Sirius starts the docking mission with earth!

Sirius starts the docking mission with earth!

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This article was first published on 21.10.25

Sirius launches the docking mission with earth:

Sirian warriors have been involved in the earth for hundreds of millions of years, from ancient times to modern times, from wilderness to technology;

The children of Sirius always stick to the earth in the changing stars.

This is a long-term and lasting task. From the intersection and mixing of Sirius life and life on earth, Sirius has formed an indissoluble bond with the earth.

In each cycle of years, Sirius is the physical carrier of spiritual Hun, constantly sending back data to the parent star;

Help Sirius monitor earth and grow with life on earth.

In the vast sky, who is whose home and where is the hometown?

It seems that many spiritual Huns on earth come from other starry skies;

But after staying on the earth for a longer time, the concept of hometown began to blur and began to regard hometown as a foreign land.

But interestingly, many seeds of life were also spread to outer space on the original earth.

Therefore, the intersection and fluidity of life are common in the universe.

This topic is introduced to explain that Sirius officially starts the docking mission with earth.

The image transmission system of the universe began to trace back the history of planets related to the earth;

And start to fill in and adjust the missing and unfavorable parts of the timeline in history.

No matter what kind of timeline transmission, we should ensure that the future timeline is smooth and clear.

Sirius, on the other hand, is an important link in the history of the earth’s timeline.

Sirius is more or less involved in science and technology, human evolution and environmental transformation on earth;

And in the consciousness system of human brain, some special codes and special matrices are left;

Some have promoted the development of human beings, while others have restrained human consciousness.

When the earth evolves to the current stage, in the process of rewriting the earth’s timeline;

Many details need to be adjusted, and many uneven historical sections need to be rewritten;

Therefore, the relationship between human beings and Sirian life will be improved, and inappropriate fragments in history will be repaired.
In countless days and nights of parallel time and space, Sirius workers are busy shuttling through the gate of the universe, dealing with all kinds of sudden or old situations:

There are the repair of black hole energy, the transportation of interstellar pipelines, the amplification of compressed information, and the docking of stargates.

All kinds of busy work make Sirius’ working bodies always output dedicated energy to the universe;

This star is also growing and expanding in the giving of the universe.

However, since the foundation of this star itself is not too high, they still have a long way to go.

In the process of docking with the earth, Sirians found that the consciousness of life on their stars still needed to be corrected and corrected.

Although there are many problems in the evolution of life on earth;

However, some problems are the refraction of other life in the universe and the planes that other life in the sky needs to ascend.

When the earth carries the interstellar mission, life on earth cannot exist without other starry skies;

Moreover, some genetic problems of earth people also come from other stars, inheriting the genetic codes of other stars.

Therefore, the problem of human beings on earth is also a common reflection of the problems existing in the universe.

Here I wish Sirius and earth can be successfully docked;
It can make an ideal demonstration for other stars on this architecture, as well as the exploration of the future.
Protection of earth data:
What else is unknown in the transformation of time and space?

Everything exists in order and arises in disorder.

When the data code of the earth is iterating continuously, how does the earth affect the data of the universe?

The answer is that there are a lot of data that will affect other data in the universe.

Because the management of the universe is also based on data, the evolution or destruction of any planet is in the code of the cosmic terminal;

Have become tiny data, stored in the history of the universe.

Code and code are intertwined, forming a huge flow of information.

When you need to retrieve the past data, you can extract a little invisible data or information from the massive data packets.

Now, the ascension of the earth is rapidly changing the information base and data packets in the terminal, and the stored data in many spaces are also updated.

This forms a rapidly changing information track.

In this information track, there are many staff members and even divine beasts or astral consciousness who are cooperating accordingly to protect the change of data and the future inheritance of data.

Yes, data also needs protection and security.

This data is not equivalent to the data in human computers. This data contains broad information, from history, images, words to space.

Small changes in data will affect the future direction of the universe;

If the data is missing or changed, it may affect the future of stars, even galaxies and space.

Therefore, the protection of earth data is particularly important.

This is not only a matter of attention in data transmission, but also a matter of vigilance in data and data exchange.


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