Pleiadian alien message 329: why the universe exists like this

Pleiadian alien message 329: why the universe exists like this


Original author a Liang UFO mystery published in Hong Kong at 18:00 on June 6, 2022

Yazhi: pain. As I said, this is a stage. You can’t know anything without some prior reference.

There is no objective external reality! Everything is based on everyone’s explanation of the outside presence of energy. There is no material world, there is no difference between the material world and the spiritual world, they are all the spiritual world. Matter is just an idea in your mind, created by your experience. The table is not material. What you feel is the standing wave energy electromagnetic field on the table, which repels your hands. One magnet repels another. There is nothing there. Only particles, which are points or nodes of standing waves created by your consciousness.

Time does not exist, it is the “rhythm” of your mind. Gravity is where your mind goes. And location is also an idea.

That is to say, if you do not give the background (context), one cannot know anything, no matter what it is, even the simplest thing, object or idea. The background is to let you know its purpose, the purpose of chair or nail. But this is already set.

If you understand the basic definition of context, you are actually understanding one idea from another, and you fall into basic duality. Therefore, everything that exists needs its opposite. Because without it, it cannot exist. What you think of exists on the basis of its opposite. Therefore, to understand light, you need darkness. To understand a mountain, you need to understand its other side. So is the concept of evil. wait.

Thus, in its essence, duality is a very good tool (if not the only way at a lower level) for conveying meaning, ideas, or concepts. So, for example, if you hold you, we call it a young soul (we won’t discuss why it is young, in order to simplify things), you need to learn the basics. And the most basic thing is to master the implicit contrast (duality) of all things. This is a feature of its low-density plane. The simplest example of duality is: if there is an I, everything else is non – I. My opposite, not me.

So for inexperienced young souls, duality and contrast are very necessary ways, perhaps the only way to understand their existence. It is efficient. At least at the beginning. Therefore, at the young stage, they fall into that kind of learning environment and need to dualize everything as a comparison.

They want happiness and enjoyment, so they see pain as a means to achieve what they want. The more pain they suffer, the greater the contrast they must be able to appreciate, experience and live in their opposites. Perhaps the comparison is done in more life incarnations.

Garcia: I think it is necessary to study the concept of a “young” soul, because on the other hand, we know that souls have no age, they are eternal, they are the source itself This is just the source’s focus on a particular segment of himself. We are eternal.

Since we are not a new soul from scratch. So why can’t the “young” soul simply get the point of view he needs from other concerns he has experienced and learned? Isn’t this part of your larger being?

Yazhi: that’s how he sees his point of view. Since the universe operates, if there is no concept of learning, you can’t have a concept to learn! So, from the point of view of the higher density in which all souls exist at the same time, everything already exists, and what you just said applies here. 

 but now, if we look at it from a human perspective. They need to learn, and they have a lot to learn. Therefore, one way to explain this is that anything that exists, no matter in any place, at any density, whether spiritual or non spiritual, must be understood based on a context, and that context is just a set of elaborate conscious self programming based on binary contrast.

Robert: because if all souls start from the source and are eternal, is there any soul older than other souls?

Yazhi: they are all of the same age. Because they are all one. However, in order for the concepts of “age”, “progress” or “one is more advanced than the other” to exist, it is necessary to compare them at a low level. Therefore, on the scale point of expansion, each soul is actually just a focus of the unified soul or source.

Just like a person with two doctorates, sitting at the children’s table, they talk with the children’s level of consciousness. For a period of time, you forget that you have a doctorate. So for the source. Everyone has full potential, that is, the source itself. It’s just what you see or what attracts your attention.

Even with dummies They exist only to make a contrast with the real thing, and vice versa. Inevitably, it will lead to the idea that a person is real, that is, someone may not be real. However, it is only a concept to observe whether he is a real person or a dummy.

Garcia: those young children actually have doctorates. We are all eternal and have unlimited experience. Young and old, this is duality in itself. Old soul vs young soul. So, yes, well, these “young” souls are simple, because they put their attention there, “not much experience, not a doctorate.” It’s just an illusion, isn’t it? Is there really no old soul or young soul?

Yazhi: that’s right. Everything is an illusion, an experience, and a choice. No one in the universe is more important than anyone. This is why the so-called dummy must always be fully respected. This contrast is only the way to turn your attention to yourself, and it is also the place where the concept of self and regressive self are born. You just decided to focus there.

Garcia: OK. I still don’t fully understand the concept of young souls and the basic stages they need to learn and experience. If they are eternal and always are, have they not gone through this stage?

Yazhi: for example, they are still at that stage, and they have had enough, but to cross that stage, they must be there first. There is no time, everything exists at the same time. So they’re still there. Part of the source is still there.

Garcia: so there will always be young souls? Forever?

Elegance: as a concept, yes, forever.

Goliath: OK, so they, human beings, “need” to learn at a lower level, so that we, higher souls at a higher level, can have a contrast and exist. What do you focus on at that moment (higher souls) to draw “learned” ideas from it? Why can’t they / we make things easier? Yazhi: without “lower soul”, there would be no “higher soul”. Yes, but we are all the same, so the difference between the two is just a point of view. Garcia: wouldn’t it be better to do nothing? Stand still. Forever peace.

Yazhi: This is what all living beings want! integrated. The problem is that they, humans, want to experience at a lower level.

As opposed to integration, you need to disintegrate. What is the source?

Everything is one, eternal, everything is the same. But no consciousness, no self.
Garcia: why not? Who says that all integrated things cannot be conscious? That’s another idea.

Dale: Unfortunately, growth is often due to adversity.
Yazhi: Yes, that’s my point. Adversity and suffering will bring understanding to those souls. Without their opposites, they cannot experience love and integration. 

 Garcia, you said, “who said that all integrated things can not be conscious?” There are levels of integration. If you are fully integrated, you cannot be conscious.

Garcia: why not?

Yazhi: because you need awareness to be conscious. Consciousness needs to flow, and even consciousness carries out its opposite without awareness.

Garcia: but consciousness can be conscious without context. Alone.
Yazhi: Yes, you can. But no consciousness.
Garcia: why not?

Elegance: the price of complete integration is to lose yourself. Because you are everything. No comparison!

Garcia: that’s another kind of consciousness, but it can still be consciousness. By the way, I fully understand, but I want to dig deeper. Untie it from the core.

Elegance: let’s take a physical example. Why can’t a bird standing on a high voltage line be killed by the 100000 volts above? Because it has no polarization. This means that the voltage of the bird is equal to the voltage of the cable. If it touches another or the ground, it will be blown up. The same is true here. You are one with everything, so you are not “something”. You are everything! In that case, nothing can define a species or an experience. There is no music or color, just a big nothingness! So what do you know about that??

Garcia: yourself.

Elegance: how can you have you without your concept?

Garcia: I’m not sure. This is what I am trying to solve. Because once we do, we destroy the game and all the demands for “duality and contrast”.

Elegance: once you realize that you are you, you create something that is not you.
Garcia: Damn it. Why is this?

Yazhi: then you won’t have your concept. Because everything is you.

Garcia: how can I create me that doesn’t belong to me?

Yazhi: you can do it, you have done it! Always. That’s your definition. Goliath: how can I create the non self? I mean, uh If the outside world is just a reflection of the heart. Logically speaking, only I can create everything! If I created you, what are you thinking about?

Yazhi: Yes, you are everything. But you can’t realize that you are everything. If you realize, I am you too, and you won’t have any objection to my idea.

Garcia: so, in this sense, it’s not me, it’s me?

Elegance: close, but not exactly. We can say that we are all… One, and we “know” the fact. But we still have you and me for comparison. When you dissolve into everything, you have nothing.

Garcia: but you say that the outside is only the inner reflection. So can I create something that isn’t mine?
Yazhi: Yes, you are creating a concept that is not mine. From the perspective of newborn babies. When he realized himself, he also created the world, human beings, planets and the whole universe for himself. I and all that is not me are created.

Therefore, the higher the density, the closer you get to the source, the more you will gradually lose yourself. So when you make progress in your spiritual journey, you will find that self-awareness is inversely proportional to integration. < — the more self-awareness you have, the lower the density, and the higher the integration, the higher the density.

Garcia: “self-awareness and integration are inversely proportional” – self-awareness as understood on earth, right? Because that more complete state is also a kind of self-awareness, just bigger.

Yazhi: Yes.

Garcia: because I don’t think he’s lost. Just getting bigger and bigger.

Yazhi: if you think your identity is the identity of all human beings or all tagtans, you are integrating them into your self-concept. So your concept is broader. But you are no longer an individual, but more like a hive thinking, more like the thinking of the entire species.

Garcia: but that’s me too. Yazhi: fewer Goliaths. added.. Is a species. Garcia: who cares. But that’s me too. Yazhi: Yes, this is the self. And it has not been fully integrated into the source. You have contrast. At a higher level, you also have more and more consciousness. More and more conscious, but your self is not so picky about you! Garcia: as long as I am conscious Part of being, I think it’s still me. In fact, when we talk, I sit at that level. Fuzzy, but it’s there.

Yazhi: Yes. But at the top, the top. You’re gone.

I said the highest. You are now the consciousness of the entire galaxy. The Milky way! Not Garcia. Call him Goliath if you can. Or you.

Garcia: Yes. That is what I want to say. It’s me.

Yazhi: but now, you are the energy of thousands of lives living in the galaxy, but you are still not the source. What are you still, a galaxy, the Milky way, not the Andromeda Galaxy! You are not a woman, you are the galaxy, so you lost yourself. Or expanded, it doesn’t matter, but it’s not as “detailed” or “special” as before.

Garcia: Yes, I understand. However, the feeling of inner self, inner essence and core He is still there. Immortal. Always there. I will always feel me. The inner mysterious self.
Yazhi: if you become a galaxy cluster, you are still yourself! But the moment you become everything, you lose your entire existence and are replaced by complete integration. This is nothing.
Yes, because it all depends on your definition of yourself and what you think of yourself.
Yes, only you can define it!

Garcia: to me, I am not Garcia. Not alone. Just a being. I can’t define it.

Elegance: you can say that even if you are fully integrated, you are still something, but it still means that you are comparing it with the person you are thinking about now.

Some people think that becoming nihilistic and empty is equal to complete enlightenment! This is like buying a canvas and leaving it blank, saying that it is the most exquisite masterpiece, but because there is nothing in it, it has the potential to become anything! Bieraphael, Van Gogh and Da Vinci’s works are better! But not like that. I disagree! There is more, do something! believe me.

Garcia: explain again, why is there no such thing as enlightenment?

Yazhi: because that’s half! From there, there is no wrong concept to restrict you and limit your rules! So you created the world! From the very beginning. There may be new ideas, totally incredible experiences! That’s why the universe exists, all its galaxies and all the wonderful things that happen inside them! Become something. To create. There’s me! Some people climb to the top of the mountain and call themselves enlightened. I said, go to the other side of the mountain, create!

Clear the mystery, Robert
May 21, 2022

This article is actually a repetition of part of the Pleiadian alien message 124: the source of the dual painful self.


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