When you are depressed, please go into nature and link with Gaia to improve yourself^_^

When you are depressed, please go into nature and link with Gaia to improve yourself^_^

The new world is not in the distant future. It is in each of you now.

When you are in a low mood, please go into nature and link with Gaia to improve yourself.

There are many things to see and learn in nature. Taste everything nature has to offer in her food. Talk to the trees,
Listen to their wisdom. Listen to birds singing, animals talking, the voice of nature and the heartbeat of the earth.

Observe how they unite and live together. Feel the earth under your feet, feel the sunshine, rain and dew on you.

The most important helper that all of you can use is your intuition, which you can use in meditation to understand what the wonders of nature are trying to teach you.

As you heal yourself, you will heal others in every moment of your life. A smile, a hug or a kind word is enough to convey your love and promote others.

So dear ones, as you spend this time, be kind to yourself and others, and you will be united in a new world full of love, harmony and peace.

As always, we are here to help you through these challenging times. Call us at any time, and we will always accompany you and help you in your journey.

Give you all our love and light, thank you for all you have done, bless you.

Sirius message: a future full of love and light will be created by you

Original angel of light ange awakening and ascension 2022-06-14 14:34 published in Anhui

Dearest, it is time for all of you to go inside and understand why you are here at this particular time. In the past few years, you have all experienced unprecedented challenges. This is indeed a special time when more souls wake up and begin to realize their mission on earth.

You may feel that you have lost a lot, perhaps very close family and friends, old life, old relationship, old career, many of which seem to be gone forever. Dear, don’t feel sad, don’t worry, and don’t feel lonely. As you move on, you will see the real reason why everything happened.

Your soul was chosen here at this time. In fact, you are a very special soul. We do understand that many of you may not feel “special” in your life on earth, and sometimes you even feel that you are not good enough, because you cannot fully adapt to a life full of duality and separation like some people. As you go through this rising period, you may have many different feelings. Feelings of anger, sadness, depression, guilt and sadness, strong peaks and valleys can be felt, sometimes in a very short time. These are ways for your soul to get your attention inside and clear last traces of the negative emotional energy that may have been holding you back.

Your body is transforming from carbon based to crystalline, and these old emotional energies need to be cleared before you can really emit your light. Do not fear the emergence of these old emotions, as this is part of your mission at this time. It is not just about becoming love and light and healing others.

Before you can heal others, you first need to heal yourself and remove the last imbalance within your body in the long and stressful experience on earth. Some of these energies may have been in your body and soul for a long time, but you now have the opportunity to release them into a more balanced and peaceful way of being.

Dear ones, you are now involved enough to enter and “ask” what your own body needs to evolve. Take time every day to go inside and communicate with your body.
Ask him how he feels. Maybe he needs to rest. Maybe he needs to exercise or eat different food. Talk to it as if it were your own best friend and ask for a renewal and rebirth of the imbalances in your body.

Many souls wish to come to earth at this time, because Gaia is experiencing the ascension from the third dimension to the fifth dimension and higher dimensions.

Dear ones, you are the souls selected because of your strength, tenacity and strength. Each of you has lived through many lifetimes in other parts of the universe and beyond. It can be said that you have experienced all this. You have a lot of internal experiences about the future world. This will be a completely new world.

Now, more and more souls are beginning to realize the real purpose of their lives. It’s time to go inside and find information about the new world. A future full of love and light will be created by you.


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