Archangel Metatron: Ascension = body + soul sublimation to light body

Archangel Metatron: Ascension = body + soul sublimation to light body

Recently, time has passed so fast. I feel like I have made another breakthrough and entered the next class. Although my heart is a little inexplicable, I am grateful for everything, because everything is to help us ascend.
After making a deep connection with master Sananda yesterday, I got the following series of dialogues.

Master Sananda’s teaching summons

First of all, let yourself meditate quietly into the sacred space, adjust your frequency, consciously make a deep connection with master Sananda, and record each other’s dialogue through automatic writing.

Me: Excuse me, how can we heal each other instantly like you.

Sananda: what is the purpose of this?

Me: there are many diseases in the world. If we want to help them, how should we do it?

Sananda: honey, nothing needs to be done. As long as your frequency is high enough, healing can happen in an instant.

Similarly, if your frequency is high enough and you make yourself a highly evolved light body, when love and light field can cover each other’s aura, you can also neutralize each other’s denser energy, and healing will naturally occur.

Me: the most important thing is whether the other party’s heart needs to be completely open and trusted?

Sananda: Yes, belief is the only miracle of healing. When the other party believes that he can be completely healed, healing will happen.

You don’t need to do anything at all, only believe. Be sure that you can be unconditionally nourished by the light of the source, and believe that you can receive unconditional support and love from entities from high latitudes, archangels and ascended masters.

Me: so what we need to do now is to brighten our light field, right?

Sananda: Yes, only by brightening your light field and increasing your frequency, healing will happen instantly. Pay attention to what you want, and consciously connect with high-dimensional beings, archangels and ascended masters, and your light field will naturally light up.

Me: OK, thank Master Sananda for his careful teaching. Thank you for having you.

Sananda: may love and peace be with you.

Yes, although the above dialogue is very short, it reveals a very important message. Healing and ascension need to brighten themselves and restore the light body. How do you make yourself bright? In addition to meditation, is there any more practical transmission and method? This made me fall into another deep thought.

After meditating, I received the message from the angel. I searched the Internet for the conditions needed for physical ascension. The following is a brief connection with Archangel Metatron, and sorted out the content of his message article before.

Metatron guidance summons
Metatron: may love and peace be given to you. I love you. I am the Lord of light, your Lord, and your angel of love and light. I love you.
Me: I read your previous telepathic messages. Can I rearrange, rearrange and publish them?
Metatron: Yes, it was conducted before 2012. Now it has entered 2018. Many messages have been updated. In the next arrangement, I will guide you to make effective reduction and transmit important messages again.
Me: OK, thank Archangel Metatron.
[Metatron]: ascension = body + soul sublimation to light body
Hello, I’m Metatron. I am once again invited to explain all the relevant knowledge of [how to help you through the earth ascension phase], [physical ascension] and [how to effectively spend this transition period]!
This planet, as well as all life on earth, is in the process of ascension. What is ascension? [ascension] in fact, it means that all life experiences in the first and second dimensions are “upgraded” into the third dimension, while human or other three-dimensional life experiences continue to “upgrade” to the fourth or fifth dimension, and spirits or planets that have been upgraded to the fifth dimension continue to ascend to the sixth or above, and so on.
And you humans and Gaia are currently undergoing transformation, entering a higher level, entering the stage of light and love. At that stage, we call it the fifth dimension. The stage of ecstasy, creation and joy is the sixth dimension. You or all creatures will choose evolution according to their evolutionary process and their own wishes. This evolution does not need to be compared with each other, Because everyone will complete the ascension phase according to their own homework. This means that everyone or every creature or planet will complete the upgrade at their own pace.
What is physical ascension?
[ascension] does not mean that from now on, you will exist in the interstellar world in the form of a spiritual body, which is no longer applicable to you on earth, because Gaia has ascended to a higher dimension, and your body can also bear more and higher dimensions of light, so the current stage of ascension is not that you will leave your body or your current stage of body.
[ascension] is the expansion of your consciousness accompanied by your physical body and the [oneness ascension] of your spiritual body. In the process of ascension, it will change your body and simultaneously integrate your body and soul. This new flesh experience is a perfect light body, and exists in one’s physical form at the same time.
I’m Metatron, and I love you. Next, let’s talk about the steps that ascension will go through.
[development process of light body]
You must understand that this development process begins with everyone. Your personal level determines how the light body will affect your body, emotions and psychology. Then I will explain how the “light body” will affect the earth and how it will affect your social structure.
The most important and exciting part of this process is the “light body”, because your body will be changed into a material carrier that can fully integrate with your “higher self”, and these material and spiritual things will happen at the same time!
The “light energy” that your physical cells can bear is the key to the formation of [light body]. The higher the degree of reception, the lower the density of the body. The more “light energy” your body can absorb, the higher your body’s [spiritual quotient]!
At the end of the process of [light body development], it is an action with physical leap, and you will fully integrate with your “higher self”.
[12 stages of light body evolution]
[light body evolution] there are 12 stages or steps, and each time one step is completed, you can further degenerate. This change is gradual. It summarizes all aspects of your body, spirit, spirit and life. The design of the light body is that with the awakening of your personal spirit, it will change and improve your awareness in many aspects, including all aspects of your life, all kinds of feelings and experiences.
It increases the width of your soul through your constant transformation and years of experience, so that you can become a divine self. And each level will continue to accumulate, which will deepen and broaden all issues of your life and your soul upgrading. It is a very important journey. It will be deeply recorded in your DNA according to your experience every time, and will continue to be repeatedly calibrated and tend to the light body. It is also to help you become a clearer person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. “Clear” means that you will become more light and live a brighter life. With the progress of all issues in your life, you may allow the redemption of Jesus Christ to make a complete change for you!
At the end of the development process of all [light bodies], there is an empty window period, which we call the last stage of [personal death], and some people may feel confused or even depressed!
(Note: This refers to the dark night of spirituality. During this period, you are experiencing self baptism, such as job transfer, personnel change, family leaving, unemployment and bankruptcy, etc., so as to rethink the meaning of life.)
This “empty window period” is a temporary rest. Before you enter the next journey, this “empty window period” is a charging place, where there is nothing. In this empty window period, you will feel that nothing is meaningful and doesn’t matter. You also begin to doubt your life and the purpose of this life.
Many people can’t stand this empty window period, and will use more external to fill their internal emptiness. Dear family members, this empty window period is only temporary. At this time, you can re describe a new yourself or the life you want. Before you enter the next stage, this empty window period is a place of re integration, like a cocoon, where you can rest for a while and prepare to develop into a beautiful butterfly, and that is your next journey.
[development steps of light body evolution]
The first six stages of the evolution and development of the light body are a step-by-step and all-round change, accompanied by the spiritual recovery of lingguangdian, which is interspersed with the changes of the body, psychology and emotional body. The development of the light body from the seventh to the tenth order is the process of overall change. It focuses on the change of individual experience, which can be experienced by independent individuals.
For example, when most people develop to the seventh level, they will obviously sense that psionics or energy enters their body. At this time, you will also obviously feel a unique awareness or premonition, which we all call spiritual awakening. You may begin to have the phenomenon of seeing into the future (unpredicted) and qianlier (tianertong), see or feel the existence of other spaces, and your body becomes more sensitive and feels more and greater awareness. With the gradual awakening of spirituality, you will feel more and more, experience more and more rich and delicate, and you can feel the feeling of energy flow in your body at any time.

The development of the eighth order light body will have some extreme performance in the change of the body. The physical symptoms are mostly like gradual loss of physical strength, drowsiness, weakness, headache, dizziness, runny nose, fever and other similar cold symptoms for no reason.
At this stage, you should have noticed that your physical body has become weaker, and you are almost always in the symptoms of physical discomfort, such as vomiting, diarrhea, angina pectoris, night sweats, body aches, etc… other symptoms like intense headache, unexplained migraine, this is because when the pineal gland and the light route are opened and started, you may have increased ear pressure, itchy ears, discomfort, and even pain. When your hearing channel is restarted and used to receive the transmission of light, these symptoms will occasionally occur. In addition, anorexia or nausea and vomiting will occur, especially in the close space of the crowd, and your body will also be uncomfortable. This is the process of your body removing dense cellular substances. Don’t be too nervous. At this time, as long as you pull your thoughts back to light and love, and go through fear, you will feel much better.
In addition, an understanding of these changes is that your DNA is also being activated and opened, and some bodies will resist this change in body density caused by the entry of psionics, so the gradual obesity of the body is the symptom of this resistance.
The human body is habitually expanded to accommodate the entry of these psionics. The only way to control your weight at this time is to exercise! And exercise can choose more intense exercise, for example, you can try to alternate aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Weightlifting, cycling, racing, yoga, or swimming are all good sports sculptures.
Exercise properly to build your perfect muscles. Because muscles can protect your nervous system, because the energy coming in at present is far more than your nervous system can load. Waste disposal muscle tissue will not be able to protect your nervous system like muscle. When a large amount of energy enters, waste disposal muscle tissue will scorch, which will damage the insulin receptor in the cell instead. At this time, the metabolism of the body will be in a state of imbalance, and the result is to make the body gradually fat. The trained muscles can help and bear the overload pressure of the nervous system, and it will also tell the body’s sensing system that it is ready and big enough to bear the new psionics. Therefore, proper exercise can increase your pressure on your psionics, and it is also the secret to make your body and mind happy, because when you exercise, you will release a hormone, which is the hormone that makes you happy, making your body and mind happier and healthier.
In addition, when you continue to evolve, you may start to sense some flash colors in your mind, or see all kinds of light, sudden inspiration floating in your brain, or hear subtle vocal music. This is the start of your internal translation mechanism, so that you can interpret the information of light, translate it into a style you can understand, and appear in your mind. The eighth order of change may take two years in the human body, and three to five years in some people on earth.
The Ninth level of evolutionary change is to effectively integrate and integrate the spiritual changes of the seventh and eighth levels into your life. In the Ninth level, interpersonal relationship is your focus, because only through the handling of interpersonal relationship, can you test your own improvement, your overall change and improvement. You may begin to feel that any interpersonal relationship dominated by control or manipulation becomes unbearable! Many interpersonal relationships end at this stage, and you will also find that your work direction begins to change, if you have successfully integrated a new self.
In the empty window period of the Ninth level, it may also be very painful, because after investing in the handling of interpersonal relationships, this empty window period will eventually require you to be alone for a period of time. In the final analysis, your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have. So at the end of the ninth stage of evolution, it is to use substantial evolution to describe the end, and give you another integrated relationship as your change process.
At the beginning of the tenth stage, life feels a little fresh, like a newborn baby. It’s very soft! The tenth level is the beginning of spiritual awakening, which will lead you into the field of master skills, the super abilities of those spiritual masters. These spiritual abilities or gifts will become stronger and stronger as your energy becomes more and more pure.
The tenth level will focus on the manifestation of these spiritual abilities or gifts, and then integrate them into your daily material life! Your greatest natural spiritual gifts will first appear in the tenth level, and then, other spiritual gifts will gradually appear!
You will be asked to live according to your spiritual gifts. You will have telepathy, foresight, clairvoyance, and heavenly eye. For example, you will make any decision according to what your psychic powers tell you, not according to your body’s thoughts! Your psychic powers will eventually completely replace your body point of view at the tenth level! Eventually you will know how to deal with your psionic ability. The process of learning is to release the energy stored in your emotional body and mental body, transfer these energy to the spiritual body, and turn it into useful energy. By doing so, miracles are created!
The only difference between ascended masters and ordinary people is that there are only a few energy bodies and places to store energy! The energy of ordinary people is locked in the emotions and memories of the emotional body, and buried in the beliefs (outlook on life) dogmas and ideas of the mental body. Most people have a very flat psionic body (because there is no energy), because energy is taken away by emotions and ideas. The ascended masters have a very clear emotional body and mental body, and their energy is stored in several of their detailed bodies, that is, in the spiritual body.
For a master, the energy of emotion will flow from the spiritual body at the moment of emotion, and then immediately flow back to the spiritual body at the moment of emotion passing. The energy related to ideas will flow from the [spiritual body] into the [mental body] when thinking, and then flow back to the [spiritual body] immediately after the thought reaction. In this way, the energy of masters is always free, and they can use it at any time according to their will. Masters always have spiritual energy to use, because energy is not consumed by thoughts, beliefs, emotions and memories! This is the energy structure that you must create in several of your energy bodies during the evolution of the tenth and eleventh order light bodies. In this way, you can create miracles and manifest your thoughts into matter!
The eleventh order of light body evolution is a process of natural evolution from the tenth order. Many times, the transformation is so easy that the upward improvement is not even noticed. Several spiritual experiences continue to grow, and the physical body will begin to change in appearance, and your physical body will become bright, transparent, and look beautiful. You may have some friends and acquaintances who suddenly start telling you, “you look much younger” or “you have changed! And it’s an unspeakable change!”
The eleventh level of [light body evolution] will bring you deeper handling of emotional issues. At this stage, you must reprocess all your beliefs and thinking patterns, especially the issues of death and loss. You may have a sense of disillusionment, and you may find yourself creating the deepest fear in your material life, so you can have the opportunity to completely eliminate these fears through experience, and then any energy stored in the emotional body and mental body must be released back to the [spiritual body]. When you reach the eleventh level of light body evolution, there is really nothing to be afraid of, except fear of itself. So when you are in the tenth level, if you don’t deal with these issues well, they will appear in your life again.
The twelfth order of light body evolution is ascension. When your melcaba enters your heart, you are ready for the stage of physical ascension. The best way to describe melcaba is that it looks like a ball of light. Melcaba is your tool for ascension, and when it appears, ascension really begins. This is the beginning of your ascension to the fifth dimension of oneness.
[ascension] can be personal ascension or collective ascension. When you are ready, you can ascend, whether you are alone, part of a group, or part of the upcoming collective ascension of the earth. Ascension is not at a specific time. From a personal point of view, in fact, there are people ascending every day.
The energy of physical ascension to the fifth dimension is always enough! There are some souls who are specially reincarnated at this time, because they volunteer to serve and experiment with the light body evolution, the ascension plan! They will be the first to ascend. For others, the light body evolution ascension plan will continue until you are ready, and then you will ascend. It is actually a very simple thing!
Ascension is an immediate moment. Don’t take it as incredible. It is a journey to joy for you. Ascension is not elsewhere, it is here, so you will see that you are still here. Of course, the sun still comes out, the stars still blink, and the only difference is the energy of joy. Ascension is your ability to live happily and feel happy. It will be easy for you to recognize whether a person’s ascension has begun, or has begun to happen, that is, to pay attention to the quality of that person’s happiness! And the beginning of ascension, in short, is when one begins to use their imagination to create the reality of their lives, ascension occurs.

I, Metatron, can be defined as joy, that is, Nirvana, ecstatic ecstasy or obsessive ecstasy, which is a realm of unity with God. It can also be defined as the central point of your soul or the return of your true self. That clear state can also be achieved through meditation. During meditation, energy will become active, and you can feel the absolute unity with the universe. And anything that can bring you ease and happiness, or anything you can define as joy, is the path to that state.
If you participate in a spiritual group for further study, you will experience a series of rapid improvements in your personal process. When one of your members notices the appearance of your melcaba, you will all notice and get it, and you will quickly feel your own. At the beginning, an individual may not have noticed the occurrence of melcaba, but at least one of the members will be ready, and then the result is that the whole group will also get it!
There is an advantage of group cooperation in preparing for the ascension of spiritual groups, because the awareness of the fifth dimension is a kind of oneness awareness, in other words, a group is an awareness, and group cooperation creates a huge energy of consistency, where the group multiplies the strength of individuals, far more than the strength of individuals! At the same time, it gives each member the opportunity to learn, as an individual and to join a group from the perspective of unity. This is a very important fifth dimension of awareness that everyone must achieve. While individuals and groups focus on ascension, they must also focus on starting over and creating their lives with joy.
Recreate life into a joyous epic. When they begin to do so, they will begin to live from the perspective of joy, and then they will become joy itself. When each of you does this, the people you contact every day in your life will begin to improve. You should send out the energy of happiness to them and wake them up to that frequency! When most people on earth begin to live in this realm of joy, a lot of ascension begins!
But ascension didn’t just happen at that time. The reason for this fact is that the experience of the earth is a free experience. Everyone has different choices, but in multidimensional space, free will is to abide by the laws of the universe. When most people live with joy, the experience of the earth moves into a world of love and unity. When most of you give up this game of duality, you have learned everything you can and moved into joy and unity according to your personal will. At this time, collective ascension will occur, and that time point will come, and it will happen. Until then, the evolution of the light body will continue.
As a collective, mankind still decides the time of this great event by itself in the end. Free will cannot be disturbed. Even for the highest purpose, even for the creation of ascension, the principle of free will cannot be violated! So you should be merciless and constantly examine your life. Go! Go and get rid of all the things that won’t bring you joy and bad emotions! Let go of old emotions and old issues! Because they will eat your energy and make you feel no joy. If you can focus on this point, take it as the whole program, focus on learning, live with joy, and let joy and love be your starting point, you will become the spiritual expert or master you want to become!
You will help everyone you meet, just appear in front of them. You can anchor the energy of joy on earth. At the same time, it helped her to manifest a new state. This is the ecstasy of being one with God and the possibility that everyone has the opportunity to ascend. Let you lead to the path of joy and make ascension so simple!!! This is the requirement for all people, because this is what everyone needs to focus on and start to take full responsibility for his life! And ascension is to make your people live a happy Epic!
In the age you live in, there are still many terrible fables about the change of the earth. Of course, it is really terrible for you. Because it’s a collective consciousness, an old pattern, and garbage that needs to be cleaned up. Because fear is actually fear itself. Unless you let go of your fear, what you continue to fear is actually your inner fear, which is illusory, a monster that consumes and devours your energy. They are not elsewhere, but in your heart.
Next, let’s talk about how light body evolution has changed the possible future of the earth! Previously, I have described to you how this light body evolution will affect your physical body and your private life. To create a peaceful, joyful, safe and equal world for your life. The outside world will follow your guidance! The world you live in now is actually a world between the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension and the sixth dimension. A new interstellar world, although it still seems to be in a world of duality, has obvious differences, because this duality is only an illusion! Each of you has only one responsibility in this life, and that is your own life.

The universal law is: “in the upper as in the lower, both inside and outside the same!” When you feel difficulties, the existence of enemies and monsters in your environment, please look into your heart!! Those fears are the mirror effect in your heart. If you remove these feelings from your heart, you will find it amazing that your external world experience has also changed! This is the holy decree! You can simply eliminate binary opposition, start from your life, and work hard. This is what each of you is required to do! To create your life into an epic of absolute joy. Because, all the tools are given to you, the power is also given to you, and all the assistance and guidance you need also exist!

Each of you must really do it! And while you do it, you will also change your world! And the bigger world outside! You have nothing to fear except the existence of fear itself! Because fear is the last and greatest evil left in the world! Use force on your fear! Remove fear from your life! Fear is the only enemy you have left, and that enemy only exists in your heart. really The really great ones are those light messengers who choose to reincarnate in this transition period! Your journey is almost finished!!! The rest is to let you pass the test of joy!!!

Bless everyone! Because we love you! We honor you! And we just want to serve each of you!!! I am Archangel Metatron, and I love you because you are our brothers and sisters of light.
After finishing the article, thanks to the help of Archangel Metatron and master Sananda, we have the honor to step into the path of ascension with a more aware vision and concept. Thank the beings of light, the archangels, and the ascended masters. Thank you all.


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