“Teacher, recently, I often saw the saying of the soul group to recover soul fragments. I would like to ask what the role of this is and why this stage is frequently prompted.”

“Recently, the teacher often saw the saying of the soul group to recover soul fragments. I would like to ask what the role of this is and why this stage is frequently prompted.”

This is the only way for the return of high vibration. The so-called high vibration does not appear out of thin air, but meets the higher vibration you, who lives in the higher vibration time and space

In a 15 dimensional universe with 12 time domains, your higher vibrations exist on the seventh dimensional earth, the fifth dimensional earth and the third dimensional earth in pairs of 144 individuals with physical bodies, and exist in the 12 dimensional blueprint, 13, 14 and 15 dimensional creator and seeder code fields in the form of collective consciousness without physical bodies, as well as outside the time matrix in the form of light, sound and energy

Entering the fifth dimension, it is impossible for the fifth dimension to coexist with you, so you have to recover all your experiences, experiences, talents and unsolved pain. This is the way you enter the fifth dimension, that is, the super soul family of the seventh dimension earth has six time cycles on the third dimension earth, and 144 avatars in pairs will converge, It depends on which time cycle can live long enough to complete the rest, healing, expansion, purification and consolidation required for convergence. This is also the reason why people are communicating more and more in dreams, hearing, various senses, higher dimension sound and silence

See the reference video for details:

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“Teacher, I’ve finished reading it. Thank you. It’s very detailed. But from this point of view, early ascension helps to eliminate karma for late ascension, so there is no difference between early ascension and late ascension. Does that mean that everyone will ascend? And you have to live so long. All your days are karmic and endless fun. Don’t be in a hurry. That’s what it means.”

Sooner or later, it depends on the individual will, higher self and plan. No one can help others eliminate karma, but the high vibration will serve as a channel to transform and channel more heavy energy

No one can replace what everyone has to experience, so there is no xiaoxiaole, because the source is in the so-called karma, which we call matrix, time, space and energy. It is also balance, peace, joy and being with the higher self. How to do this is to accept and let go in any time matrix, and are committed to expanding unconditional love

That is, no matter in which space, karma or time, you are in the upper as if you were in the lower. You are both a participant and an observer. You live together with the physical and intangible world all the time.

So you are time, karma and space. Not only do you participate in Karma, but you also observe you in the air. How do you do it? Connect with the higher self all the time


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