Pleiades II alien message 331: false propaganda of Western media in the Russian Ukrainian War 2 Athena

Original author a Liang UFO mystery published in Hong Kong at 18:00 on June 9, 2022

Athena: as you know, the hashmallim team went to Ukraine in the past few days. We recycled them last night. They and what we saw there Will be discussed in the next few days.

The Ukrainian war was a media war. All media involved. Of course there are refugees. That’s for sure. However, the Ukrainian government colluded with the Russian government and the cabal to create this media event. Yes, there is death, but it is not what you were told, nor for what reason you were told. Even so, it is ambiguous. We still don’t know what happened there or what they want to do.

Robert: there were more than 10000 casualties in the Russian army.

Athena: This is not true at all. It is more a lie on the agenda. Thousands of refugees are. Fleeing the war in the form of media.

Let me tell you what they saw and what we saw. Alenim sent her special forces to check the ground. Four hashmalim went down. They want to see the Russian report of the ferrimonylene laboratory. It was originally a biological weapon facility of the former Soviet Union.

(alenim’s note: however, this does not mean that there are no laboratories. We know that there are laboratories. However, it is not specifically for graphene, but for the development of chemical or biological weapons. It is just that hashmalim did not see them. Ukraine is very big. They did not stay for so many days.).

Athena: what they saw were destroyed and burned villages. Small villages, not big cities. No one else. But Hashemite was an army, and they knew what they were looking at. These villages were not destroyed by war or fighting, but deliberately. What they saw there was meaningless. Therefore, one village after another is near the border between Poland and Romania. When they went deep into Ukraine, they did not see any abnormality or any inappropriate place. There is no sign of war. People live almost normal lives, but there are a lot of police present, not the army. There are barricades and barbed wire in the streets. But there was no fighting and no armoured vehicles were destroyed. But as I reported before, many planes flew overhead.

When we arrived in Kiev, the situation was even more obvious because nothing happened there. There is a lot of food in the supermarket and the traffic on the street is normal. But they imposed a curfew from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The Internet is only local. In other words, the signal will not leave Ukraine, nor will mobile phones and cable phones. In other words, what happened in Ukraine did not leave Ukraine. No civilian can report anything. But the infrastructure is running. And the electric light, everything is normal.

In several cities in Ukraine, especially in Kiev, they did see a large number of situations: the entire fleet, hundreds of trucks of cinema equipment. Scenery, crane, lighting system, etc. The hotel was packed with reporters and film crews.

Then, they saw that someone deliberately burned cars and old armored vehicles in the street. Some of them were burned and placed at each position manually. The Crane put the armored vehicles on the street. The supervisor told them to put them further. Actors, trucks and makeup trucks, and special effects facilities. As hashmalin said, there are more journalists with cameras than soldiers with rifles.

Kiev received a large number of refugees from other parts of Ukraine, and the police placed them in the basement for the night. Last night, I witnessed it with my own eyes. They closed all the doors in the basement. The reporters came in to take pictures of them. Everyone was crowded inside. Outside, a police car drove around the block with its siren, creating the illusion of danger. There was only one policeman inside.

The pain is real. People are in crisis and have lost their homes and lives. But war, like a pandemic, is fake. This was the second war of this nature. The first was the Persian Gulf War in 1991, a war created by the media.

Even so, NATO is still waiting for orders on the border. It looks like a hornet’s nest with so many aircraft and so much armor. The same is true for Russia. The soldiers must believe this is true. It should be so. But what you see on the news is Hollywood.

Susie and I extracted hashmalim together. I was in the suburbs of Kiev. They have an ancient architectural complex, very Soviet style, from that era. There were movie vehicles around them. They set off fireworks and exploded inside. It seems to have been destroyed because they did it on purpose. They set fire everywhere to create the illusion of war. All this is to convince people that the Russians attacked the apartment building.

I was there. When the hashmalians took out their equipment, I looked at everything in the distance on the grass. There is no voice of war. Spring is coming, only crickets and insects.

The problem is that we still don’t have a comprehensive picture. There is nothing inconsistent, but the war on the news certainly did not happen. This is another false signal.

But I insist that people do suffer, and they do believe what happened, especially refugees. They believe that the war is largely due to the media and what the local government told them.

Ukrainian soldiers are very likely to attack civilian villages in order to convince people that the Russians did it. Nevertheless, it is very likely that there was a real but short-lived local conflict between the Russian and Ukrainian forces. But it never reached the scale they said in the news.

Since I saw the refugee convoy on foot escorted by Russian armored vehicles, we know from other aspects that Russia is cooperating with this heinous plan. Therefore, I will not contradict my previous report. I’m just adding what we know. But it’s all the media.

Garcia: Thank you, Athena. There’s a problem. I don’t understand one thing. If nothing happens, or if nothing happens, what do thousands of refugees do to escape?

Athena: because of their fear of war, they take it for granted that the war is taking place in the “next door”. The war directed by the media is the reason why they fled, because they believe in the Hollywood TV series they broadcast in the news.

In addition, who knows who, Ukrainians or Russians, or both, attacked small villages and began a large number of evacuations.

(alenim’s note: from the UAV, we can conclude that there have been some battles in the border areas and areas evacuating civilians. In Ukraine, we have not seen any signs of war.).

Robert: and Putin wants to transfer 500 prisoners. Is that true? Yes, I think it is.
Athena: not yet. It is quite possible that even this is not true. We don’t know what happened. We just report to you what we see and put these pieces together. What we saw there was not good. It was not war. It looks like a false flag, used to move their fragments to establish a new world order. They are contributing to the economic collapse, a farce.

Garcia: if there is no war, why do they fly all these planes and tanks, and there is NATO on the border?

Athena: because we have seen that either they don’t know or they instill lies in your story. Or they may be creating the illusion of war, which we believe will lead to greater conflict. This is one of the main purposes of using the media to create war, so as to stimulate the war economy and create separation and hatred between the two sides, because the soldiers there do believe that there is real competition between countries.

Garcia: OK. I believe that at some point, the soldiers present will say: we are not fighting anyone.

Athena: Yes, but soldiers can also come out and say they fought. Maybe they did fight, but not on the scale they told you. I mean, a small-scale conflict between Ukrainians and Russians in a village will cause five Russians and Ukrainians to be injured. All of them are wrapped in bandages. The media will use bandages to pretend that the war is bigger. Not even so, because they are likely to use actors to play wounded soldiers.

Robert: of course they fight because information is divided.

Athena: Yes.

We do not know, nor can we know, the true scale of their fighting and how many of them are just part of the false flag. But most of them are fake. So is the media. It’s true.

Garcia: what about the so-called Dead Russian generals? They were killed. Are these all fake? Because you can know if general XX is dead.

Athena: I have no answer. Maybe those people are dead. I guess. There is a lot of uncertainty and everything is vague. People expect our answers, but at this point, we cannot have all the answers. We are only reporting what we have seen, and we are not rushing to conclusions. It is difficult for us to get more information.

However, it clearly looks like a forgery of all the media. I exposed what we had seen directly from Ukraine without an intermediary. There is absolutely no official mass media to show you that a war of scale is going on.

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March 31, 2022 @CosmicAgency:c/war-in-ukraine-what-hashmallim-saw:f


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