Reveal the mysteries of the African continent and bring new plant energy!

Reveal the mysteries of the African continent and bring new plant energy!

Original destined for cultivation destined for cultivation 2022-06-13 05:59 published in Inner Mongolia

African continent

“The following text is the content of fantasy creation.”

The recent rise of sea level is closely related to the temperature rise at the two poles.

In the plan for the transformation of the earth, the two poles first need to turn the magnetic poles, and then release the source energy once buried in the two poles, which is inseparable from the dissolution of ice.
Although the overall temperature rise of the earth will be controlled within a reasonable range, the temperature rise at the two poles will be faster than that at the other poles;

So now there are many signs of ice melting, causing the sea level to rise slightly, but it has not had a great impact on the cities near the sea, which needs to be observed.

When the earth’s magnetic pole is turning, the animal’s perception system will adjust accordingly;

Some bird detectors have not kept up with this change, so they will encounter casualties during migration, but more birds will adapt to this change.

The work of the earth’s north-south polar rotation is constantly in-depth. The earth God, magnetic God and relevant working system personnel are also closely following the earth’s magnetic lines of force and magnetic values.

If the north and south poles are not adjusted in time, it will affect the restoration plan of the earth’s earth axis;

Because the earth’s axis has been offset to a greater extent than when the earth was initially established.

The consciousness of life on earth, the laws of biology, and the orbit of life will be affected by the earth axis offset.

In order to ascend the earth, the earth’s axis must be restored to the original proportion of 70~80% in order to get the energy recovery of the original value.

Africa is not particularly friendly to human beings. The temperature there is very high, the climate change is relatively large, and the crops are not growing very well. Human beings encounter more difficulties in living in Africa.

However, Africa is an important land for the earth, in which some of the earth’s primary energy is buried;
Because most of the earth’s area is sea and sea water, it is said that only a few continents have their own responsibilities;

That is to say, each continent has its own mission and channels through which they can transmit.

As far as the African continent is concerned, the opening of the terrestrial gate and a channel to connect with extraterrestrial will be carried out over here in the future.

When the new interstellar transit station for communication between the earth and other planets is opened, other star gates on the earth cannot be opened one by one, and only the most preferred path can be selected.

Africa is an ideal place. It is precisely because human consciousness has less influence on it, and there are less elements left in the past;

The impact of people’s minds on the air passage on this land has also been minimized.

Although there have been killings, famines and starvations, this will not affect his smooth channel with outer space.

A time difference will be made on this continent, so that the spacecraft can land and land quickly, and leave the earth for another space-time in an instant.

As mentioned before, time on the earth is different from other places. Time and space are relative values;

When the spaceship on earth leaves this space in an instant, they can quickly return to their homes and save fuel and time.

The latitude of life is different, and the length of life is different;

If, according to human calculations, after a galaxy’s journey, human beings have lost their life in this lifetime, it is impossible. This does not exist in the universe;

Therefore, the preservation of the body is not necessary.

Spaceships can instantly return to their homes. Even such Star Trek can promote the recovery of body energy.
In the future, perhaps one day, humans will go to other galaxies to see the scenery in the starry sky.

The transformation of plants on earth has now reached a mature level.

Last year, it was reported that many plants were being promoted. Some elders of the plant world or faeries were invited to Tianjie to visit, taste and see the situation of Celestial sphere.

Of course, when they returned, they also brought some new seeds and the energy of Celestial sphere’s plants.

These plant elders sowed seeds in some inaccessible places on the earth, allowing plants to grow slowly under the care of new energy;
In the future, the children of the earth will be able to see some plants that are not available now.

They will find that plants also have smiles, plants also have smiling faces, and plants also have feelings and consciousness.

In fact, these are what plants have, but at present, the performance of plants on the earth has not been particularly profound, and most people can not feel the emotions and dynamics of plants.

The future plants will have life, and this kind of life refers to the life that is a little similar to the animal body. They can express their emotions and emotions more.

One day, human beings will be able to have friendly exchanges with plants, and even plants will look after the environment and state of the home like nannies;

In the process of children’s contact with plants, spirituality will also be touched and inspired.

In a word, the future plants will play a role in spiritual ascension and stretching of human beings on the earth;

People’s hearts will be enlightened, and the environment on the earth will be more beautiful.

In fact, many spiritual Jie’s lives have already learned the characteristics of these plants, but they have no way to transplant their plants into the material world;

After all, the state is completely different, and now some seeds brought back by the elders of the plant world have been tested by Tian Jie and can blossom and bear fruit in the world.

Some plant life will carry the energy of Tianjie, transform the energy state on the earth, and improve human consciousness and soul.

Changes in cloud cover on earth are also very interesting.

They seem to move freely and change with the wind, but they are also conscious;

They can even follow the actions of other lives to change their own forms, that is to say, their forms will change with their own consciousness.

Now there are many clouds in the sky. One day, humans can judge the flow of life in the sky and the transformation of the earth by the high dimensions according to the cloud shape;

That is to say, human beings can know and simultaneously understand the transformation of the earth at a higher level in the future.

When the weather is changing, the change of cloud layer will also follow a certain law;

Although this rule seems a bit elusive.

Human meteorologists have a better understanding of cloud movement habits, but they do not know the internal mechanism of operation;

Because the clouds are also under the jurisdiction of Tian Jie, the work of Leigong bus will also affect the arrangement and arrangement of clouds;

Clouds play a very important role in the energy state of life on earth.

If there were no clouds on the earth, human beings would be directly exposed to the sun;
Now with clouds, changes in human body functions are also affected by clouds.

But this is something to be discussed in the future. At present, there are some internal mechanisms that human beings do not need to understand.

If more people consciously connect with the sky and clouds, they will get a faster forward speed.


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