Bashia: how to overcome addiction^_^

Bashia: how to overcome addiction

Original infinite love of the universe 2022-07-13 17:55 posted on Zhejiang

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Q: how would you suggest that we as human beings overcome addiction when it is triggered?

In fact, we know in our hearts that they do not serve us.
Bachia: addiction is the product of a belief system, which makes you feel disconnected from your power and source,

This is a sense of emptiness. In a sense, you try to fill it with anything you are addicted to, thinking that it will make you feel satisfied. There may be a short-term effect, making you look satisfied,

But it will come back,
Because you can’t use physical reality to fill that empty feeling, that negative belief,

Or people become addicted because they don’t want to face these beliefs,

They are afraid to go deep into their hearts,

Therefore, they will do something and put some substances into their bodies, which may be food, drugs, etc,

This numbness, so they don’t have to pretend it’s there,
They don’t need to see it,

They will say: I can ignore it, it doesn’t exist,

Because we can use this thing or that thing, or this behavior or that behavior to make it disappear,

So you either want to try to fill the void in your heart,

Or try to numb this feeling so that you don’t have to pay attention to it,

But in both cases, it’s just to avoid finding out what that belief is. That belief creates emptiness, making you seem disconnected from the source and your self empowerment,
So, investigate deeply and be willing to find out what the belief based on fear is,

Listen to what it is telling you,
This makes it ridiculous,

Then you have all the resources you need to let go of it,

No longer found that addiction must exist,

Because now you no longer try to fill the hole, or numb what you dare not see.

Q: so your suggestion is that when a person has that feeling, they will be triggered to want anything they are addicted to,

They want to stay in that uncomfortable feeling, just explore it until

Bashia: Yes, because then they can find the root of the problem and let them have the belief system of this feeling,

Therefore, they can regain their self empowerment,
Reconnect to the source,

Of course, it’s not that they were really disconnected,
Instead, let yourself free from the experience of disconnection,

Use uncomfortable feelings as a reason to explore,

In other words, this uncomfortable feeling is actually a friend telling you: Hey, you have a belief that is inconsistent with your true self,

It’s good to stay in this feeling and explore why it’s there,

Because you know that this uncomfortable feeling cannot exist unless it is fed by a negative belief that is inconsistent with the person you want to be,

So, use this uncomfortable feeling to guide you into the process of self investigation, so that you can find out what the belief is telling you in the investigation,

So you can realize how ridiculous it is,

Then stop paying attention to it.


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