The important message to remember is that every single physical human has the opportunity to change the drama being staged on your earth stage^_^

The important message to remember is that every single physical human has the opportunity to change the drama being staged on your earth stage^_^

The key is to be willing to accept that you are a multidimensional interstellar human. This is the will and heartfelt request to wake up from unconscious sleep and numbness, and be locked in the place with your personal power.

This is our invitation; With every breath you take, realize that you are light, that you are needed, and that it is time to wake you up completely.

Every time you vibrate, every thought you have is projected into the matrix of the earth’s energy field.

You must continue to ask yourself, does this word, thought, action and feeling increase the dysfunction of the world or the brightness of the world? Every interstellar human comes here with skills and abilities to provide awesome solutions and wonderful gifts for the global exhibition. Remember that it is vibration. Be diligent and firm in your determination to radiate and vibrate the highest and best side within you. 

Observe how your weaknesses are triggered and activated. Realize how easily you are manipulated by your insecurities and fears. Your job is to heal and transform your personal fears. Your job is to recognize and respect the highest level of your sacred self.

There is a consciousness matrix that is weakened or strengthened by your personal vibration and energy field. Every interstellar human has the responsibility to contact others in any way that feels natural, appropriate and correct, to provide their light of awareness, and to expand and awaken within others.

This can be done by example only. This can be done in written or oral language. This can be accomplished through internal work. You will know your role.

We invite you to recall the power of your imagination. Start creating a sacred space or Alchemist’s room, which will allow you to do skilled energy work in the quantum field. Imagine that you can gather with humans on other planets and plan awesome ways to solve problems that have caused so much pain on your planet. There is no limit to this work. You, as a multidimensional divine being or interstellar human, are extremely powerful.

We invite you and others as a group to imagine sending love, light and forgiveness to all those you may think their actions have caused great harm. Realize that they are used to manipulating energy and power, yet they have never felt such positive love around them. You will be surprised at the result of this exercise.

Remember that you are an important part of this deployment. Every interstellar human carries a code that many people need to trigger their own implementation. This is not work, beloved; This is your gift to others. Every encounter has an auspicious moment. Code and activation occur between two people. Every encounter is a moment of energy magic. You never know who you will trigger to wake them up, or who will trigger you to another level of glory.

When you and others vibrate at your highest and most encouraged frequency, this is an opportunity to raise any lower energy vibration of others. The divine thoughts of the star family, planets, the Great Central Sun, the Supreme God, and the creator are providing assistance to the earth. This is an awesome moment on your planet, and you sign up to be part of this opportunity. You come here to do this kind of high-consciousness work with others to support the evolution of human consciousness.

We invite you and other awakened interstellar humans to hold and focus on these energy gifts, which are pouring on you as we speak. So let’s say again, be in your joy, because this is the vibration of your joy, which allows you to absorb the most energy gift. Joy, gratitude, and appreciation are portals, portals, and paths to your complete divine evolution and expansion.

Anything other than joy, gratitude and appreciation must be discarded, because it does not serve the highest and best in your life and the global holographic game. We acknowledge our message of time to embrace our gratitude and our love this day.
Always say to yourself, “everything is fine,” in peace, dear.

Interstellar human

Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-07-13 09:33 posted on Guangdong

We are here, and we respect the time you give us to anchor our information. As a multidimensional existence, you have tried to accomplish a lot and touch the lives of many people. Your dedication and dedication to your journey of awakening and service on earth is recognized.

A considerable number of others, like you, recognize and realize their purpose in the evolution of consciousness. These groups are quietly and steadily helping others awaken to their own highest potential and goals. There is an expansion, a wave of accelerating energy, and a call is taking place in the hearts and minds of other dedicated interstellar humans.

Your number is far beyond your imagination. These beings of light understand the laws of the universe and apply them to this physical plane. They serve the well-being of mankind wholeheartedly.

This is an era full of challenges. The opposite polarity and pull are also fully displayed in your world events. Some people’s roles in this holographic game are to control, manipulate, arouse fear and create destruction. Some people in the middle are manipulated by fear, prejudice and hatred. This is a global decree. The whole galaxy is watching it.

All interstellar humans who are aware of their connection with the Milky way have issued a spiritual call. You have reached out and asked for help and support in this stage of physical reality. Your conscious calls and requests have been heard, and the highest and most sacred vibrations in the universe converge to provide a lot.

~ “team”


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