The road to freedom^_^

The road to freedom

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Know that the connection to the Christ consciousness grid allows you to have healthy freedom within your body. The perfect health in your body, because it is connected to this grid. The more you know, the more you realize this. The more you remember this, the more you will find healing in your body. Because it is this connection that is remembered again, it will allow the opening of all meridians in your body to allow energy to flow freely through your body. You begin to activate the vitality in your body and etheric body more and more, and Kundalini energy will rise again. “

I’m Sananda. I’m here to continue this process.
Some time ago, we started this plan with each and every one of you. In this call, in this group, but even far before this, in the previous generations, all of you will be gathered together again, as lost souls, as my believers. Because this is you. You all belong to me. For me, as Sananda, as Joshua. You are my believer, and I prefer you.

You know, with every day and every moment, you are on this road. You are on the road to freedom. The inner freedom of each of you. When you find your inner freedom, you will also realize your outer freedom. Because you are creating freedom. Freedom to make your own choices. Live the life you want, live the life you want. Know nothing can stop you. There is no government. There are no politicians. There are no kings and queens. No ruler can stop you from choosing your life path. Because this is your life path. No one has the right to stand in front of you and create obstacles unless you allow them to do so.

Each of you now knows and is remembering, until you are remembering who you are, and what you are remembering is the deepest level of your existence. When there are happy moments in your life, when there are pure ecstatic moments in your life, when there are pure happy moments in your life. Every moment of happiness. When you have it, you will remember it. Everything that happened in the external illusion, the third dimensional illusion, disappeared.

Because when you are in that blissful state, even for a moment, you are indeed connecting to the crystal lattice, the Christ consciousness lattice, to which you are connecting. When you are connected, there is only happiness. Only ecstatic. Only the rise of dopamine, a chemical that brings you happiness in your body. Yes, you can make it anytime. This is in your heart. You don’t need to take medicine. You don’t need medicine. You just need yourself, your inner self, to rise in your heart, just as it is doing at the moment! Each of you feels this.

Because it’s time. It’s time to let the hallucinations around you collapse. You see this sign.

Yes, this is true. You want to stay in the expression of the fifth dimension as much as possible. But you are human. You have a human body. You have human feelings and thoughts. This sometimes does pull you back into the illusion, but you know, when you are pulled back into the illusion, the illusion is indeed collapsing. When you hear that nothing can stop what will happen, this is what is happening. Connections to this grid occur again, as in Atlantis, Lemuria, and other civilizations, of course, on other planets and other systems. You’ve all experienced this before.

The era when you came here to lead to become those pathfinders and pioneers is here now. Yes, indeed, there are all kinds of events that will appear. They are in progress. They are now gaining momentum and are coming soon. The truth will be revealed.

But this is because each of you is connected to this grid again. Not only connect to this grid, but also build this grid. Build it more and more. Raise the vibration higher and higher, so that the grid work echoes down to the planet and raises the vibration. Of course, we cannot forget the upcoming major events. The sun is about to flash.

You are all preparing for this. We have done everything we can to prepare your astral, etheric and physical bodies for the coming energy. It was slow at first, but it was getting faster and faster. More and more energy enters the planet.

You can absorb that energy more and more. Bring that light in, anchor it in yourself, and shoot it out of yourself. Spread to all corners of the earth. You are doing it consciously, but you are also doing it unconsciously.

Because you are light. You are love. You are the truth. You are me, I am me. Your inner consciousness. Your inner source consciousness. Your inner Christian consciousness. It remembers itself in your heart.

I’m Sananda. I leave you now to tell you that Saint Germain will be with you at your next meeting and will bring a special message of freedom on your independence day.
All my peace and love are with you all, my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, all of you.
We are here as a whole to go through this transformation and fully enter our ascension process.



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