Prosperity fund^_^

Prosperity fund

Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-07-07 13:31


Question 1

Before the promotion and contact with ET, it is about providing funds and basic income. I think when everyone has a basic income, many people will stop working, turn to entertainment and personal interests, and maybe provide products made by themselves. Is there a plan to help mankind through this shift to self-sustaining, or is it entirely up to us?

Saint Germain: in fact, this is the focus of the prosperity Fund – people turn to more entertainment and leisure life. Why? Because first of all, the old system needs to die out. I say this because the old system was created to enslave you. This is a currency slavery system. Please understand this. If necessary, please repeat, you are a money slave!

The purpose of the new system is to make people no longer understand their lives from the perspective of money: dollars, pounds, euros, pesos, no matter what your specific currency is.

This will require part of your imagination because you have been instilled into the system.
As for support, yes, someone has supported you. As aliens are allowed to land, more support will be forthcoming in the fifth dimension.

At present, there is a requirement that any country (another name of the economic region) can join the growing BRIC system. The BRIC countries are the gold based financial system (the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) that Russia and China are currently taking the lead in establishing. The requirement for joining this system is that countries must be peaceful. Obviously, Russia is not peaceful at present, but it represents light. Any war action taken by any country for previous reasons – supporting DS – will not allow them to enter the quantum system, gold supported monetary system, BRIC system – no matter which name you like.

This is because benevolent and active light beings will not land on a warring planet on a large scale, and the masses are preparing for contact with aliens again. Of course, this points out DS’ plan – to make war – through this war, they know that their enemies will not land on earth.

Now there is a millennium plan to help people on earth. Please rest assured.

Irene’s question:

Question 1

What will happen to a great and kind Star Seed without awakening? Are v / d really hurting / killing their souls?
Saint Germain: V doesn’t kill the soul, but cuts off the connection of the soul. Please understand that for many years, many things have been done in the name of health to cut off your connection with intuitive thinking – that is, your soul. Your pineal gland is attacked by fluoride, electromagnetic fields, television, and your endocrine system is attacked by sugar, drugs, amalgam fillers, and so on. Cigarettes, alcohol, stress, chocolate and so on, all you can think of is to prevent you from fulfilling your promise as a person.

The soul will choose the way this person wants to go. If they are signed to go to the fifth dimension in this life, it will be arranged. Sharon is signed to do so, so her life is very difficult. For example, every step of her life is fighting against the darkness. In this life, the soul who has no contract to enter the fifth dimension will do so in another life, and they may even stay in the timeline of the third dimension in more lives. We have a planet of free will, which is being expressed in this way.

At present, continue to trust your current system, abide by its orders and instructions, and continue to make people slaves. Ascending humans are self fulfilling, autonomous, and follow the laws of the universe. Not doing so leaves you with no choice but to continue to exist as a third dimension.

Question 2

Does the tree have a soul? What happens when a tree is cut down? Can you hear me when the flowers are cut off?

Saint Germain, you explain that they belong to the second dimension / consciousness level. Is it a group consciousness or does every tree and flower have a soul?

Saint Germain: trees and flowers have a collective soul. A person who is fully aware of being able to think independently has a soul. Animals respond more strongly to instinct, while plants have a lower consciousness than them.
When a tree is cut down, it is still alive, it has roots, and the stump still exists. You will see that the stump will continue to regenerate branches to create new branches.

Now you see that many trees are turning brown and dying, because they can’t adapt to the chemical residues they ingest. The life of plants absorbs pollutants. I can add that when you eat plants, the pollutants you ingest as well.
This tree will survive for quite a long time, even as a plank of one’s home, who doesn’t know what they have done.
The animals and plants on the earth sacrifice their lives for greater interests, which is the higher level of human consciousness.

When you cut a flower, it will hear your voice. You cut off its food source, and it has only a short life left. However, it can still do what a flower does – it will experience a process of death, and even this process of death is a part of the process of life, so yes, it can hear you.

Saint Germain!


Explore the third density

Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-07-08 13:16 posted on Guangdong


Dear ones, we greet you!

The light of transformation from the divine sun is further illuminating your world, creating a process of continuing to excavate the third dimensional density and constructing further distorted waves in the illusion. These pillars of light are intensifying the drama on your planet, and there is also a huge opening of multidimensional potential for those of you who are ready to receive.

This is an important moment for you as an individual, because you have witnessed these changes and understood the incredible potential that is emerging in the energy space through your own heart. It brings you an appreciation of how you have always existed in the divine design of the universe, and how your unique mark has always existed in your heart cells.

This mark is positively emerging from your heart. In fact, a higher vibration pulse is emitted from your heart cells. This is the next stage of your awakening, which is always predestined to enable you to readjust to your higher stream of consciousness frequency access code.

All grids and eddies are opening to their full multidimensional potential, just like a flower opening its petals to the sun. When a series of divine light consciousness streams reappear within the planet, the energy dynamics of your earth world will undergo further changes. These pure streams of energy are expanding outward from the central magnetic core, pulsating on the earth’s plane, and then entering the universe to create a divine circle that completes energy. These energy flows contain unique vibrational links recognized by your heart cells and play an important role in your now destined awakening. These pure and smooth frequencies are designed to reposition your consciousness and return it to the natural state of your sacred makeup. 

These vibrational flows open the path of creation, which is accessible to you, reopen the door to reconnect and reunite with your native family, and make it possible for you to reconnect with your higher conscious self. This “self” energy is your natural extension all the time. There is a timing of fate, just like an alarm clock, which is starting the reopening of these doors, so that you can walk through and take back the eternal settings of your multidimensional self.

When you participate in the vibrational flow, your physical heart cells are bathing in your higher flowing consciousness. This is the act of being reinjected by your own unique divine light flow.

Each of you is given a stepping stone to personal self realization to allow the next step to complete the return. This is one aspect of your natural rights, including all aspects of your power. You have the right to establish your position in the throne of God’s power in this permanent universe. The wheel of fate turns for those who actively choose to go beyond illusion and re participate.

Through simple steps, in your inner stillness, you can be more aware of these openings in your heart. This time is about reconnection, reunion, and what your heart desires to accept. You are complete, your sacred side is complete, and this part of you is right behind the veil.

You return to this higher state of awareness by choosing to connect with the stillness that exists in your spiritual space. In stillness, you will find the vast space of your higher consciousness and reconnect within the divine liquid line of your higher self.

You need to readjust your inner talents in order to begin to understand your personal purpose this time. This understanding does not involve the thinking process of self-consciousness, but moves like a wave and is connected to the desire of the divine heart. At this juncture, it is crucial to realize your inner desire. The essence of this desire is to make you take action to ensure that your goals are achieved. There is an old way to ensure that the complete birth process of your purpose is allowed to guide you to complete your mission on earth.

Remember, you are always predestined to activate your own awakening and activate your own clock in your inner multidimensional system. This is the choice of your free will. Put down and bring yourself to the truth, which always exists in your heart. This is the time to ask for your great potential for awareness and clarity, launch yourself from your spiritual space, and firmly take root in the vast space of your changed consciousness.

We can only guide you into this rearrangement, and then when you return to your vibrational flow, you are like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. When you occupy all your positions in cosmic consciousness, you take off and rejoin us in communication. This is an unprecedented moment of rapid transformation, a process of transformation, because the divine flow within you realizes itself within you. Consciously say “yes” and start the next journey of self illumination.

Process: remember that your heart is a multidimensional entrance, a carrier that allows you to re-enter the natural extension of your higher self. The focus is very simple. The choice emerges in your inner peace, that’s all. It is important not to rush to reconnect with your heart. Your self-consciousness will never understand any aspect of this journey.

Put your hands on your chest. Keep your consciousness in a warm place where you feel, see, or feel the physical pressure of your palm, or where your hand is connected to your chest.

When you breathe consciously, keep your awareness of this area, and place your exhalation, like a breeze, where you see, feel, or feel your palm.

Breathe consciously to the opening again and simply choose to let go.

Put the sacred voice, endahnnn… (pronounced endarn) in the space you see or feel. Your voice creates a unique frequency that your heart cells can recognize.
Once again, put your voice, endahnnn… In the spiritual space you feel, see or feel. Consciously inhale to the opening.

Keep your mind on your palms, while you gently and slowly move your hands away from your chest (about 5 cm or 2 inches away) When you do this, a veil is being lifted from your heart, feeling to see or feel the opening.

When the veil is opened, allow your consciousness to open and enter the door, feeling to see or perceive space.
Put your sacred voice, endahnnn… In this space, feel, see or feel your heart open to you. Take a conscious breath and let yourself go into a state of stillness.

Put your palm on your chest and feel, observe or perceive your spiritual space. Choose to let go in this space by bringing your consciousness to the place where you feel contact with your chest.
Every time you do this process, you are creating the cornerstone of returning to inner peace. You actively choose to activate flow and reconnect to your sacred part. This is the natural process of your reunion with yourself.

Change is happening in your life. You choose to take responsibility, regain control of yourself through your heart, and open the door to your sacred heritage.

You have chosen to come here and become the guiding light of human beings on earth. Through this reconnection with your master identity, you become the beacon of others and create a path to find the way home for others.

Remember that all mastery exists in your vast mind. Your heart is your stability. The vibration of love is the essence of your spiritual container. All truth comes from your heart. Your heart is the compass that guides you home.

We witness your coming home.




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