Pleiadian alien message 334: some conversations with Goliath

Pleiadian alien message 334: some conversations with Goliath

Original author a Liang UFO mystery published in Hong Kong at 18:00 on June 28, 2022

Included in the collection

Pleiades II alien message


Dole Carr: every non-human race with a base in Antarctica cooperates with the cabal, because this is a highly militarized area, although the official denies it. In short, Antarctica is a joint extraterrestrial operation zone composed of elite military forces of conspiracy groups and three character institutions. It is the place with the largest number of various spacecraft on the ground and underground bases. Any race from Antarctica will cooperate with the cabal.

Although we don’t know how many or what races there are, we do know that there is a team of Metts and reptiles, including reptilians, tall whites and oranges, and other more humane races.

Antarctica is not a “no man’s land”. This is a highly militarized land, and “no man’s land” is only the official position given to the people by all countries.


Audience question: “can you ask a little more about solar radiation management and its multiple agendas related to what is happening?”

Svalu x (Athena): This is about the agenda of controlling the sun. I have no information about this. Nothing special. Of course I know the sun itself.
Robert: does climate engineering come from the sun or from the sun?

Swaru x (Athena): not in direct contact with the sun.

Robert: how do they manage solar radiation?

Svalu x (Athena): seeding the clouds with chemicals that regulate the sun and manipulate the climate. So, yes, it can be done. All I can say is that this is true, but not only that. This is part of everything related to geoengineering and climate control engineering.

It is linked to the chemical trail, HAARP and its more modern variants, because it seems to me that the old HAARP has little or no effect. The HAARP emissions detected by toleka are not from known traditional HAARP sites. They come from ships or military mobile facilities. They are no longer huge antenna networks. They are very old. They have installed HAARP on military vehicles the size of ships, aircraft and military trucks, such as Stryker armored vehicles or lav-25 piranha armored vehicles. They can be anywhere.

There are all big governments and, to some extent, small governments. For example, the governments of Mexico, Colombia or Argentina have used and are already using this technology, but always in conjunction with a larger ally.

Robert: what do you know about the technology that Russians have? I don’t know its name. It can neutralize electricity. Aircraft, submarines, aircraft carriers. Svalux (Athena): it’s easy to explain how it works. 

 you put a string of sensors on the nose of the plane. Usually sukhoi-24 fighter bombers. Small interference sensors, such as UFO or ship sensors, are used to detect the gravitational frequency. In this case, it only detects the energy frequency of ships, aircraft and enemy equipment. Because everything is electric, and all electricity works with frequency. 

 therefore, it generates a semi directional energy beam opposite to the frequency of the enemy equipment, thus offsetting the flux or current. 

 another simple way to explain this phenomenon is the EMP pulse, which is not a single pulse, but a continuous on-off on-off oscillation that maintains the EMP effect for the required time. 

 another aircraft with this capability is ea-18g growler (F-18 variant).

There are neutralization and EMP pulse generators in the circle as I described.
Notice that it has a small propeller in front of it. They drive the wind power generation system to power the EMP generator and the capacitors that power it. This is because the generators on the f-18f are basically unable to handle electrical loads.


Garcia: how do you make cosmetics on board? Face cream, cosmetics, etc.?
Yazhi: This is done with a machine in the bathroom. It puts the shadow of color in front of you as a hologram, and then you darken or lighten it from there to your favorite hue. There are tones, of course, but you can change them, just as you can change colors in Photoshop.

When you want it, you can “print” it there and put it in a small tray like a compact shadow, but it is larger and separate. If you don’t like it, the same machine will change the existing one and save your preferences. Every time you open the small tray or drawer in front of the mirror on the side of the sink, you will find that the shadow and powder are automatically filled. The same goes for eyeliner, lipstick and nail polish.

Garcia: Wow, how interesting. Where’s the cream? And lotion? Sanding cream or something?

Yazhi: the same is true. All these things.

Garcia: but what are the ingredients of these face cream?

Yazhi: from nature.

Garcia: you designed it yourself? But if you don’t know what to do?

Yazhi: you have mixed natural ingredients that are harmless or beneficial to the skin. Yes, they are designed by you, but they are designed from the ready-made base.

Garcia: but it was hard work! You have to learn what to mix. Here you are. Everything is ready.

Yazhi: for example, you think a face cream is a little too greasy, so the printing opportunity changes this situation. Instead of removing the face cream itself because it changes the face cream, it does not necessarily make a new face cream.

Garcia: Yes, but how do you know what to choose from thousands of ingredients?
Yazhi: experienced, but the machine itself will guide you. You will change from the simplest editing to the most complex editing according to your own wishes. The machine will prompt you.
Robert: do you have any perfume? Cologne or something?

Annika: there are no chemicals. They are more like essential oils.

Robert: do they smell good?
Annika: of course, they have therapeutic effects and other benefits.

Robert: do you use this oil every day?

Annika: generally not. If it is therapeutic, it depends on its function. They are used more as environmental spices. Or where you spend more time, like on a pillow.

Robert: so unlike here, people usually use Cologne and perfume.

Annika: very few. Yes, they are used, but this is not very common.


Yazhi: the function of Vaccines is to change the body frequency. It not only pollutes it with graphene and physically changes DNA, but also the result is that this modification changes the frequency of the body, not just one frequency, but various frequencies, and even changes with every part of the body.

From a spiritual point of view, the consequences of doing so are enormous. The astral side. For those inoculated with Vaccines are compatible with the parasitism of innumerable entities in the afterlife or astral plane through similar frequencies. Open the door to mind control. Allow other intangibles to enter and use their bodies. It leads to various personality problems, as well as the internal struggle for the power and control of the parasitic body.

 as mentioned above, the soul signal is gradually disconnected. Not only because the frequency and basic frequency of the body have changed, but also because the physical zoo within the same body has gradually replaced the original owner.

 similarly, if there is reproduction, the baby will become the recipient of the lower starlight entities, which are more powerful, because the new baby is very coveted. So the newborn baby is likely to be the reincarnation of all kinds of people with the characteristics of ruthless and cruel psychosis.

The frequency of the mother’s graphene can be modified remotely and purposefully so that the infant is compatible with specific entities wishing to enter the life world. They can be turned off or on according to the wishes of the controller, so that everyone on earth is vulnerable to or directly controlled by low star entities.
the original soul or the original source signal will be trapped in the vaccinated parasite, at least until death. Its belief in self limitation may cause it to remain trapped in the 3D matrix.
the consequences of starlight are serious.
Kosia cosmos Society
June 22, 2022


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