You do not carry anything with you as you climb. You cannot carry the past.

Heavenletters-You do not carry anything with you as you climb. You cannot carry the past.

God said:When you feel that life has chastened you, and you feel down, all that has happened is that there has just been a bend in the road, and you have come to it. You may see this bend as a loss, but this is still the same road you were on earlier, and you are still on it. You can’t get off it. A bend in the road is a bend in the road. It is like a bridge you cross. It is there for you to further your journey. You always knew there would be curves in the road. You just didn’t always know when and where. Would you really dam up changes in life and not allow them to happen?

Do changes in the road have to change your mood? Your moods are your sense of well-being and your sense of unwell-being. This is an arbitrary scale drawn on your Being. The truth of your well-being is not dependent upon turns in the road. Your Being does not go up and down according to the world around it. Your non-sense of well-being goes up and down according to the world around it.

Even the smallest events affect your moods. Perhaps your moods look for excuses. Perhaps your mood leaps on an event to prove your unworthiness, because what is a low mood but a low impression of yourself?

Because life does not always go according to your preference, what does that really take away from you? If life is the road, you are the one who walks on it. Before or after the bend, you are you. You are not a chameleon whose colors must change according to the shrubbery.

A friend is here today and gone tomorrow. You find that as cause for dismay. But you are not to hold on to anything, let alone as tightly as you do. What if friends do not have to stay? What if the changes in your life are like inchworms, moving your life forward?

If you did not try to hold on to your current life, why would you falter when it changes course? Currents cannot be held on to. Relative life is a current. That is the most it is. The best you can do is watch it flow. Upstream, downstream, life flows. There is no holding it back. Why would you insist on that which, try as you may, you cannot succeed at?

But you can succeed at moving along in life. You can flip the page of your book and move onto the next page. What other choice do you have? Kick and scream? Bemoan? Sulk? What kind of choices are they? Why would you choose any one of them when you can pick up your heart and get on with the course of your life instead?

I beckon you forward.

Every event in your life is beckoning you forward. Forward is the only direction to go in. You are climbing a ladder. You do not stay on the same rung. Nor do you go back down. You keep going up. Life is a one-way ladder. There is only climbing upward.

You rest a little in between rungs, and then you step up again. This is not a contest, yet you keep climbing. At each climb, your vision is vaster. What was once huge now looks small to you at the height you stand at now.

You do not carry anything with you as you climb. You cannot carry the past. Each rung in the ladder is new, and at each rung you climb, you are unfettered to what once was.


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