What is responsibility^_^


Will you be responsible for people who have nothing to do with you

This is why human beings are only willing to be responsible for others when they are driven by interests and survival crisis

Especially those who don’t know themselves

That’s why you can’t love

Because of what
Didn’t lay down responsibility

Not irresponsible, but not picking up greater responsibility, in the infusion of higher mind

This is also the need to cross dimensions and the responsibility to move to a higher dimension

That’s why children rally against their parents

Because of the need of transition

This is why couples rebel against their relationship

Because I don’t want to be bound anymore

This is why many people choose not to rely on their families anymore

It’s time

Not irresponsible, but let go of responsibility and take greater responsibility

The responsibility of soul, the responsibility of higher vibration frequency, the transformation from human to non-human responsibility
let go

If you let go, put it down, and let go of others and yourself, you can see greater responsibility

At that time, you found that children only need care and guidance, not education, because they have the ability to learn by themselves

Where does it come from, not from you, but from the child’s higher self

That is, the direction of care and guidance is to make children responsible for themselves and embark on the path guided by their own higher self

That is, you should first walk with your higher self, accept and let go

The same is true of husband and wife and family. Only when they let go of each other can they see what the other really wants and what they really want to do, and both sides and multiple parties can move from interdependence to coexistence and no longer rely on each other

The first is acceptance and recognition

Everyone is on his way

Greater responsibility requires greater relationship to reinterpret

What, everyone has a relationship with everyone, and everyone needs to be treated equally, without distinction

Everyone and everyone are parents and children

Everyone and everyone are husband and wife

Everyone and everyone are a family

let go

Only when you let go will you see greater responsibility

Not to force others to do what they can’t do, but to let others experience what they can do, and there are more things they can’t do

At that time, children will associate with you like adults

Couples and family members also interact like irrelevant people

The bigger system, the bigger family

Empathy and empathy in the unity of all things

This is the responsibility in multidimensional space and no time

Not irresponsible, but let go of responsibility, when you choose not to force others

This is also the reason for self blame

Only when you want to be responsible and establish a responsible relationship can you blame yourself

Come on, take greater responsibility and let go of your family role, unit role and social role

Slowly, you will act only by intuition and higher mind, motionless, and no longer let your “right” and “wrong” swing according to the relationship

Let go of the relationship, and naturally there will be no right or wrong

Everything is your family and relatives, who will have right and wrong

The karmic relationship comes from this. If you let go, the natural karmic cycle will be released, but the release process will be full of turbulence and instability

Because to restructure, we have to dismantle the old. When people choose to let go, they are either active, passive and forced

This is also the meaning of the end of the world. It allows you to let go of all the relationships between the past, the present and the future

Give yourself freedom, give others freedom

Entering a higher dimension, parents, families and husband and wife relationships no longer coexist with interdependence, but still coexist without interdependence

This is the unity of incompatibility

Unrelated people can also become family members, and unrelated people can also share a room

It depends on your letting go and acceptance, starting with yourself and your family
If you can’t accept others’ freedom and the way to go, how can you coexist with aliens, and how can you coexist with the interstellar family

How can you share your openness and transparency with others

This is higher dimensional responsibility, timeless responsibility and source responsibility

It is not driven by nothing, but by the relationship of all things in one

When you arrive here, you will no longer blame yourself, because you not only live with others, but also have the freedom to expand

Blaming people and self blame are one, both from the unconscious spontaneous response to the remaining relationship

It’s not about reviewing and recalling, but about returning
Return to what, play

Concentration and joy like a child

After blame and self blame, we should constantly return to balance, and interpret the rationality of “yes” and “existence” with higher and greater mental wisdom, rather than self blame should not be

What exists is reasonable

This is also a bigger picture of responsibility

Return to play

Regression equilibrium

The responsibility of returning to the unity of all things

The responsibility to keep letting go


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