Those who stay in this world, your body, cells and DNA will be transformed. You need to become lighter and restore your original purity. This requires a lot of effort in cleansing and healing, as well as adapting to the changes brought about by the impact of energy.

Those who stay in this world, your body, cells and DNA will be transformed. You need to become lighter and restore your original purity. This requires a lot of effort in cleansing and healing, as well as adapting to the changes brought about by the impact of energy.

We call this cosmic power
Connect cosmic power

Ruohe Purple Star 2022-06-17 published in Yunnan at 03:30

Message receiving: Ruohe
Hello, we are the Galactic fleet headquarters. Today I’d like to give you a message. Today’s message is about connecting to cosmic power, which is a metaphor. The real meaning of this metaphor is that all of you can align with the energy from the universe, from the source.

You also need this energy to supplement your personal light field, this healing energy, is the energy of integration. The curtain that stops you is disappearing, and the energies and dimensions will be intertwined and fused.
Yes, that is to say, you exist in multiple dimensions at the same time. The difference at present is that the isolation that once existed in multiple dimensions is being broken, and you are becoming a multi-dimensional existence.

You are a multidimensional being. This “becoming” means that you will be able to see your light body and realize that you really exist at many levels at the same time.

Now I want to tell you about the process of ascension. You can’t bring your existing physical body to the world in the five dimensions and above. So, there are two possibilities.

One possibility is to put down the present object vehicle, that is, the death of the physical body, and you will leave the existing world and be reborn on the new earth. Another possibility is that you can make a direct transition to the new earth by transforming your current body into a light body.

Whether you leave this world or continue to transform, it is everyone’s soul plan. We cannot interfere, nor can you. Therefore, when you face the death of others, especially those close to you, you should know that they will be reborn in a better world and continue their journey. So don’t worry about them.

And those who stay in this world, your body, cells and DNA will be transformed. You need to become lighter and restore your original purity. This requires a lot of effort in cleansing and healing, as well as adapting to the changes brought about by the impact of energy.

We call this access to the cosmic power supply. Sometimes you will get an electric shock. Your body may have various reactions that you haven’t met before, but these are all part of the process of ascension. Please don’t worry. Whether it is emotional fluctuations or everything that emerges from a dream, this is part of the transformation process.

You need to reconnect the energy from the universe to restore and rotate your personal torus light field. Each of you has your own torus light field, and the earth also has its own torus light field. This light field was torn apart in your past lifetimes, became incomplete, and lost its original balance.

These need to be repaired. The specific repair process is difficult to describe in language here. But this is an important step you will go through. When your torus light field is repaired and integrated, when the earth’s torus light field is repaired, Gaia will shine with incredible beauty, and each of you will shine with your own unique light.

We are looking forward to this day. We really want to see Gaia and the leap of mankind. We are with you, really. You will soon be aware of our existence. The spacecraft is really close to you.

When there is a need, ask for our help, ask for the help of all the family of light. Remember, you are never alone, we are always looking at you! We admire you very much and love you deeply! Bless you, all angels of light incarnate on earth!

Thanksgiving reading, deep blessing!


Lunar energy transformation project started!

Original destined to practice destined to practice 2022-06-16 05:59 published in Inner Mongolia

Lunar lift

“The following text is the content of fantasy creation.”

This article was first published on: 22.1.3

With hundreds of millions of years of company, the moon has already become a part of the earth.

Why do Venus and mercury have no companion stars?
Why is there only one side of the moon facing the earth?

Some people say that the moon is a man-made spacecraft. Others say that the moon flies out of the earth’s ocean.

If history needs to be narrated, it is a little too long to know where to start.
But the moon today also faces the same problem as the earth – ascension.

As the companion star of the earth, the moon bears many responsibilities:

Regulate the sea water of the earth;

Balancing the Yin and Yang cycles of the earth;

Expand the negative energy of the earth;

Balance the consciousness of the earth.

As a mysterious companion star, many large-scale fortifications have been built on the other side of the moon. There are countless starships to supply and stay here, and there is also a fairy space near the moon.

How does the moon ascend? As a point in the hands of high-dimensional people, how should it operate to achieve the best results.

First, the energy of the moon must match that of the earth.

However, as a small ball built and formed for special reasons, its development space is not very large, and it has many own limitations.

Because this is not a pure natural sphere, there are many artificial constructions inside. This materiality limits its development.

And because the moon is too deeply connected with the earth, human consciousness will also limit it.

Secondly, the distance between the moon and the earth will be adjusted with the earth’s ascension in the future, but such adjustment will have a series of effects on the earth, so it will not be changed in the short term.

In addition, the relationship between the moon and the ocean also needs to be adjusted.

In the future, the impact of the moon on the ocean needs to decline, and the ocean needs to develop its own linkage rhythm to play an ensemble with the earth.

From 2020 to 2021, the universe has been micro adjusting the energy of the moon:

Help expand the space system of the moon;

Accelerating the life rotation of the rotation center over the moon;

Upgrade the intelligent energy of the moon;

Ask some high-dimensional people whose energy is close to the moon to lift the moon with their energy;

Clean up and purify the negative energy on the moon.

On the occasion of the earth’s new year’s day, we will strengthen the connection between the moon and the earth, so as to stimulate greater shocks between the old and the new, and trigger a chain reaction of other events.

Because the negative energy of the moon is abundant, it can accelerate the activity of female energy on the earth.

So recently, we are also supplementing the female energy of the mother source of the moon, so as to stimulate the awakening of human female consciousness;

The negative energy that inspires human beings gradually surfaced, accelerating the spiritual cultivation of human beings.
What can be accomplished in thirty years?

Is it to build a lot of Railways with less sea water, or?

In human life, many facilities can be built and a large number of equipment can be damaged in 30 years.

But in the work of the universe, some work in the past 30 years on earth may have just begun – the work of the earth space orbital station is roughly the same.

This is an integration similar to the space network system.

Fold, transfer and convert the spacecraft.

Because this work is originally to prepare for the future Earth, the process of the work has maintained a normal speed.

It is similar to a space conversion and orbit transmission device, which uses the mechanism of gravity system and magnetic system. Large spacecraft can be folded here, and then instantly sent to other galaxies.

At present, this work is jointly participated in by the senior space coordinators and the builders of some advanced stars, which belongs to their sideline. They just carry out the preliminary survey and planning after the main work.

Therefore, although 30 years have passed, this work is only a preliminary prototype.

Not every spacecraft needs to pass through the space orbital station, and most spacecraft can convert themselves.

However, in order to promote the overall work and save the efficiency of the planets who will come to the earth for investigation and exchange in the future;

It also helps the earth communicate with the outside world. Sooner or later, a portal needs to be built and improved.

At present, it has not been decided which tunnel the earth’s space orbital station will be over.

It can be moved and the location can be changed.
Because many spaceships are now distributed over the earth, including those on some bad planets;

Therefore, the future orbital stations will shield the negative spacecraft and prevent them from using convenient facilities for conversion.

The reason why this work is not carried out in a hurry is that the current conditions of the earth have not yet matched the future space orbital station.

The instantaneous transfer from the earth to every corner of the universe through this transit station also requires that the earth itself has a certain vibration level and the particle parameters of the magnetic field reach a certain benchmark;

Human consciousness is also the key factor.

It is the so-called technology that has affected the progress of human beings, and human spirituality and consciousness have also affected the progress of the earth.


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