulting in the disintegration of ice and the floating of sea water, this is also a necessary work.

At present, the overall temperature rise of the earth and the temperature rise of the north and south poles are in the data tracking system of the universe. Without affecting the general degree of human evolution, the details can only be ignored for the time being.

  1. life transformation channel of the Great Barrier Reef:

This is a channel of life and the mouth of transformation in the spiritual and material worlds. As the work of transformation accelerates, this site is also being strengthened.

Although some people like to dive or play here, the overall number of people has not reached the upper limit of the impact on this place.

This area carries part of the work of birth and transformation, and a large number of lives are sent to the spirit world or separated from this place.

Therefore, the passage in this area has been strengthened and unblocked.

Some divine beasts are asked to guard the passage or maintain order, but they need to rotate or change shifts frequently so that their energy can be restored or rested.


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