You are going through a difficult time on this planet^_^

You are going through a difficult time on this planet.

In this time, each of you will begin to see more and more energy well preserved, and these energies belong to you;

Each of you must treat them; You must face them squarely and find a solution.

How do you find a solution? Ah, I heard the consistent answer: “ask for help from the other party! Yes, you really haven’t learned anything.

You have always insisted on the same mistake. The other party is more important than us. We don’t listen to you. We don’t do anything for you. We don’t give you the answer. We don’t take care of you. Yes, if you tell us all this, it’s right; it’s your choice.”

Now think about this: every time you throw your pain on everyone’s face, has anyone asked you this?

Did anyone let you know your problem? Does anyone say to you: “Tell me if you have a problem? Did someone say it? No, because people are very polite; they won’t say that to you, but you did. You made your problem into a ball and threw it in everyone’s face.

Everyone is suffering with you. Are you satisfied now? Are you happy? I believe you are very happy, because you spread your pain. How wonderful it is. Everyone is suffering with you now, Think about it. ” Tell you your problem and give you a solution. Good, right? You will have several solutions, great! What have you done?

Nothing. The answer is in your hands.

You didn’t think, you didn’t even think about the question, you passed it on, you got the answer. That is great! So, I just want to tell you one small thing: first, you violated the free will of others, because no one asked to know your problems; Second, your problem will appear again, ah, but it will come back, it will come back stronger, because it is not you who solve it, but others.

So, my brothers and sisters, I want to ask again: what should we share? Experience, what is experience? Are they suffering, are they in a moment of pain, are they in a moment of pain? Are these all experiences? I don’t think so.

So I will ask you again:

whoever has your question, just stay. No one has anything to do with you; This is your problem; This is not a collective problem; It’s not someone else’s problem. Spread experience and exchange views, not pain. Is this hard to understand?

One more thing, why do you need the other person to do something for you in order to end the topic? Why? Answer: why do you need it? “I will do this, like this, like this. Please pray for me?” You force them to pray for you. They will feel obliged to pray for you. How about this? No, no, why? I just want to tell you one thing: when you ask to calculate a problem and ask others to pray for a problem that belongs to you, I will tell you that you have not only gained positive energy, but many people there are willing to increase your problems, so think about it!

People have the right to make voluntary contributions. No one has to do so. Asking is what you force others to do.

Think about it and start changing your attitude. Just remember one sentence: every day will become more difficult. The definition of the path will depend on each of you, so make the right choice.
Archangel Michael!

How do you view pain

Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-06-29 13:13 published in Guangdong

Dear friends! I am Archangel Michael!

I am not here to add fuel to the fire as you usually say. I bring a moment of reflection today.

The atmosphere of your planet is coming to a climax of an important moment. What I want to say is that everything is extremely deteriorated; Strong reaction; This feeling is very strong. It is like an abandoned shed with a thick layer of dust. One day, someone decided to clean the shed. This is a lot of dust. Because it has been sitting for so long, these dust occupy the air; It will be cleared in some way, but it will take over the air, it will rise and pollute the air for a long time; Until completely cleaned.

Therefore, I want to say to you, your planet, now all the dust has risen. There is no carpet, no hiding place, and nothing. Nothing is hidden, everything is public. When all this energy comes to the surface, a lot of negative energy rises because they are not good feelings. Everything hidden under the carpet and in the forbidden area is not light. It is an offence, a bad thing, a bad feeling. Everything is low vibration. And your planet lives in it today.

You live in this huge negative energy. Then it began to feel that everything was out of control, that all the problems in the world began to appear, and that previously unheard of things began to emerge. Something new? No, it’s a very old thing, but it’s hidden. Now it’s exposed. Of course this level will reach each and every one of you. There is no way not to be on this floor.

There is no place on this planet where you can say, “no, I am immune here!” No, because it is a big halo; It is like a huge negative energy gathering on the whole planet.
What happened today?

According to the laws of physics, let’s say that every particle has a weight. So lighter particles float in the air, while heavier particles fall. Imagine a large grid of negative light, light from the Central Sun (another large grid of light around the planet). The lighter particles, that is, the shallower negative energy, have been consumed long ago; And this great separation of light is reaching its peak, which is heavy, those that cause the most damage, and these are not so easy to transform.

You are experiencing this moment. Any imbalance, any open door, will bring avalanche of problems. Ah, what about that? Sit down and sleep in a hammock? Oh, no, sit on the doorstep and cry? No, I don’t think this is a good solution. Now the time is to think loudly, think balanced, think about everything with love, don’t let your heart overflow bad feelings, don’t let yourself be polluted by the outside world.

So here I will write a short paragraph, what is your pain? It is something that hurts, something that brings imbalance, something that has no solution, and the feeling you like. Each of you has your own definition. What is the trend of human development? “Oh, this world has brought me this pain. When you say” this world “, it is another, it is life, ah, it is God’s father / mother, ah! Someone will blame you and forget that every step you take will pay off. So if pain comes, it’s a bad step back. Whether it is in this life or in another life; It doesn’t matter. It’s a reward. Who started it? Other questions? No, it’s you. You started your own pain.

So many people will say that I’m talking nonsense. I don’t worry about this. Then how do you deal with this pain? “No, I didn’t create it. Someone else created it. So what should I do? I will put my suffering on someone else and make him suffer with me. Ah! It’s very unfair for me to suffer alone.” So I took the microphone and told everyone about my pain. Then there will always be that… ” What a pity! Oh, dear, what a pity! Everyone began to sympathize with the sufferers.

Now I ask: what do you have to do with the suffering of others? I answered: No, because everyone has to go their own way, not others’ way. If the other party has done something to you, it is your creation. Everything comes from you. So I asked a question: why do you need to pass it on to others when you have a problem?

This is because this is one of your needs; Leave the problem to someone else? You don’t know if many people will help you.

Then I ask you a question: whose question is this? Who created this problem? You did, so why do you think others will solve your problem? I want to tell you that there is a great selfishness there. “If I am suffering, I will pass this pain on to as many people as possible, because then everyone will suffer with me. Well, you really have the ability to love each other:” Oh, no, but I will pass it on to others to see if they can help me. Why do you ask for help from each other? “

How many times do we have to repeat here to help you in your heart, not outside your voice, you hold high, “Oh, I believe in this; I believe in that; I worship him; I love him; but when you have a problem, you look for it? Another, it’s interesting. Just like you said to us: “Listen! I believe, I believe, it doesn’t matter, but I need a physical person to help me. Yes, I can’t do it alone in my heart. HMM! Interesting idea. Because tomorrow, if you find yourself alone in some place, and no one asks for help, what will it be like? You will tear off your hair, you will be bald, but you won’t ask for help from your inner people. Because you always rely on others. I always want to solve your problem with another person.

I hope I can give you his advice many times to solve this problem; This is not the best answer for you, because the question is yours, not his.
When will you learn this?

Look, as long as we keep saying that, I don’t think you’ll ever learn, Then you said to us, “but I can’t hear what you said. What’s interesting is that you must see everything clearly. You can’t believe it without looking. So I tell you: learn this, because each of you will be lonely tomorrow for whatever reason. What will you do? Oh, I see. You will sit in a corner and cry until someone appears. It’s very interesting. This gesture is very interesting.”

This is not scolding, but reflection^_^


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