Pleiades II alien message 335: Why are we different? Why don’t we believe in the timeline? Athena

Pleiades II alien message 335: Why are we different? Why don’t we believe in the timeline? Athena

Original author a Liang UFO mystery 2022-07-01 18:00 posted on Hong Kong

Robert: there’s a problem. If you want to go to the future of the earth with your spacecraft, you can only see what your frequency shows, or what the collective unconsciousness of the earth indicates at that time, right? You can never tell us what year you went? Because time slips? Because maybe in the future, they will change the time of the earth again because of some agendas, right?

Svalu x (Athena): I can only go to the possible future, not one, nor the “future”. This is not the way of time travel. I have to see many variants, many “futures” before I can get a possible average. Robert: I understand. It’s just that people think it’s too easy. 25 years later, come back and say what you see. That would be too simplistic. What you see may have nothing to do with what we experience.

Svalu x (Athena): they look at things in a linear way. This is a complete topic. This is because the perception of the earth’s population regards reality, including time, as something continuous. It’s like a house on the first floor, distributed room by room, forming a long house. This is 3D perception.

5D feels like a house with many floors, not only one on the top of another, but also windows and doors connect everything together, even on the floor and ceiling. If you are in a room, you can look down at the floor and see what happens below you, or look up to see what happens above you.

Therefore, a person who thinks in 3D cannot even understand the psychology of 5D biology, which is one of the biggest challenges of this disclosure.

The higher your misnomer of “density”, the harder it is to explain how reality works, and the harder it is for ordinary 3D people to understand the psychology and reality that occupy these high-density people. This is precisely reflected in Yazhi. It can be said that this is why her views are always so difficult and controversial.

Therefore, this is related to what we have been explaining, that is, there is no density, dimension or parallel universe, because all these are only effective from the level of one’s understanding in 3D. This is why many times our narratives do not match expectations, or people regard them as our mistakes, inconsistencies or contradictions. They are not wrong, this is 5D thinking.

There is no density or parallel universe or something like that. Everything is a mental state, and every consciousness has the ability to combine the stimulation (actually not) called “from the external world”, and deal with it for themselves, form their own ideas, and form what the reality is for them. This is why we say that the greater the density of being, the greater the complexity.

As I said above, this is precisely because it is about the ability of consciousness to “ingest” or “merge” data into itself, and thus form realistic ideas. Then, through the agreement of perception, more than one point of consciousness – people will come together to form their own “collective” reality, which itself will be a “density” or “parallel world”.

Because from the perspective of 5D biology, what happens on earth or anywhere else is not subject to simple causal linear factors as described on earth. From this point of view, this is correct. 

 but from a broader perspective, the cause and result of any situation are the result of the interaction and influence of countless factors, which 3D people cannot see or understand, because they are beyond their understanding, in other parallel universes. That is, any event has multiple interpretations from multiple so-called parallel universes or time lines – these interpretations are averaged together to form a final effect, which is regarded as the final result of a specific event. Only those who observe it in this specific way will be specific. This event itself is just another factor that combines with other factors to form the next factor. 

 therefore, if all reality, everything that happens, is the average of the effects of many timelines or many interacting parallel universes, then this means that everything is a single mass, and there is no isolated parallel universe or timeline. Because these concepts are only the products of limited human thinking, and only applicable to its 3D perspective.

Because from the perspective of 5D thinking above, all timelines and all parallel universes seen from 3D are just data or too simple views of people who can’t see what happens in other timelines for 5D people.

We can’t see the timeline and the parallel universe, neither of which exists. The only thing we can see is the scope of perception. From where to where, one can see, perceive and understand.

We have also observed this from experience. These extracted people suddenly understand and remember many variants of their first half lives on earth and outside. All these are intertwined to explain their current life.

I must also say that what we see or perceive now, what empirically revolves around you, who you are, what you think, is the result of infinite lines or the universe or of variants of you and other decisions, all of which are averaged into what you are today. I can continue to talk about this topic. By connecting it with the principle of interstellar navigation, it can be explained mathematically.

But, yes, what I want to say is that we all have such a problem, that is, we start to write a theme, and finally try to describe everything at the same time in very large sentences. This is a symptom of our 5D understanding of the surrounding world, because it is difficult for us to describe a thing in a simple or too simple way, without involving the sub theme of trying to explain all the reasons. This often makes us difficult to understand. When we are just trying to explain another point of view or another level of what we are trying to share, we seem to be contradicting ourselves.

Another Day. Garcia: but there is a problem. If talking about other parallel timelines is just a 3D perspective, then for you, where do other swaru live, or where do other Robert and Garcia live? If this is not another timeline. What would you call it? If someone died here, but still lives on another timeline, what would you call that place? No other timeline? Because it is understood that it is just a single more extended level, but from below, it “must” be called in some way. What would you call it? 

 because saying “I went to another focus of another existential frequency” sounds too long. Because if we expand this argument, we can also say that there are no other concerns like there is no timeline. I think the phrase “timeline” is good, at least understand each other.

Because time refers to the perception of consciousness. So I think the word “time” is correct here. The “line” is because there is an experience of a certain order of life from the perspective of that time point. Because otherwise, how to say? Svalu x (Athena): from the position of “above”, there is no boundary, and there is no contradiction between the living and the dead. Here, it is considered or observed as a variant of various situations, whether alive or dead (a bit like Schrodinger’s cat). Unlike the complete timeline in the concept of the earth. Because isolated situations different from “original” can only be observed under the limit conditions that can or can be seen or observed. I say timeline because there are no better words due to language constraints. Without direct translation, they are new concepts from the earth.

Kosia cosmos
June 24, 2022

Translator: Athena said that the timeline “is not as complete as it is in the concept of the earth.” In 336, “time is the result of the average energy field, which adds up to an average value. And this sum is what Carl Gustav Jung called the collective unconsciousness. Everything is a dance of mathematical formulas, which explain the movement of energy, their interaction and influence, and all these interrelated fields create the universe as we understand it.”

Therefore, time is the presentation of the ability of collective consciousness to perceive and process data under its consciousness intensity.

The purpose of civilization creation is for increment, and increment does not exist, because the source has created everything, everything already exists, there is no time, and all exist in the present. All development and creation is to increase one’s own frequency, to match and manifest more frequencies that the source already exists.
The evolution of civilization is like rubbing the source, constantly expanding (restoring) the clarity of its own holographic cosmic fragments to the whole. Just as Arcturus people use telepathic consciousness matrix for group evolution. The higher the spiritual power of the group, the greater the density, and the more complex the reality. This is the direction of human evolution. Establish a group’s spiritual Internet, social compound consciousness, and establish a more majestic resonance membrane to sense more frequencies of the source.

Visual training restores the external colors, sounds, smells and emotions in the brain, converts them into basic vibration frequencies, and establishes a simulation engine, similar to the torus engine of tegtan spacecraft, which is an original displacement device. Since the source has created an infinite number of realities, such friction, movement, resonance and synchronization are infinite, which is also the creation of free will.


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