Pleiades II alien message 337: what is emotion? Perceive and understand Yazhi

Pleiades II alien message 337: what is emotion? Perceive and understand Yazhi

Yazhi: emotions, what are they? All souls have emotions, because this is the characteristic of souls, although they want to suppress them for logic. But it doesn’t have to be so.

When you are the whole, when you are at the source, you align with the whole, because everything happens at the same time, and at the same time, you really don’t need emotion. So what are they?

They show or express themselves more strongly from the lower density, at least on the surface. When you are at the source, you are consistent with the whole. When you have the illusion of being someone else, someone, or a person in the low density, and express yourself more clearly in the low density, you create two concerns, the source, the whole, and people. This is an illusion of separation. There is no separated you, because it is the same person, the same as the original source. When your incarnation is over, you will not return to the source, but the illusion of separation is over.

So you have the source, the whole < < – > > > one person, two consciousness focuses. This is in one’s soul perception.

A positive emotion of love, integration and happiness is an indicator that a person is integrating, which inspires this emotion. Go to the source, reunite with the source, and dissolve the illusion of separation, which is why this is a positive feeling. High frequency — > because it moves or makes soul people feel fused with the source.

If you have negative emotions, you will feel separated from the source. This is why leaving a relationship or being rejected is painful. Because for your soul, what you want symbolizes the source. But what you desire so much rejects you, just as the source itself rejects you, creating a strong mood of disintegration and separation from the source.

The most powerful example is the rejection between couples. It may also be the refusal of the son or daughter (I think this is a problem of values, just generalization).
Whether it is separated from the source or integrated with the source, it should be stronger or weaker (emotional) than others according to the scale of personal values.

Therefore, it is annoying to lose a small, almost worthless coin (separated from the source). It is not big, nor meaningful, or it is not meaningful for a person, so it is quickly overcome, but the feeling of separation exists. This uses examples of physical things to separate people or objects. But so is the idea.

An idea can be good or bad, can be separated, can also be integrated, can cause a feeling of integration, a feeling of happiness, or a feeling of alienation, separation or sadness.

I don’t want to describe every emotion, because it’s unnecessary, and the explanation varies from person to person, but I do want to mention that anger and annoyance are caused by your thoughts that you can’t change or do nothing about what you don’t want to happen.

Therefore, with the above description, I can say that it is also easy to understand that positive emotions are what we should do and what is the correct guide or compass.
So, if we don’t like something, it’s wrong. If we like something right. This is very correct from both the source level and the high-density point of view. However, from the perspective of low planes such as 3D or 5D, this is not necessarily the case. It’s very dangerous for you to think so without knowing what’s behind it.

The problem is that there is no objective reality except everyone’s consciousness. Even in a single plane such as 3D or 5D, there is no universal value.

What is reality? This is a personal explanation. Based on previous experience, different people have different views. Therefore, reality is not an objective and fixed thing, but changes with personal interpretation.

Therefore, if we enter the field of a person’s unique consciousness, the soul at first glance is similar, but never the same, things or reality are unpredictable, what is good or bad, but it has a reflection, because it is affected and perceived by the whole society, as well as its impact on individuals.

In other words, a person may have a strong rejection of something that may ultimately be beneficial to him, or he may desire something that is very harmful to him. An example of this is to want a special partner. Parents and friends insist that this is not a good idea and will only cause problems. Or an addict wants his daily dose. (although this is caused by chemical dependence, even taking this dose or being able to take subsequent doses of relief will bring happiness). Countless examples.

So we know that positive emotions are the guide to integration, and negative emotions are what we don’t want However, we must always remember that it depends on our perspective on the problem, thing or situation that causes the problem.

So some negative things, if we begin to observe it, will become positive things by changing our perception of it, so our interpretation will lead to the change of our emotional response to it. It is here that we can understand that we can apply logic to analyze emotional situations.
Whenever we have negative emotional reactions (which can also be positive), we can stop and think about why we feel bad about that particular situation. Therefore, we can use our logical thinking in this case, not to doubt emotion, but to understand it. Know that this emotion is only caused by our related concepts. Our interpretation of reality.

There is no good or bad. Thinking makes it so—— William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

At this point, I’m finished. How to use and control emotions can be put aside. I’m just explaining. From a metaphysical point of view, put aside physical reactions, psychological triggers and hormones.

Robert: Andromeda people, without feelings, will they be lower than you who have feelings?

Yazhi: every soul creature has emotions, even Andromeda and other races, but the “range” of emotions is smaller than that of emotional races. That is, they have some emotions, but they are not complicated or minimized.
In itself, just by living in this 3-dimensional space, you can feel many separations from the original source, which naturally triggers that human beings are a highly emotional race.

Garcia: but you are not in 3D, and you are also very emotional.

Yazhi: Yes, tagtans are closer to the source. Their emotional range is still the same as that of humans. Some people even think they have more than humans.

This is because there are still serious problems in 5D, but if you live comfortably on a peaceful planet You tend to have less fear and despair because nothing triggers them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But tagtans, yes, if they face serious problems, this emotion will be strongly triggered, because they are not used to having to face extreme sadness, anger, despair and fear. This may explain why they may have stronger emotions than humans.

Garcia: I have the following questions. You say that positive emotions are signs that we are on the right track, but sometimes it depends on our interpretation or perception of something, which produces this emotion. By changing the interpretation, it changes the mood. So in this case. It seems that emotions are the result of our perception, and they do not always indicate whether we are on the right track, because changing the interpretation of this situation will change them. So how do you know whether any emotion is really a compass? Or, if it’s just based on our interpretation response, is there really anything (emotion) that “needs” adjustment?

Yazhi: OK. Emotional control automatically goes hand in hand with one’s ascension. Because in the process of moving towards higher density, as I explained in detail before, density is to be able to understand more data and process them. Instead of filling more data like a USB flash disk or hard disk drive, it’s how a soul uses this data, uses this knowledge, and integrates them into your being.

Then, with more data, more understanding, more consciousness, it will automatically change the perception and interpretation of events, unlock emotional reactions.

Garcia: that’s right.

Yazhi: in other words, the higher your perception and density of existence, the more you explain the causes of things. This will change your reaction. Because now, they bring you different values.
Robert: as you rise, you will have fewer negative reactions and more positive reactions.
Yazhi: you can see it in me, for example. What bothered me as svalu before doesn’t affect me now.

The higher your density, the more things you can perceive and understand. You apply them to yourself, and you integrate them into you. It makes you more integrated, more loving, and closer to the original source. At this time, you also understand negativity in the same way, and it will not cause reactions like anger. For example, anger is an emotional response to helplessness or inability to solve a problem.

Garcia: but for example, I may have gone the wrong way, but I will explain it in a way that will not produce negative emotional reactions. under these circumstances. My emotions won’t tell me anything. In other words, in this case, I control my emotions and explain the settings without being touched. In this case, my mood will not be a compass, right?

Yazhi: you will automatically absorb what was negative to you and your community before. You change it, dissolve it, and transcend negativity. You integrate it, you no longer resist it, it is just another tool to understand reality. For example, to form a contrast.
Garcia: Yes, that’s what I want to say. Because you have integrated some things. They don’t affect you. But in this case, you lose a little compass. Because your emotions don’t tell you too much anymore. I mean, you may be in a “negative” situation, but you don’t have any negative feelings about yourself. In this case, how can you see this “negative path”?

Yazhi: that’s why you have to make emotions aware, let them perceive and understand what you need? More data, integration and understanding of more things. 

 this leads to a higher density. You dissolve negative emotions only because you no longer need them, but this does not mean that they are not there.

You control them, but not suppress them. You should never suppress emotions, but face them and don’t resist them. Those negative emotions will dissipate by themselves. Knowing why they shot you is to disarm them.

As you said above, positive is not necessarily because you feel good. However, if your soul desires to achieve unity with the source through integration, if it is a compass pointing to the source, but in this direction, you must see what is on your way (including possible obstacles), not because the compass indicates where you want to go, which means that you must go in a straight line in this direction. You must see what you have on your way in this direction, what you don’t want or don’t fit you. The compass tells you the right direction and your positive emotions. But sometimes when you walk in this direction, you must be careful of cliffs, walls and swamps. You must bypass them with your thoughts, so that you can follow your emotions (Compass).

Robert: now I know more about the actions of the Federation. Garcia: Robert, why? Robert: because Andromeda people integrate everything. We haven’t.

Garcia: ah.

Yazhi: the logical path is not necessarily right. Everything became cold and meaningless.

Garcia: I understand. Yes, I think so. Maybe it’s just that the emotional intensity will be less. Yazhi: Yes, you won’t react like before. But if you like, because this is the characteristic of souls, they have a feeling of obvious separation from the source.

 then, the Federation can operate from the logical perspective of what is right or what is wrong, regardless of what (low-density) human feelings and emotions indicate, who must go through this process, and so on.

Robert: but if humans can’t show their fears and nightmares, how can they learn to adapt to emotions?

Yazhi: the difference between feeling and emotion: at present, I don’t want to define it, because if humans separate them, (feeling) as a part of the body, and the other (emotion) as a programmed thing in the body. But I see that everything is connected. That’s why I don’t distinguish, at least here today.

Even so, Robert, it’s not that they (some races of the Federation) integrate everything together, but that they don’t use or understand how other races use emotions, because if they operate in a rational and logical way, they will lose the steering wheel and become a purposeless and barren society. Therefore, this kind of pure rational thinking not only means that they regard emotion as an empty and meaningless thing, or even demonize it, but also just their ignorance of what they are.

They want to suppress them, emotions, because they say they cause problems. But who do they give the problem to? Emotions don’t cause problems, they’re just compasses. The (real) way to solve emotions, especially those you don’t want, is to have more understanding, more information, more understanding.

Garcia: Yes, I don’t see them integrated because they are non emotional. No emotion is not equal to real integration.
Robert: Well, it’s not that they don’t, gorcia. They have another “scale”.

Yazhi: for example, if someone feels sad, I suggest they accept themselves and why they feel sad. Most of the time, if not all, accepting this, giving yourself space to feel sad, rather than fighting it, will change it. Because what you resist will always exist.

Don’t resist it, accept it as a part of yourself, and it will change itself. Everyone is programmed to feel that they should always be happy, negative emotions are wrong, and it is wrong to feel sad.

There are even antidepressants. But feeling how you feel is not a bad thing. You have to sit down and accept it and analyze what happened.
Robert: OK, accept and integrate everything. Yes, analyze what’s going on. Very clear- Thank you. – thank you.

Garcia: Yes. In fact, I’m making a video of Arcturus people. You say, Arcturus people are very emotional, right?

Yazhi: Arcturus people are curious. They are very similar to Andromeda people. They are emotionally deprived, cold and logical. But suddenly something made them explode. Then they feel bad. However, their emotional range is different from that of the Lyra race. But at this point, they are indeed different from Andromeda people in other non emotional races.

Garcia: so they are moody, but generally not so emotional.

Yazhi: Arcturus people can be interesting because they are very logical and correct, but they will dramatize from time to time in a funny way. Yes, but I can only say that they are perfectly and logically similar to Andromeda 98% of the time. Until they fell down because they stepped on their robes, and then said a string of flowery nonsense.

Garcia: Yes, it must be interesting. Robert: what about Andromeda? So it is?

Yazhi: Andromeda people, they suppress everything very well.

Solve the mystery
July 3, 2022

Translator: This article is basically a repetition of

Pleiades II alien message 74: the importance of emotion to the ET race, and some new information is added at the bottom.

Text of Yazhi provided by nesala:

We are all scalars, which is our definition. According to the old proverb, man is a spiritual life with physical experience. Always look up to the spiritual level from below Up and down again, this is only to describe my point of view, with limited words.

Even religious people. I respect them. They have no choice. They are just looking for the answer. What am I? What am I doing here? Connect with God. They seek a connection with the divine. Holy, name the original source with another word. Or what makes you closer to the source, closer to integration.

They pray to their Jesus, their little virgin, their little saint, and their Allah They just want integration, love, acceptance and peace. All this is true for them. Their truth. Their creation. We are not qualified to say that they are “wrong”, because this can only be seen from another perspective.

What if they attack each other or slander people who are different from them? Then, they will have to understand each other with their hard teachings and experiences, which is not a convenient way for them.

Everything is part of experience and learning, yes. But the truth is: although everything goes well, not everything is the best for you. Why? Because you have emotions, because you are the soul. What you are looking for is fusion, love. Not everything worth doing will bring you satisfaction.

No matter how logical you are, logic can help you get closer to the source. Use it to discard inconvenient things. However, you can only reach a certain level. The source includes everything. If there is no emotion, you will lose the necessary components, and the source and integration cannot be achieved. And may encounter a serious impasse. Its main engine is love.

This is what happens to “positive” but overly logical races, such as Andromeda and Arcturus. They have reached an impasse, which makes them unable to understand human beings. What caused this impasse?: They just want to lead logically. They cannot understand it, because for thousands of generations, emotions have been suppressed and tend to logic. They don’t understand why humans make irrational decisions. This is only because the human program framework also follows other rules, not logic.

For example, human beings often do things that are unprofitable to him, just because he has an emotional attachment to it. As the mentor of human beings, Andromeda is a very incompetent race. This task corresponds to other tasks. People who are more suitable for this job, such as tagtans, engens or solatian.

(Editor: swaru is really childlike and dares to light his sword.)

Source: kosia cosmos


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