Solstice energy continues to expand^_^

Solstice energy continues to expand

Primary energy and mass particle source published in Guangdong at 13:35 on June 18, 2022

Solstice energy continues to expand

Holy man!

Living on earth is an expanding experience. New light frequencies, new templates of perception, thought and experience are flowing into your planetary field and opening to you through resonance.

The internal light field is also expanding. Bring you into a greater resonance with your broader whole, a field of infinite light. When you are in a more open relationship with your specific experience, your own field opens.

Inner healing paves the way for relaxation and joy in this expansion.

The more you can release restrictive thoughts about yourself, your experiences, and your story line, the more open your inner space will be. The more you love and accept yourself and your life, the more open your inner space will be.

Ascension is an experience that is taking place on many levels, and it is taking place through many different inputs on earth and in your human life. Therefore, you can open your heart to more people in many ways.

Groping around (eg in the dark)

Now a wonderful way of life is to allow yourself to feel your way. Feel and adjust the energy of every moment. When you are with others, when you are in a new place, feel and feel the energy of the moment. Be clear about your intentions. Know what is most important to you and what kind of person you want to be, such as the present. Feel your own being and adjust it accordingly, your field.

Allow your energy to evolve
Sometimes the most appropriate way is to open up. Attune to your own field of presence and simply make yourself aware of your own feeling state with tenderness and curiosity in openness. Your energy, your emotions, what is happening… You allow the energy itself to evolve when you open up to it without agenda and with love. All energies, like all forms, are moving into higher expression as much as possible.

Your open and loving attention can promote the evolution of energy. This is a very direct and progressive way to evolve your own life stream.

Here’s your stuff for you
Each of you has a stream of life on earth. Usually, it includes more than what you know. Every moment that you choose to align with your own broader wholeness, there is a coherent, pure energy in the flow of your life. At every moment of your hesitation, you only respect yourself slightly or partially, or deny your inner cognition and inner feelings. At those moments, there are alternate streams, because the path of true expression always exists, no matter whether you experience it, know it, or choose it, it is still there.

This is the intuition of many people, who correctly feel that you can always accept your own life. Here are your things. Beloved, the things that call you are yours, and you can trust them and welcome them.

You may find that you need to take action to learn to trust and value yourself more, or other changes may be part of allowing your real life to form and be accepted by you. But it is given – the life of your sublime experience. Your noble existence. The soul, the greater self, always nudges you toward that, toward believing in yourself and the way this becomes your reality.

That doesn’t mean your life is predetermined. However, the things that call you in your life light up your present path of expression and opportunity. They always open up new ways for you to understand yourself, give and exist in the world. So it is always a path of higher light.

The soul seeks the experience of unrestrained love and expression 
 sometimes you ignore these ways, because at first glance, you don’t see the talent in them. They feel scared or too threatening. But, my friends, many times, you will be guided to what you want. You will realize this desire and then have a fear that it is too good to be true. These paths are really valuable because they are here to help you know how much you are loved and beautiful because you are.

When you allow yourself to see if you can really go that way, we are always so enthusiastic and happy. Because we know that the harvest will be great, and your self-awareness will expand in various ways, so that you can more open to the real life prepared here for all of you – a life of connection, joy, vitality, love, freedom, creativity, openness, mobility and ease. There is healing, growth, greater understanding and compassion, and tenderness for the beauty of all life.
You are going through a very important year in the history of the earth!

Apnea check in frequently. Feel your change. What do you need? What you did. What you want and love most. Where your happiness lies.
We know you have felt a great change this year. Truly acknowledge this. Each of you has an inner understanding of what is happening in energy and consciousness, which is extremely beautiful and exciting. Believe this, believe your inner understanding.

This is a climactic year, in the rising energy and the unfolding higher light flow, you are being clarified, and the consistency of your field is expanding. Your world is leading this path, supporting and nurturing you. Energy from the planetary field flows into each of you, helping you synchronize with your new potential and allowing your body to be at home. Feel safe and become part of the broader planetary evolution.
When you allow this to happen… When you allow yourself to be guided by your innate connection with the earth, your body, your own soul self or the larger self, you will know how to do it. And what you may need to support and nourish yourself, which makes the process easier.

Let yourself feel wisdom. Wisdom is always with you and guiding you.

Look at yourself in a new way.
The solstice in June this year will be a strong experience of inner light. More and more, your own wider harmony finds its roots in your incarnation. Live in your human energy system and thereby alter the expression of your universe and human DNA. As you have always wanted in this life, you are expanding into the higher light, so your self-awareness, your identity is changing.
Your consciousness is changing.

When you feel less thinking, less inner dialogue, when you don’t feel what to do or say… When you feel extremely tired and even have a feeling that you need to let go and don’t know what to do. Ask to know. Ask all you have to light the way. To find out if there is anything you can do, to further develop this evolutionary experience of unity and truth, and the divine advent of your own truth.
Your consciousness is changing, and the habitual thinking patterns that used to be part of your life may begin to calm down as you evolve to a higher consciousness. When you sleep, when you are in peace and allow flow, you resonate with the vast and peaceful field of love and peace. This is a change in life – it is changing your consciousness.

You are entering an era of high clarification 
 the energy from solstice to August will be expanded and the clarification experience will be increased. Everyone chooses at a very deep level what they represent and how they want to participate. Respect all choices, especially feel what you want most in your own life experience, and focus on it. Respect the sovereignty of others. Give people the freedom to choose. Respect and trust the infinite life in all life forms. Be calm and considerate of others! Practice believing in yourself and others. 

 your support here is immeasurable!

We are always here for you. Because we are one, this is our role. Here, we support you, encourage you, and share with you. We really like to celebrate with you. This broader understanding is now emerging in the hearts of many of you.

It is with great pleasure that we speak to you today. 

 if you need any help from us, please feel free to ask. We often say that we are serious – you are still learning to co create with the wider whole. This is the life you are about to enter! Embrace it now. Ask for more and begin to communicate often, even daily, with your own divine self.

Nothing is more important or beautiful than that you enter into full alignment and conscious connection with your being.

We love you very much!

We have finished.

I’m Archangel Michael from the Radiation Committee.


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