Corey Goode updated June 17, 2022

Corey Goode updated June 17, 2022

Light source published in Henan on June 20, 2022 at 17:59

Korigoud, June 17, 2022 
 Mini SSP update:

I have had quite a lot of contact with Ansar and Zulu elders in recent weeks. After quite a lot of healing, balancing karma, and entering the emotional and energy balance, they finally taught me quite a lot of wisdom and other views. Both groups were very excited and satisfied with my recent progress, and shared the information they had only mentioned before. I am processing information and trying to digest the information that serves us and share it with them.
I also get more and more briefings about the former ggln civil war from the SSP alliance. I am pleased to report that with the help of Amy, the ggln colony that was tricked into implanting brain chips by the “rogue Galactic Alliance” has been liberated and is now under the care of Mayan healers. since my last briefing, the “magic star” flagship of the free colonial Federation has cleaned up the Orion group’s reptilians, the dark fleet and the rogue Galactic Federation. Emil of Zulu has been assisting the flagship of ggln to turn enemy attacks on them into suicide missions. Amy teleported the fleet to the middle of the enemy battle group to attract their fire. Amy redirected these extremely destructive weapons to the originator of the attack, ending each battle very quickly. They have isolated the enemy to more than a dozen “gravitational star systems”, including our own, where they are trapped and desperately cling to their last stronghold. the Orion group and their allies have incredibly mined these remaining star systems (in our galaxy), and most of the outcome will be fought by the residents of the star systems whose governments have made deals with the Orion group. Our solar system is still largely under the control of the Orion group, with the active support of the human leadership of this star system. The biggest battle hasn’t come yet. It’s in our own backyard! I also received the latest news about the former adamant leadership. They have been stagnant in Antarctica for thousands of years, recently awakened, and then removed from the earth. They were placed in another type of stasis until the Galactic trial began. The new guardians are working with the guardians of the nearest Galaxy Group. These galaxies have all dealt with the same AI intrusion and conquest by the enemy, similar to the Orion group in their own galaxies. The way these galactic experiments work is absolutely amazing and beyond words.
If our galaxy goes like most of our sister galaxies, we will get rid of Orion group, rogue alliance, Reptilians and the God of artificial intelligence for which they have been fighting forever. As I mentioned above, we have a part to play, and this part is to stand in our own power and not let the secret government that rules our galaxy represent us in the universe. Until we do so, we will continue to accumulate karma throughout the galaxy from their actions and atrocities. I will release more information in the near future. Corey good
Edit / organize: Anzi


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