Message from Korton

Message from Korton

26th June 2022.

“Children of Light, children of Earth, brothers of the stars, it is always a great joy to meet you in this place.

I am, as you suspect, your brother Korton.

Remember that my task with regard to planet Earth is to be the connection between humans and your Galactic Brothers that we are. “

He tells me:

“I would like to talk to you about the huge window, the huge door (whatever you want to call it), I would even say the huge opening (it will be easier) created between heaven and earth; It is an energetic and vibrating opening that connects much more vibration, energy and people of planet Earth not only to the solar system, to the ships, but also to your entire galaxy.

You will increasingly feel the effects of your galaxy’s central sun, Alcyone, which will have very, very significant effects on all life on this world. Your Father the Sun, the Sun of this Solar System, will also awaken and produce a much greater, perhaps much more earthshaking energy for all life on Earth; By shattering, I mean that it will change all lives in this world, and the transformation of the solar system is accelerating considerably.

My mission is essentially to establish the connection between planet Earth and the ships, but I also work in connection with all planets of this solar system. You have to understand that I do not belong, that we do not belong to the solar system, but we come because of the great changes, the great tribulations; We hope and I hope that these great tribulations will not take place, but it is not up to us, it is up to all people!

Spiritual help is certainly given through this huge window (or door); You will receive what you have never received before! This opening took place during the summer solstice, which was extremely important; You may not have felt the effects yet, but you will feel them more and more.

Watch the sky! He’ll give you the information. Heaven will make you understand in its manifold manifestations that the time is coming.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, you will see more and more ships, and we hope (we do everything we can) that very soon the reality of who we are will be revealed to the population, which for the moment, was extremely weakened by fear.

Normally we should have manifested ourselves many years ago, but we didn’t because the forces of dark light were so powerful that we waited for many people to wake up so as not to add more fear to fear.

People have become very fragile, very manipulatable, occult and human, and we are now observing that all this stops, because it is time to completely change the paradigm, it is time to change direction, it is time to understand, it is time to understand action; In the action that everyone will take, he must understand that he will not be alone.

Your personal guides will act more and more with what you are as a human being, and you will feel them more and more near you; They’re accelerating their mission. So talk to them, tell them that you agree that there should be cooperation between those who are on the planes of the invisible and what you are on the planes of the visible. Accept this collaboration, accept this connection with much more important parts of yourself and also with all that is invisible to your eyes at the moment, which is a reality that you cannot yet perceive. We are essentially talking about your Spiritual Guide who is now working on each of you, with each of you.

As you were told before, you had many leaders, but now all Lightworkers, all those who are in consciousness ready to develop, grow and help, have a Spirit Guide that is manifesting among them and will manifest more and more.
Be aware of what you are, be aware of what you can bring to the level of the plan that is being built day by day and set up for the immense transformation of the world and life. “

He also tells me:

“The shadow (as you call it) or the deep state will have it harder and harder to work, Because the Light is becoming more and more powerful and “embodied”, in a way, in your dimension and in each of you as well. So the Shadow is absorbed more and more by this immense Light, and all who work for the Shadow will find that their efforts are gradually reduced to nothing.

You will still have passages that are a little difficult to live through, so that the light permeates life, and whether people like it or not, it will permeate life into everything it represents on your world.

They tell me:

“If you watch the sky, day or night, you will feel our presence more and more. As we have often told you, we manifest mainly in the fourth and fifth dimensions, but as the vibration of your world increases, it will be much easier for you to perceive who we are, to perceive our gigantic giant fleets moving around your planet.

We count on you; You are the architects of your future, but you are also extremely useful to the plan. We hope that there are more and more beings in the world who wake up and connect. Make sure you are connected to other like-minded groups on your planet, even if you don’t notice it.

Of course, these groups are not necessarily organized or ruled by beings like our channel, but that doesn’t matter; What is most important is the meeting of beings who really want to participate in the renewal and really want to be actors in it. “

“Brothers of the Earth, soon it will be a great joy for you and for us, the joy of our reunion. Finally the joy of really seeing each other again, and that may go much faster than you think, because for all the beings who have made a spiritual journey, who have refined themselves, who have opened up, we will be able to physically introduce ourselves to them.

At the moment, humanity is still too fragile, even those who are in this spiritual movement, this movement that we will call “wisdom and love”. You are all still a little fragile, and our physical presence with you might disturb you. It will take some time, but not very long, until you can truly assert yourself so that you can truly grow and go beyond your humanity.

Now I, your big brother Korton, who is in constant contact with the people and the ships, send you all my love and I also send you all the love of all your galactic brothers, those who are on our ship. So, receive all the love from all of us; We love you infinitely.


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